From catering for trick-or-treaters to costume-making, from bonfire safety to decorating, this Halloween you’ll find yourself using skills that don’t get called on most days of the year! So it’s understandable that perhaps you’re costume-making skills are a bit rusty.

As a free treat, we’ve put together five great courses that cover all of the unique skills that you’ll need to have a fantastic Halloween. One thing you definitely don’t need to be scared of this Halloween is not having the right skills!

Happy Halloween from everyone at Alison!


Baking and Desserts

Halloween is a great opportunity to let your hair down and eat whatever you want! This delicious baking course covers all varieties of cakes and pastries. By baking your own treats this Halloween, you can indulge your sweet tooth while also staying reasonably healthy! Homemade baked goods have less sugar and additives than shop-bought cakes and you can also adapt recipes for individual dietary requirements.

Diploma in Fashion Design

When was the last time you had to design a witch’s costume from scratch? If you need to brush up on your sketching, sewing and design basics then this is the course for you. Home-made Halloween outfits are a great way to spend time and bond with children. They can exercise their imaginations while also trying out skills they never get to use any other time of the year. Who knows, this year’s witch might be a future fashion designer!

First Aid

While Halloween is a time to celebrate and have fun, it’s also important to make sure that the fun and games remain safe. Fireworks, bonfires, unsupervised children – this can potentially be a recipe for disaster if the adults aren’t paying attention. To make sure that you’re prepared for all possibilities this Halloween, our popular First Aid course is a must to make sure that your Halloween is remembered for all the right reasons.


How to Draw 101

Halloween offers endless opportunities to let your imagination and creativity run wild! From pumpkin carving to home-made decorations to costumes, all visual projects need to start with sketches and design plans. Our How to Draw course will teach you everything you need to know to be able to transform your great ideas into fantastic drawings and then into even better realities!

Diploma in Digital Photography

Halloween always has incredible potential for great photographs. The decorations, the fireworks, not to mention the autumn leaves! Kids always love being able to look back at their different costumes over the years and you’ll never regret having an album to look back on. Make those photographic memories even more special by upskilling in digital photography with this in depth diploma course.

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