People often say you shouldn’t laugh or make fun of someone who speaks broken English. This simply means they are learning another language. Benjamin Batarseh said it best: “The hardest foreign language you will ever learn is your first one.” Going from beginner to intermediate, advanced and ultimately proficient takes time, effort, and patience. The rewards, however, are priceless. Today, we’re going to discuss the English Vertical: the next steps and benefits.

Why is Learning English Important?

Many people don’t know or realise the value of learning English. It seems distant, impossible or “not for me.” Learning, especially learning English, is for everyone. It’s a global language spoken in over 70 different countries; and is the standard language used in numerous fields and industries.

How the English Vertical Helps You

Let’s say, for instance, you enjoy film and television, but you want to do more than read the subtitles. Or you want to travel to an English-speaking country and don’t want to rely solely on your translator app. Maybe you have your eye on a position you want to apply for or a global company you want to join. 

All of these goals benefit from increased English skills, but you feel limited in your language skill and struggle with achieving your dream. The Alison English Vertical is a set of courses that, when followed to completion, will take you from beginner level to advanced. They will help you grow your skills and achieve your goals, regardless of your initial speaking, reading, and understanding level. 

Whatever your reason and need for learning English, Alison’s English Vertical has a course for your level. Take the free English test and get recommended courses based on your results. 

Benefits of Enrolling in English Vertical Courses

The English Vertical courses don’t just focus on one element of the language. They cover the four essential language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) to help you improve in all aspects. The courses are built around the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and focus on level-specific grammar and vocabulary to help you get a deeper understanding of the language. 

  • Building relationships

Years ago, our long-distance friendships and relationships were limited. Today, social networks and digital advances mean that we can develop close relationships with people anywhere in the world. The Internet has made communication easy and accessible. The more proficient you become through English Vertical courses, the larger your digital community becomes. As your skills grow, you can participate in various forums, debates, discussions and read many websites without much difficulty.

  • Lifetime of learning

If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing. Learning opens your mind to new things, perspectives, thoughts, and the world. When you enrolled for your first course in the English Vertical, you wanted to learn something new.  Continuing the path that you’ve started stretches your cognitive abilities. These abilities go further than English and contribute to your mental flexibility and capacity to focus on multiple things.

  • Boosts confidence

In the beginner course, you may not feel this way because you’re self-conscious about your grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structures. However, as you complete one level and progress to the next, you recognise new words and phrases; and you can express yourself better. You build your confidence at each level based on the foundation you’ve established. Soon you can have longer conversations and will feel comfortable talking to native speakers.

  • Learning a new culture

Language plays a key role in understanding a different culture, it gives you a peek into their history. You learn the meaning behind idioms (a type of verbal expression) and can use common phrases comfortably.  You also understand movies, music, and other forms of media. All of this allows you to interact better with others when traveling or working on a global team.

  • Career success

On a professional level, businesses that operate globally rely on English as their primary language. When you become proficient in the English language, your career opens up to new opportunities and possibilities. Good English will set you apart from your colleagues who may not be as skilled in the language. And even if English isn’t a requirement for your current position, it’s a valuable skill to add to your resume for doors that will open in the future.

The English Vertical is not limited to working professionals. It can help students, too. You can attend prestigious international schools and universities or study abroad and achieve your academic goals.

English Vertical: The Next Steps

Each level will be more challenging than the last, but that shouldn’t discourage you from proceeding to the next. The English Vertical courses are designed to teach you new skills and reinforce your previous knowledge.  Each one will help you get closer to the top. If you get frustrated and face the temptation to stop, remember why you started and use that as motivation to study further and accomplish your personal, career, or travel goals.

Ready to take your English skills to the next level and experience the benefits?


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