During these unprecedented times, teachers have been given the enormous responsibility of keeping students inspired and motivated. Now, more than ever, teachers have had to dig deep to fulfil their uniquely important role in society. From managing health and safety in the classroom to motivating students to learn from behind a screen, teachers have been tested in ways they never thought they would be. Remote learning hasn’t just brought school into the family home, it’s also brought the home into the classroom and teachers have had to negotiate family dynamics and gain a fast understanding of the diverse and different environments that their students come from. 

At Alison we’d like to thank teaches the world over for their work – from one educator to another. To show our appreciation, we’ve put together a list of 5 incredible courses to aid you in the coming school year.

Managing Safety and Health in Schools

In any school or workplace, safety is everyone’s priority. This course will familiarize and prepare you for any crisis situation. You will be able to name and identify the various roles, duties, and responsibilities that make up a solid safety policy, learn about risk assessment, as well as describe and state the main components and features of a safety statement. This certificate course is a must for all educators and school administrators.

Motivating Students to Learn

Have you ever wondered what affects student motivation? Wouldn’t you love to have a class full of interested and engaged students who look forward to every lesson? An enthusiastic and motivated student produces better results. This 5 star rated course will expose you, as the teacher, to different motivation theories and will show you how to create a classroom environment that is stimulating and that promotes a highly motivated learning culture.

Understanding Student Development and Diversity

A teacher who fully understands that their classroom community comprises a diverse population differentiated by physical, cognitive and social development, as well as gender and cultural differences, will have a much more positive effect on their students. With this course, you will be able to distinguish between “learning” and “development”, understand the main factors involved in student development, and know the difference between the “staircase” and “kaleidoscope” development models.


Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers and Trainers

Do you want to know how to bring out the best in your students, even the shy, introverted ones? Effective communication is not just about making yourself understood verbally. Your non-verbal communication, such as your facial expressions and body language, goes a long way in helping students feel involved. This course assists you in your role as facilitator, mediator and deliverer of content, helping you to connect and interact with your students in a way that encourages maximum participation from everyone and which encourages stimulating discussions.

Growth Mindsets for Teachers and Learners

Having a growth mindset supports life-long learning and means that you believe your intelligence and talents can be developed over time, as opposed to a fixed mindset which believes that if you’re not good at something, then you’ll never improve. This course has been specially created to foster a growth mindset in teachers and students alike. Your classroom environment will be greatly improved if everyone there has a proactive and curious approach to both teaching and learning!

Check out Our Transition Year Hub!

We’re also delighted to anounce the launch of another great resource for teachers around the world. The Transition Year (TY) programme is an optional fourth year of secondary school in the Irish Education system. It’s a year in which students can study topics and gain experiences outside of the traditional curriculum. Our Transition Year Hub has been created to offer free online educational resource support to teachers and students in achieving this well-rounded education. While based on the Irish model, these courses are invaluable to any teacher looking to expand their students’ horizons!

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