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Comments about Touch Typing Skills - Training 2 - Assessment

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- Topic: Training 2 - Assessment
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Latest Comments

  • tanveer ali abro Pakistan it is good for me
    2015-03-19 17:03:27

  • Jackie Thomson United Kingdom I am sure I will make the grade!
    2015-03-05 13:03:55

  • Jackie Thomson United Kingdom I am sure I will improve with the typing.
    2015-03-05 13:03:09

  • Liam Graham United States of America One frustration I have with the tests are words that are cut off, like wa(end of line)s, feels like I ought to be able to see what I'm supposed to type if it is a speed test
    2015-03-05 01:03:14

  • Syed Nasir Abbas Naqvi Saudi Arabia AL HAMDO LILLAH, I GOT 767 :)
    2015-02-10 07:02:28

  • Carlene Nelson Trinidad and Tobago Is much harder than
    2015-02-07 18:02:06

  • Lebo Mahlophe South Africa The text im supposed to type is not showing,please assist.
    2015-01-20 07:01:36

    • Lebo Mahlophe South Africa got it thanks
      2015-01-20 07:01:52
  • Mary-Beth Connerton United States of America I have noticed that instead of resting my finger tips on the keyboard, having them just above seems to improve my speed. Although it still takes A LOT of tries to pass the assessment.
    2015-01-14 22:01:42

  • Lidna Louis Canada c'est le message d'erreur. Comment faire pour avoir cette évaluation. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/lib/db.php on line 696
    2015-01-09 19:01:26

  • Marie Stevenson United States of America im only set at 40 words a min 537 out of 580 and not good enough ugh
    2015-01-08 23:01:19

  • Veselina Valcheva Bulgaria I can't believe 789 out of 835 and still get market as 0% ?!?!
    2015-01-01 17:01:32

    • Bob Aux United Kingdom I think your goal is set to 835 and therefore as you reached 789 you didn't reach your goal, so maybe you should lower your goal. I hope I'm correct.
      2015-01-02 12:01:24
  • ANNA FOTIOU United States of America I wish that the words did to separate on the word strip
    2014-12-29 18:12:13

  • lindiwe ndlovu South Africa wel i am done all the tests and i have passed everything what is the next step?
    2014-11-18 08:11:36

    • Henk Fortmann [[]] 100% for each assessment?
      2014-12-28 07:12:54
  • Carolyn Joran United States of America for some reason I can't reach the goal for my training 2- Assesement can I reset the gaol that need to be reach this is the only one I have a problem with
    2014-09-20 16:09:51

    • Eliezer Benjamin India I had to try for about 100 times before I passed.
      2015-02-05 14:02:15
    • Veselina Valcheva Bulgaria Try to delete cookies. It might help ;)
      2014-12-31 23:12:35
    • LaTrice Gray United States of America the individual assessment goals are based on the words per minute goal you set for yourself prior to beginning the assessments. Just edit your target goal and the tests become less difficult to pass.
      2014-12-30 19:12:06
    • Latonia Heard United States of America I'm having the same problem, it seems like these two assessment have lofty goals. I keep getting very close.
      2014-11-16 22:11:17
    • Bramble Graham United Kingdom You can reduce your overall WPM goal, which will reduce the target for this (and the others)
      2014-10-10 15:10:48
    • Carol Komanekin United States of America I say keep trying. Some take a little longer.
      2014-09-30 21:09:01
    • ROBIN BLANKINSHIP United States of America It took me almost three day before I got it
      2014-09-26 12:09:41
    • ROBIN BLANKINSHIP United States of America practice practice practice GRASS HOPPER
      2014-09-26 12:09:10
    • Tabassum roohi Pakistan i do have the same problem
      2014-09-25 12:09:56
    • Carolyn Joran United States of America what should I do
      2014-09-20 16:09:19
  • CARMELLE CHARLES United States of America where do I get more material to practice.
    2014-09-02 16:09:17

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