Shaik, tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

My name is Shaik Rahaman Aroof. I am 28 years old and I live in Sullurpeta, India. I graduated with a degree in Electronics and Communications and I was offered a fleet analyst position for a ship management company that I had interned with. I have five years experience as an analyst and I am currently working as an IT engineer.

How did you learn that Alison was looking for translators for its coronavirus course?

I am very interested in learning new skills. When I was searching for online courses to improve my skills, my first choice was to take Alison’s easy to understand courses. They were the best courses on offer. When the pandemic started, I was very enthusiastic to gain knowledge about  it. While visiting Alison to complete a course, I noticed Alison offered a coronavirus course. I took this course to gain knowledge. After completing the course, I got an email saying that Alison was looking for volunteers to translate the course into various languages. I enrolled in order to make my contribution by translating.

What was your experience of Alison before volunteering to translate? Had you studied with Alison before?

Yes, I regularly take courses on Alison to upgrade my skills as I believe it’s the best platform for learning new skills.

Why did you offer to translate our coronavirus course?

I wanted a way to contribute to raising public awareness about this virus so I decided to translate the coronavirus course.

Why is it important that everyone has access to important information on coronavirus?

Everybody needs to be aware of this coronavirus in order to protect themselves. By gaining knowledge, people can learn how to protect themselves.


Tell us a little about your method when translating.

Most of the work was done manually. I made a tracker list so that I could make sure to cover every word while translating.

Why is free learning so important and why is it important to translate it into many languages?

Free learning offers everyone the first step towards success. Translating allows everybody to be able to share their knowledge.

Have you been learning through Alison during the pandemic? How has the lockdown been for you?

Yes, during this pandemic period I’m learning a new course with Alison. I am very eager to learn because this platform offers the best courses. Lockdown is a new experience and my daily lifestyle as changed. During the lockdown, I was pleasantly surprised to see how little we need to go on reasonably comfortably with our daily lives. 

What would you say to people who might be interested in translating for Alison?

I would invite them to do this type of work because it allows them to take on additional responsibilities within their societies.

If you’d like to play your part in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic by helping Alison give people access to the information necessary to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, please get in touch.

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