The labor market never stands still as it constantly evolves to meet changing conditions, such as altering customer preferences, automation and climate change. Over the next ten years, demand for workers in certain sectors is going to increase drastically, just as certain other sectors are going to contract.

Based on statistics taken from the US Bureau of Labor, we’ve compiled a list of 8 jobs that are going to experience rapid growth in the next ten years.

Future-proof your career by upskilling in the following areas that are going to be brimming with opportunities this decade!


1. Wind Turbine Technician

As the green economy continues to grow, maintaining wind turbines will become a rewarding and lucrative new sector. Our course in Wind Energy covers all of the essential information you need to be able to understand the science and the mechanics behind this exciting new technology.

2. Nurse Practitioner 

The pandemic has shown the need for a robust health service. As governments increase funding for hospitals, the demand for nurses will continue to grow. Nursing is an incredibly challenging and rewarding career, ideal for hard workers who enjoy variety and engaging with people. Kickstart your nursing career with our course in Nursing and Patient Care.

3. Solar Energy Engineer

One of the world of work’s hottest new industries! This is a fascinating career combining both science and engineering. Working as a solar energy engineer also puts you on the front lines of protecting our environment and safeguarding the world for future generations. You can begin this rewarding work now by taking our course in Solar Energy.

4. Statistician

Data is of ever-increasing importance to all industries and statisticians are required to make sense of all of this information and convert it into business practices and company profits. By upskilling in Data Science you’ll be adding a very lucrative string to your bow as statisticians have the opportunity to work horizontally across a wide range of sectors.

5. Information Security Analyst

The last year has seen a series of high profile malware attacks and hacking incidents. Information Security is one of the fastest growing and most important careers of the next decade. Cybersecurity is the number one concern for any company that does business online as it’s essential that customer data and other sensitive information remains secure.


6. Home Health Aide

As the world’s population continues to age, home health aides are going to be needed by more and more individual. This job is a great opportunity if you enjoy working with people and protecting the vulnerable. Our course in Elderly Care covers the essentials of caring for others while respecting their dignity.

7. Epidemiologist

The coronavirus pandemic has convinced both the public and the private sector that more money needs to be invested in researching infectious diseases. A career in epidemiology could be the virus’ silver lining for those with an interest in virology. If you’ve been fascinated by the science behind the pandemic then this is the career for you.

8. Health Service Manager

The pandemic has shown how vital effective health service management is and has raised the profile of this crucial role in the health industry. Management in Healthcare often goes overlooked but it’s an essential part of all health care systems and just as important as the front line services provided by the health sector.

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