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ALISON: Speaking and Writing English Effectively

Comments about English: Introduction and course outline - Reading, writing and communication

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- Module: English: Introduction and course outline
- Topic: Reading, writing and communication
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Latest Comments

  • Вячеслав Ширканов Russian Federation Can u guys see module and topic?
    2015-03-03 18:03:18

  • Вячеслав Ширканов Russian Federation Well, it seems to me I can't write anything exciting but I hope this course is going to help me to improve my English.
    2015-03-03 18:03:51

  • sabri tas Other I think it is very useful
    2015-03-02 20:03:00

  • Susana Simões Other How can i pratice speaking?
    2015-02-28 18:02:39

    • Go Buigli Sweden Spiking end wrait
      2015-03-03 03:03:43
  • Eman Almola United States of America How can I write about this course if I didn't start yet??
    2015-02-28 08:02:53

  • Seerwan Abdulkareem Saadi Sweden Very good cours
    2015-02-27 23:02:47

  • umair mehmood Pakistan But how can i start this course.?
    2015-02-27 21:02:05

  • umair mehmood Pakistan I wanna good speaker in english.plz help me
    2015-02-27 20:02:19

  • Rose Michael Tanzania i want to speak and write plz help
    2015-02-27 13:02:09

  • Rose Michael Tanzania also i don't know where to start
    2015-02-27 13:02:39

  • Michelle Dill United States of America Writing and reading something for your audience to understand
    2015-02-26 18:02:47

  • Nevena Vesovic Serbia I also don't know how to start it
    2015-02-24 20:02:28

    • abdirahman ainan Other Send me email
      2015-02-25 16:02:22
  • Ruben Valentin United States of America Is anyone having trouble starting the course. I don't see where to start it?
    2015-02-24 03:02:35

  • EROMI DE SILVA Sri Lanka How can i start this?
    2015-02-22 09:02:35

  • EROMI DE SILVA Sri Lanka This courses is very valuable for us. I think i can learn to this.thank you
    2015-02-22 09:02:27

  • Radhia Hamrouni United States of America How could I srart the course now
    2015-02-22 03:02:52

  • Radhia Hamrouni United States of America I would love to improve my language skills,included my reading ,writing,and communication.
    2015-02-22 03:02:15

  • Rageia Elfageih Sweden Actually, I would like to improve my language skills, that will help me to communicate with other people
    2015-02-21 20:02:11

  • Ruth Francois Haiti I would like to practice and have people whom can teach me how to have a good pronounciation and a perfect level of writing. Improve my language skills in order to better control my conversations with pairs and other people. Many thanks
    2015-02-20 21:02:48

  • Alice Pizarro Italy i want to practice my english
    2015-02-18 07:02:27

    • safa'a mohany Egypt I want to practice my english
      2015-02-20 06:02:28
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