Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. The season of love is upon us, in all its chocolatey, heart-covered glory.

When everyone is coupling up, there is one kind of love that gets overlooked: self-love. You know what I’m talking about. All too often, we focus on others and everything around us, and neglect looking after ourselves.

Let’s be honest, the last few years have been a little rough, and what better way to spread the love than to treat yourself with a little self-care? I’m not talking about candy, roses, and an overly priced teddy bear.

This year, in addition to getting romantic with that special person, take some time and let Alison help you give yourself the pampering you deserve with these personal development courses.

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Developing Healthy Habits.

First things first, most of us don’t really know what self-care involves. We’ve heard of it, thought it was a great idea, and promptly forgotten about it as soon as something else pops up.

Thankfully, we have you covered with a course on how to put a self-care list together. Take the time to reset and rejuvenate not just for yourself but for those around us. Remember, if you aren’t taking care of yourself, taking care of others can be impossible.

Speaking of stress, be it work, family, or personal, managing stress in a practical way is next on our list of self-love and self-care. Taking consistent measures can greatly improve your overall wellness, and have you making the most of every day in a calm, collected way.

To supplement the calm you have achieved, let’s try a little meditation too. Mindful meditation will help you be present in the moment, listen and react positively to problems, and improve relationships with those around you. Take a look at this video for a quick demonstration. 

A healthy mind deserves a healthy body to go with it. Fitness can serve two purposes: releasing tension and what’s better than looking in the mirror and seeing positive physical changes? Self-appreciation at its finest. Look at how to structure a workout plan to make the most out of and develop core strength and flexibility with yoga.

Remember earlier when I mentioned chocolate and candy? Edible happiness, right? Turns out, there are other things to shove in your mouth that are tasty, and a whole lot better for you.

We all know that our bodies and minds need fuel in the form of food, but there is a difference between the types of fuel we should be using regularly and those we should limit (most of the time anyway).

Here’s a healthy living course to make sure you are firing on all cylinders.

Give Yourself A Gift. 

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Now that you have all you need for a healthy, mindful, and stress-free life, it’s a great time to learn something new. For example, learning how to draw

It doesn’t matter if you’re the next Michelangelo or specialize in stickmen; a new hobby is always a great way to step back and appreciate all you’ve accomplished on your self-care journey.

Have a look at the Alison wellbeing test and see how you can care for your mental and physical wellness and get started being the best version of yourself this Valentine’s Day.  

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