By Rahul R. – It’s good to be a dreamer. If you don’t dream, very little in your life can change or improve. Dreamers can fix problems, raise families, build homes, and make small but important improvements to their lives. You’re a dreamer, that’s why you’re here. You have what it takes to get started.

But dreaming isn’t enough. Once you know where you want to go, you have to go there. That takes motivation. It’s not easy. Many of us start a project, or a course, or even just a plan, and don’t finish it. But you can do it, even if you don’t think you can. Here are some tips for motivating yourself, and others that have really helped me turn dreams into realities.

1. Write Down Why

Many of us dreamers get motivated sometimes. We see that new skill or new career that can make things better, and we want to chase it. The problem is, this feeling fades. And when it fades, we are more likely to give up. A great way to stop this from happening is to write down exactly why you want to do something and put it somewhere visible. See that note everyday, remember why you started, and get that initial motivation back!

2. Scheduling

Not scheduling, or scheduling badly, can result in your day just being way too full. When too many commitments all need your attention at the same time, you can lose your motivation to stick with your other projects. But you can make a plan and manage your time around it, and that can make a huge difference! Start scheduling better and feel your motivation improve.

3. Expect Slow Progress

Did you ever start a project, but after a while you still didn’t feel like you had achieved anything? Don’t worry, that’s not your fault! It’s a fact of life: nothing worth having comes quickly. You have to make it to the end of a project or a course before you gain what you wanted at the beginning. Everything between the beginning and the end is slow, sometimes annoyingly slow, but necessary. Don’t expect results too fast, and stick with it!

4. Work in Pairs

Giving up on yourself is much easier than giving up on somebody else. When someone is relying on you, you will keep your commitments to them more than you keep commitments to yourself. Find someone to work with, to study with, to diet with, whatever it is. Arrange specific times to meet, even just an online meeting to share each other’s progress and what you have learned. By sticking with each other, your motivation for the project will stay strong.

I really hope you find these tips helpful, and if you think they might help someone you know please share this blog with them! Remember: dream big, then follow through.

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