With the summer weather finally in full swing, it’s time to get outside! After having spent more of the last year indoors than ever before, most people can’t wait to get out and make the most of the sunshine and the blue skies. 

And to make up for lost time, why not maximise your enjoyment of the great outdoors by using your time outside to learn something fun and new? Among our thousands of free courses are countless great ideas for hobbies and pastimes which celebrate nature and the world around us. Whether you’d like to kickstart a new exercise program in the open air, or learn more about the flora and fauna living outside your door, we’ve got the course for you!


1. Yoga

After what has been a stressful period for everyone, yoga is a great way to recentre both body and mind. It’s even better when practiced in the fresh air with the breeze and the sunshine on your face! One of the great perks of yoga is that you don’t need a huge open space to do it. Whether it’s in the park or the garden, this a great way to tune in to yourself and the world around you.

2. Gardening

It’s been scientifically proven that getting down in the dirt, planting and digging, releases endorphins and peps you up. While it may not seem like an enticing proposition in the rain, gardening is hard to beat when the weather is fine. From starting a veg patch to encouraging bees by planting flowers, there’s no end to the good you can do for both yourself and nature by getting out in the garden!

3. Outdoor and Physical Education Studies

Ever considered a more active career? If you’re tired of the desk job then the summer is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at something more physically demanding. This course in Physical Education will put you through the paces and give you a sense of the good a more active profession can do for both body and mind.


4. Ecology

When the sun shines we can’t help but see our surroundings in a different light. Many of us go through nature, whether in an urban or rural setting, without really understanding the space we’re in. Nothing is more fascinating than the natural world that surrounds us and learning about your local ecology won’t just increase your understanding and enjoyment of the world you live in, it will help you be a more conscientious inhabitant of our planet.

5. Animal Tracking

Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking for impressive snaps to show off to your friends or you’d like to take the kids out and give them a better understanding of nature, learning how to track animals is a skill that still has value in the modern age. This fascinating course will teach you about tracks, natural habitats and migration patterns. It also covers human-wildlife contact and instructs you in how to leave nature as you found it.

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