Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Empowerment Challenge, a series of engaging and self-improving tasks designed to empower our Learners by encouraging their personal and professional development. 

Participants can track their empowerment journey by using the #EmpoweredByAlison hashtag, which also allows you to follow the progress of other Learners across the world through our social media channels. 

The first week of the challenge is about getting to know yourself better and improving yourself personally, in order to be able to develop professionally across week two. Check out the first 7 challenges below!


1. Pledge your commitment to self-empowerment!

Share this post across your social media channels with your friends and family and use the #EmpoweredByAlison hashtag to show your participation in the Empowerment Challenge and your commitment to self-improvement!


2. Find out who you truly are!

Our Workplace Personality Test uses cutting edge psychometrics to provide you with an invaluable personal balance sheet. Take the test to learn your professional strengths, weaknesses and what courses will improve your job prospects.


3. Personalise your learning experience!

We offer over 3,500 courses to our 21 million Learners, so to tailor your learning experience we offer adaptable and reactive personalisation, depending on your professional requirements and educational needs. Personalise your Alison account to take your upskilling to the next level!


4. Gain transferable skills!

Soft skills are the people skills that every job requires and that mark you out from your professional peers. This course teaches you these vital transferable skills that will stand to you through your career.


5. Develop your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is fundamental to living a happy life, both personally and professionally. By concentrating on your personal development, you’ll lay the groundwork for a much more successful professional life.


6. Take care of your mental health

Empowerment is only possible if you’re in a stable and healthy place mentally. Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Test is an incredibly powerful resource for better understanding your mental health and gaining the necessary tools for staying grounded and happy.


7. Take control of your personal finances!

Financial independence is essential for self-empowerment. Learning how to effectively budget and manage your income and expenditure is a pivotal step in gaining full control over your resources, time and future.

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