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ALISON: Speaking and Writing English Effectively

Comments about English: Introduction and course outline - Reading, writing and communication

The comment must be about:
- Module: English: Introduction and course outline
- Topic: Reading, writing and communication

Latest Comments

  • Kukik Thongma United Kingdom How can I start to learn English ?
    2014-11-24 15:11:17

  • Zix Marquez Other Can anyone please tell us how to start the course ?! we're here to learn not to comment !!
    2014-11-20 19:11:58

  • Damla Tas Turkey I'm here because i want to improve my reading, writing and speaking skills.
    2014-11-16 11:11:35

  • Beatrice Kilosa Tanzania Will be happy if at the end of the course I will improve my english both in writing, reading and communicating
    2014-11-14 09:11:33

  • Suthakaran Subramaniam United Kingdom I WANT TO JOINT THIS COURSE.HOW TO START?
    2014-11-10 23:11:30

    • Altigani Elhassan Sudan just push start butun
      2014-11-13 20:11:03
  • Sarjana Dedushi Kosovo I want to have knowledge of English !
    2014-11-09 20:11:37

  • shady Maher Saudi Arabia What this course covers ?
    2014-11-05 13:11:50

  • Nowshin Tishi Bangladesh i want to speak in english
    2014-11-04 18:11:16

    • محمد شريف الحجيمي Iraq I want to speak in english
      2014-11-05 06:11:20
  • doha Mohammad Egypt I want improve my English language please
    2014-10-28 15:10:45

  • Jerrin Raju India i want the training in speaking
    2014-10-28 07:10:45

  • Muhammad Ammar Nasir Pakistan Oral communication?
    2014-10-25 20:10:18

  • Nena Sheikh Sweden I want to write and talk perfect
    2014-10-25 08:10:25

  • Esther Bekenawei Canada Reading and the study of text. The craft of writing Effective oral communication.
    2014-10-24 14:10:18

  • Esther Bekenawei Canada Nice and educating.
    2014-10-24 14:10:30

  • ZHI HUA TAN United States of America ..
    2014-10-21 20:10:59

  • Abdullah Gamal Egypt DONE
    2014-10-20 15:10:07

  • Karen Regala United States of America And i want to improve my english in writing and speaking Plz help me
    2014-10-16 01:10:20

  • Karen Regala United States of America How i can understand the person who speak a fast english
    2014-10-16 01:10:27

  • Karen Regala United States of America How i can learn a perfect english
    2014-10-16 01:10:39

  • Karen Regala United States of America How i can speak a english in other people without writing
    2014-10-16 01:10:04

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