So you’re not a techie, and the idea of HTML scares you. It shouldn’t. It turns out learning basic code is actually quite easy. While a basic course won’t make you a pro, it will give you control of a whole lot of things. Who knows – maybe even a new career!

Here are five simple ways that HTML can boost your career:

Update Your Own Website

So you pay someone a lot of money to design you this great looking new website. But then updates need to be done, mostly minor, but you can’t do them yourself. More than being just a little frustrating, having so little control over something that could be very simple is pretty wasteful. Learning basic HTML will allow you to make those simple changes on your website if and when you need to.

HTML – A Super Marketing Tool

With your newly acquired coding skills, you can enhance your marketing capabilities, through creating great eye-catching emails and newsletters. This means that the company you work for, or your own company, get the benefit of revved up marketing campaigns with just a little upskilling.

Career Opportunities

Just about every company is looking for multi-skilled people these days. It’s no longer good enough to be just a writer, or just a designer. If you check out the jobs section of any major recruitment agency, the jobs on offer seek multi-skilled workers – such as a great designer with coding skills, who’s also a super communicator. You’ve seen the briefs!  Make yourself more valuable and employable by adding HTML to your list of skills.

Upgrade your Blog

Anyone can do blogging nowadays, on just about any subject, as it’s a very simple marketing tool. Websites benefit hugely from having a professional blog, where individuals discuss issues that affect their business, or the type of work they’re carrying out. If you’re able to upgrade your blog through HTML, it will give you the added edge over others on the web who don’t have the skill.

A New Career?

If, having been introduced to HTML, you decide it’s something you’d like to delve further into, there’s a whole world of technology companies out there always on the lookout for talented and efficient developers. So who knows where your tinkering with HTML might lead.

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