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Comments about Types of information systems - Transaction-Processing System (TPS)

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- Module: Types of information systems
- Topic: Transaction-Processing System (TPS)
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Latest Comments

  • cassee ashby United States of America What are the two types of Transaction-Processing System (TPS)?
    2014-09-18 21:09:04

  • Abdulrahman Ismail Nigeria what are Transaction-Processing System (TPS)
    2014-07-22 11:07:20

    • Abdulrahman Ismail Nigeria Transaction-Processing System (TPS) Transaction-Processing Systems process data generated by an organisation's day-to-day transactions or activities. Examples of TPS's are pay advice slips, billing systems, invoicing, stock control and order entry systems. There are two types of TPS: Batch processing: where data is collected as a batch and processed at a later time, e.g. Bank cheques were usually processed overnight Online transaction processing: where transactions are processed as they are entered, e.g. buying tickets for a performance
      2014-07-22 11:07:05
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