August 12th is International Youth Day. Designated by the United Nations over 20 years ago, the day celebrates the voice of global youth and draws attention to issues affecting young people around the world. The day also serves as an opportunity to engage with the specific challenges facing young people and offer support for their hopes for the future.

Education is central to improving the lot of young people and so to celebrate International Youth Day, we’ve put together a selection of exciting beginner courses to introduce young people to the empowering world of free online learning. With over 3,000 courses to choose from, Alison has a vital role to play in providing younger generations with the tools they need to build successful and happy lives.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a fantastic skill to have in your arsenal when you’re starting out in the world. It can be used in an incredibly diverse range of different ways and is in demand in almost every industry. However, it’s not just a tool designed for the workplace. From your own personal budgeting to coordinating projects, having a solid understanding of Excel will stand to you in a variety of ways. This is definitely a skill you’ll never regret learning.

Digital Photography

Like Excel, Digital Photography is a skillset that can be used in an endless variety of contexts, both professional and personal. Photographers are always in demand for weddings, professional events and sporting fixtures and once you make a name for yourself you’ll find that it’s a great way to earn some extra money. Photography is also a rewarding hobby that allows you to create fascinating works of art with just the click of a button.

Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language

Being able to teach English as a second language is a passport that will allow you to travel almost anywhere in the world. Whether you’re thinking about taking a year out before university, or looking to travel on your summer holidays, this course is must for any budding traveller. Teaching English is also a fantastic way to gain access to other cultures and learn about different countries from your students.


Environmental Education: Climate Change

Young people have set an incredible example in recent years by taking up the mantle of fighting for climate justice and drawing attention to the destruction of our natural world. Fundamental to making the changes necessary to save our planet is a solid understanding of the facts and the science behind climate change. This course will provide you with everything you need to know to act effectively and to inform others and spread awareness about climate change.

Building Websites with Photoshop CC

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur looking to set up an online shop, or an artist seeking to showcase their work to the world, learning how to create your own website is a skill that will open countless opportunities for you. Website-building is also a highly marketable skill that can provide you with an opening into almost any industry. Regardless of your plans for the future, this is a great skill to have under your belt.

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