The pandemic hasn’t been all doom and gloom for the jobs market. A diverse range of industries have actually managed to flourish in the unique set of circumstances produced by covid-19. 

While many sectors have been hit by layoffs, limited capacity and drastically reduced customer footfall, there have also been enormous opportunities for those who know where to look and are willing to upskill and diversify their skillset.

To point you in the right direction and give you a headstart over the competition, we’ve identified five careers that offer bright futures, virus or no virus!


Political Assistant

Regardless of the pandemic, governments need to function and states have to operate. Politics is a fascinating and high pressure environment always looking for new talent. By taking our Executive Assistant Skills course, you’ll gain the high quality skillset that politicians expect all of their staff to have. Being a political assistant is a multifunctional role that could see you performing any number of fascinating tasks, from organising meetings with constituents to helping with speech-writing.

Retail Salesperson

Crucial sales have continued throughout the pandemic, with many consumers buying much more food and household goods as a result of lockdowns. The shops that have remained open have had to negotiate a range of unprecedented situations, such as social distancing and being able to source staff on short notice. As a result, a lot of shops have had to seek out better managers, one of whom could be you if you take our course in Retail Management!

Computer Scientist

With so much business moving online, countless industries are now struggling to manage and leverage their customer data. This sector allows for horizontal movement across many career paths and also allows you to work from home or on the road. Understanding the complexities of Computer Networking is essential for anyone seeking a career in computer science, making this free course the perfect place to start.


Warehouse Manager

Warehouse management is crucial to effective supply chain operations. This position is being valued by companies more than ever and wages are reflecting this. Warehouse Management is about keeping a vast array of moving parts moving and requires high levels of organisation and forward planning. Warehouse Managers need to know what’s going on at al levels of the business, from stock to sales, making this a dynamic and important position.

Construction Manager

Construction was one of the few industries that largely remained up and running during the pandemic. With many people taking the lockdowns as a chance to carry out home repairs, construction has grown over the last two years. The pandemic as meant that Construction Managers need to be even more organised than before to stay ahead of supply chain issues and staff shortages. Construction Safety & Health has also become even more important that before. This course is a must on you CV if you’re interested in joining this booming industry.


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