The 21st of February is International Mother Tongue Day. It’s all about promoting and preserving linguistic and cultural diversity. The day was first announced back in 1999 by the United Nations and has been celebrated every year since. Here at Alison, we are all about language and diversity. So let’s explore a few mother tongues you can learn for free in our Language Category. So, whether you are just starting out and want to learn a new language to challenge yourself or are a professional who wants to upskill themselves and make that CV even more impressive, Alison has the right course for you.

Let’s get things started with one of the widest spoken mother tongues on the globe, English. It’s spoken by over a billion people as either a first or second language. Many aspects of English can be confusing to someone who isn’t familiar with it, so starting off with the basics and working your way up to fluency is the right way to go. Look at this article on the Alison Blog about our English Vertical and the different courses available.

For those of you who are already pretty good at the language, we offer a  Diploma in English Language & Literature. This course is designed as a deep dive into the complexities and nuances (see, you’re learning fancy words already) of the language and the literature it is famous for. In addition, you’ll have interesting things to say at dinner parties.

Languages Of The World

Speaking of dinner, let’s take a trip to the land that literally came up with the word cuisine. I’m talking about France of course. Widely considered the language of love and romance, the French language isn’t all sensual sounding phrases, and delicious words, it is one of the most useful languages to learn. It can open all sorts of doors for the fluent French speaker internationally. Head on over and sign up for the Diploma in French Language Studies.

Sprechen Sie German? You’ll have to excuse the butchery of the language, but it did catch your attention, right? German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the EU and is even one of the mother tongues of Namibia, all the way down in Southern Africa.

Once you have mastered the basics of the German language, including how to order a Pilsner, the national drink of Germany you can move on to becoming fluent in it and using it to advance your European career goals.

If French is the language of love, then Spanish is the language of passion! It conjures up images of flamenco dancers dancing to wild and vibrant music, played by mariachis on cobbled streets. From Madrid to Buenos Ares, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world. This isn’t surprising as it is the official mother tongue for over 20 countries. Take the Introduction to Spanish today!

Lastly, on the subject of learning to speak different languages, there is one that isn’t spoken, sign language. Many Learners are taking this course not just to communicate with loved ones who are deaf, but because of the employment opportunities that come with being able to sign. Whether in broadcasting, the culture industry, or state communication, there are many areas in which sign language is an essential part of connecting with the public. By learning to sign effectively, you’ll be surprised how many opportunities will become available!


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