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Questions & Answers about The employment cycle - Human resource management: the employment cycle

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- Module: The employment cycle
- Topic: Human resource management: the employment cycle

Latest Questions

  • Diksha Chooromoney Mauritius what is included in the employment cycle?
    2014-09-15 17:09:59

  • Peezy Arebun Nigeria At what stage in the employment circle is an applicant sure of employment and then what happens next?
    2014-08-27 14:08:32

    • Peezy Arebun Nigeria There are eight stages of the employment circle. An applicant is sure of employment at stage three which is the INDUCTION STAGE, there after TRAINING which is the the fourth stage of the the employment circle which is very important because here the employee learns about the organisation's ethics, code of conduct, goals and objectives
      2014-08-27 15:08:53
  • S Raphael Ouedraogo Burkina Faso what are the focused points in an employment cycle? and how to include policies and procedures with employment cycle?
    2014-08-25 16:08:33

    • S Raphael Ouedraogo Burkina Faso the focused pints an an employment cycle are recruitment, selection, induction, training and development, maintenance and motivation and, finally, termination or separation. policies and procedure should be associated to the employment cycle and should taken account the organization practices, the legal rules and regulations
      2014-08-25 16:08:22
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