By Francisco P. – Organisation can be so difficult. Dreams are much easier. Lots of people think of great ideas for little or big things they want to achieve. Organising your life so that you can achieve these things is completely different. I used to be really really bad at this. I honestly lost count of how many things I started and then never finished. But recently I’ve been doing a few things little differently, and they’ve really helped. Here’s a few small pointers to get you a little more organised.

1. Start really small

Being organised is a habit, not an act. The best thing you can do to start a habit is to start small, then work your way up. You don’t have to organise your whole life straight away. Instead, take a small space and organise that. Start with your desk. Think about a new way to organise your desk, and then apply that. Then do the same for your kitchen, then your morning, then your afternoon, then your week, then your career, and so on.

2. Make better goals

Poorly-made goals are doomed to fail. There are so many things you can do wrong when you make your goals. Have you really thought about why you want to achieve this target? Have you asked yourself how much time this is going to take? Is this a goal you can divide into little pieces? If you don’t ask better questions when you make your targets, organising them will be tough.

3. Plan things, but leave yourself some space

A big part of organisation is planning. There are two big things people do wrong when they are planning things: planning too little, and planning too much. If you plan too little, then you will find your time impossible to manage in the future. But if you plan too much, the same thing will happen! You always have to leave some blank space in your schedule, because in the end, something you did not expect will demand your time. If you have that bit of wiggle room in your schedule, dealing with the unknown and staying organised will be much easier.

4. Communicate your needs

One of the biggest enemies for your organisation is other people trying to change your schedule. Sometimes you can’t do anything about this. But there are ways to make this happen less often. Communication skills are essential here. By communicating effectively, you can politely make sure the important people know what you are doing, and what you can do. This can really help prevent people from messing up your schedule later on.

5. Keep your motivation up

Staying organised requires staying motivated. Life will try to find a thousand ways to interrupt the organisation you’ve put together. This can be stressful and demotivating. But there are a lot of ways to keep up your motivation and to destress. Put some research into them, it only takes a few minutes and can be really great for your state of mind and how organised you can become!

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