From floods in Germany to fires in Oregon, this year we have seen unprecedented climate disasters across the globe. This month, steps are being taken at the highest level to combat climate change and preserve our planet’s natural resources. However it’s down to all of us as individuals to do our fair share and put pressure on decision makers to act quickly and responsibly. The first step, before action, is education.

At Alison, we are dedicated to empowering people through learning and not just in terms of career development. We believe that by informing our learners about the realities of climate change, we can empower them to play their part in protecting our planet. Here are five vital courses for informing yourself about the hurdles facing our world and how we can contribute to overcoming them.

1. Know The Science

In these strange times of fake news and “alternative facts”, climate change has become a mire of conflicting narratives, many of them false. With so much at stake, it’s crucial that you ground yourself in the scientific realities of the effect humanity is having on the planet.

2. Floods

Western Europe was devastated by flooding this year, with a shocking loss of life in some of the world’s most developed economies. It goes to show that climate change does not discriminate in who it affects. This course will bring you up to speed in how we can best manage our water ways to avoid similar devastation in the future.

3. Waste

Waste reduction is essential in combatting the threats to the planet. The unnecessary use of energy is a drain on the earth’s natural resources and a company’s financial resources. Better resource management can be easily managed by putting an Environmental Management System in place that aligns with ISO standards.

4. Fuels

One of the shining hopes for the future is the success we’re seeing in alternative energy sources. From wind to solar, biofuel to geothermal, humanity has gone back to the drawing board and come up with a variety of green alternatives to fossil fuels. However, from China to Australia, developed nations are continuing to grow their fossil fuel industries, showing that it’s still vital to spread awareness of fossil fuel replacements in order to reduce demand for these damaging fuels.

5. Environmental Management

Whether it’s your garden, the fields behind your house or your office green space, there is no patch of earth too small to make a difference. This course will teach you everything you need to know to improve the environmental conditions of the spaces nearest to you and closest to your heart. It covers topics as wide-ranging as water quality, species diversity and sustainability.

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