Dldar, tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

My name is Dldar Adil Muhammad. I’m 20 years old. I’m from Southern Kurdistan and I live in Erbil. I have a diploma in nursing. My native language is Kurdish.

How did you learn that Alison was looking for translators for its coronavirus course?

When I was searching for a coronavirus course, I came across the Alison coronavirus course. I enrolled and completed the course. When I had finished it, I saw that Alison was looking for volunteers to translate the course into many different languages.

What was your experience of Alison before volunteering to translate? Had you studied with Alison before?

This was my first experience of studying with Alison and it’s been a very useful experience for me. It’s also been my first experience translating a course.

Why did you offer to translate our coronavirus course?

First of all, not all Kurdish people know English, so translating this course into Kurdish is very useful for these people. It allows them to all be able to utilise Alison’s coronavirus course. Also, I see so much fake information about coronavirus on social media that I wanted to be able to present them with correct information through this course.

Why is it important that everyone has access to important information on coronavirus?

Because this disease is a pandemic and can affect anyone, it’s important people learn how to protect themselves. The more we learn about coronavirus the quicker we’ll be able to recognise if we have it and it’s better to treat it earlier rather than later.


Tell us a little about your method when translating.

I translated the course as part of a group. I used my English language skills and sometimes I used a dictionary.

Why is free learning so important and why is it important to translate it into many languages?

Free learning is so important because many people are not able to pay money for online courses. If courses are made available in many languages then more people will be able to benefit.

Have you been learning through Alison during the pandemic? How has the lockdown been for you?

Lockdown has been a hard time for me, like for so many people. But I have taken some courses on nursing and it’s been useful. 

What would you say to people who might be interested in translating for Alison?

It’s been a good experience for me. If you like to translate then Alison gives you the opportunity.

If you’d like to play your part in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic by helping Alison give people access to the information necessary to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, please get in touch.

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