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Latest Comments

  • Karan Bhullar India It's very hard to make out the difference between 1 and l (I wonder if it is even possible to make out the difference)
    2015-04-11 14:04:23

  • Zimkhitha Sigadla South Africa I want my certificate, cant print it and my lecturer is suspended me because I cant produce my certificate, please help I want to pass my Diploma I cant stay here for EVER!!!
    2015-04-10 14:04:07

  • John Doe Tajikistan brro i aced this thing in like 4 hours lol
    2015-04-03 14:04:25

  • Narmada Gattu United States of America I want to improve my typing speed how can I ?
    2015-03-30 05:03:44

    • Diana Lastname United Arab Emirates Practice is the only thing that can help. Good luck!
      2015-04-12 14:04:27
  • mohamed youssef Egypt what about certificate???
    2015-03-29 17:03:18

  • mohamed youssef Egypt the course is perfect
    2015-03-29 17:03:49

  • ASHIMA DOGRA United States of America Finally I have done. It's great opportunity for me. I'm so happy!!
    2015-03-14 02:03:26

  • Jackie Thomson United Kingdom Getting better with the hard numbers.
    2015-03-11 15:03:17

  • Jackie Thomson United Kingdom Making a improvement with the hard numbers.
    2015-03-05 12:03:36

  • sai chaitanya India Finished Typing Skills within an hour. Seems really a great opportunity to increase typing speed
    2015-03-02 18:03:23

  • H. sene United States of America These number keys are kicking my behind. I have taken the assessment five times already and still get move up!! WTH! Hehe.
    2015-02-20 02:02:21

  • Mary Anyijong Australia how long does this course take learn because i been try a lot to speed up but i am still at the bottom?
    2015-01-09 16:01:05

  • Mary Anyijong Australia this course is a bit hard if you never been practice somewhere else
    2015-01-09 16:01:38

    • Teresa Kingsbury Australia Agreed! I've done heaps of typing practice in the past and I'm still finding it tricky!
      2015-02-13 01:02:15
  • Nisreen Osman South Africa place your fingers on the home row and put a dishcloth over
    2014-12-05 07:12:39

  • Nancy Pinckney United States of America Why don't they have a typing test at the end of this course?
    2014-10-13 16:10:22

  • randy appiah Ghana how can i type without looking on the keyboard
    2014-07-27 21:07:55

    • Nina Yusnina United States of America thats why you have to learn, welcome to the real type. lol
      2014-11-11 01:11:21
    • Nancy Pinckney United States of America Memorize where the key are. It takes practice but it can be done.
      2014-10-13 16:10:24
    • Suleiman Mohammed Uganda strategies your fingers to the row buttons
      2014-10-07 09:10:09
  • Vida Ahiabah Ghana How can i type without looking at the keyboard?
    2014-07-23 13:07:26

    • AYAZ ALI SAMOON Pakistan u can see on the monitor and start typing don't see at the keyboard
      2014-11-04 04:11:30
    • haider khan Pakistan just practice hard and you will be able to type without watching on the key board
      2014-10-26 05:10:49
    • Keith Scully Ireland it takes time, unfortunately
      2014-10-09 18:10:43
    • Andrea Lazos United States of America you slowly start to memorize it. Eventually you wont need to look at the keyboard.
      2014-09-11 20:09:34
    • Elena Bautista Philippines just look at the screen and follow it.......
      2014-08-27 06:08:58
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