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ALISON: Fundamentals of Human Resources

Comments about The employment cycle - Human resource management: recognition and reward

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- Module: The employment cycle
- Topic: Human resource management: recognition and reward

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  • Zekkethal Vargas-Thomas Other Very important part of the employment cycle is the recognition and reward, I know that people appreciated the monetary but appreciated the personal and public recognition of their work and accomplishments too. Another way to motivate.
    2014-12-13 07:12:52

  • pearl matshoba South Africa the are many ways to remunerate an employee and should be taken to consideration.
    2014-11-11 03:11:13

  • Olanike Oladapo Nigeria Employees outstanding performance should be recognised too,this will encouraged them and bring out the best in them.It mus be done in a way that will propel other to success not in a way that will cause chaos in the organisation
    2014-11-06 13:11:32

  • Mavis Ampomah Ghana Some employers only think of maximizing profit without taking into consideration the non-monetary rewards e.g. office location, canteen facilities, motor vehicles, medical benefits for their employees. Do we consider this fair as an HR Manager?
    2014-10-16 17:10:09

    • David Ewusi-Mensah Ghana obviously i dont think it fair.
      2014-10-31 11:10:05
  • Rashida Beckles Barbados what are some suggestions of social based benefits?
    2014-09-16 15:09:29

  • S Raphael Ouedraogo Burkina Faso why recognition and reward?
    2014-08-25 15:08:40

    • David Ewusi-Mensah Ghana it create a very good and comfortable environment for learning
      2014-10-31 11:10:49
    • Mavis Ampomah Ghana Recognition and reward boost the morale of employees to give out their maximum best in order for an organization to reach and achieve it targeted goals.
      2014-10-16 17:10:25
    • Mavis Ampomah Ghana Recognition and reward cannot be overlook in an organization where maximum utilization of employee performances results in greater productivity.
      2014-10-16 17:10:56
    • Rashida Beckles Barbados to help employees feel appreciated and keep staff moral high
      2014-09-16 15:09:07
    • S Raphael Ouedraogo Burkina Faso recognition and reward is a key element of motivation which can boost employee performance
      2014-08-25 15:08:30
  • Sanjukta Sen India what would be a interview questionnaire on training and development?
    2014-08-15 14:08:14

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