According to the Alexa web traffic rankings for May 2020, Alison is the third busiest Irish website worldwide. 

Alison has seen a huge increase in traffic since the coronavirus lockdown, with unprecedented numbers of 6,000 Learners graduating from our certified courses every day. Whether it’s been upskilling in app development, getting around to brushing up your French or finally starting yoga, Alison has provided hundreds of thousands of Learners with the means to make the most of their time in isolation.

“It’s clear that people everywhere, both those who were already Alison Learners and those new to online learning, have decided to put their time in lockdown to good use,” says Alison CEO Mike Feerick. “What the current situation has proven beyond a doubt is that education is no longer the hostage of bricks and mortar institutions. Anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection now has access to a high quality education. And as the Alexa Rankings show, there’s clearly a desire to learn this way.”

The other reason for Alison’s extraordinary popularity in recent months has been the publishing of the Coronavirus – What you need to know course. In February, Alison launched the course to help the world combat the Covid-19 pandemic by informing people about the virus and teaching them how to best protect themselves. The course has proven extremely popular as people the world over have tried to get to grips with coronavirus. Nearly a quarter of a million people have taken the English language version alone, and the course is now available in over 60 languages, with more on the way.

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