One week down, one week to go! We’ve reached the halfway point of our Empowerment Challenge and we’ve already seen Learners from around the world pledge their commitment to upskilling, self-education and starting the new year with a bang!

Last week’s tasks emphasised personal development and this week we build on that momentum by channelling your energy into the interview process, identifying your ideal job and creating a successful profile for the jobs market.

The winner of the Empowerment Challenge wins an incredible year’s supply of Alison certificates, every one of which looks fantastic on your CV. So keep studying courses, completing tasks, and make 2022 a year of opportunity you’ll never forget!

8. Master the art of public speaking

Public speaking is essential for job interviews, work presentations and generally building your self-confidence and ability to sell yourself and your ideas in the workplace. This essential course is published by personal development industry leader TJ Walker.


9. Land your ideal job!

A fantastic CV is a great start but you need more than that to bag your dream job. Ashley Stahl’s Job Offer Formula has proven to be a global success and will teach everything you need to know to secure your ideal career.


10. Build a better lifestyle

Achieving a well-balanced, healthy and stress-free lifestyle might seem like an impossible pipe dream, but by making key small changes in your day-to-day routine you can drastically improve your quality of life.


11. Share your story and inspire others!

Share your #EmpoweredbyAlison story across social media to inspire others and be inspired yourself by the thousands of other Empowerment Challenge participants across the world. Your story can be the incentive that empowers countless others!


12. Earn while you Learn!

Take inspiring others to the next level by joining our Affiliates Programme! Not only can you help new Learners unlock their potential with our free courses, you can also earn money through our Affiliate Programme’s referral scheme!


13. Show them what you’ve got!

Now that you’ve completed two weeks’ worth of Alison courses, add your well-deserved certification to your LinkedIn profile and show the world that you’re qualified for any job you set your mind on!


14. Spread the good news!

Congratulations! You’ve completed Alison’s 14 Day Empowerment Challenge and can proudly say that you’re #EmpoweredbyAlison! Share the story of your Empowerment Challenge experience with your friends and family and keep your eyes peeled the announcement of the Challenge winner!

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