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Comments about Touch Typing Skills - Training - Assessment

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Latest Comments

  • Cecil Hunter [[]] Stuck!........ I will not give up, still I press toward the mark......
    2015-03-31 15:03:44

  • Shiv Sharma India "Hakunamatata", I will get the hang of it soon.
    2015-03-31 05:03:52

  • siphenathi mantshi South Africa this typing is glowing my mind
    2015-03-30 09:03:16

  • tanveer ali abro Pakistan great
    2015-03-19 17:03:51

  • Jackie Thomson United Kingdom Inching forward I hope I get there!
    2015-03-11 15:03:39

    • Vicent Rutagangibwa Uganda Its pretty tight, but I love it surely
      2015-03-22 17:03:16
  • Alisi Batiwale Fiji Ouccchhhhhhhh......more than 20 attempts still could not make it.....Damn itttttttt...
    2015-03-08 23:03:13

  • Jackie Thomson United Kingdom I will get faster with this module.
    2015-03-05 13:03:18

  • Tope Ogunseye-falodun Nigeria Good typing exercise for the fingers
    2015-03-05 08:03:46

  • Natalie Sarria United States of America i passed this on ean dthe following one finally and its not showing up passed????????????????/
    2015-03-02 21:03:23

  • kate edwards United Kingdom Training assessment has just disappeared...
    2015-02-15 10:02:49

  • mena moneer Egypt Warning: Unterminated comment starting line 1448 in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/lib/database_methods.php on line 1448 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_FUNCTION in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/lib/database_methods.php on line 1448 what can I do to solve this error??????
    2015-01-30 15:01:25

  • LaTrice Gray United States of America THE FUNNY PART OF ALL OF THIS IS WHEN I MAKE MISTAKES MY SCORE IS HIGHER THAN WHEN I DO NOT. I just scored a 883 out of 918 and my I skipped a word! meanwhile when I type without error I make no higher than a 776. Frustrating!
    2014-12-30 19:12:19

    • LaTrice Gray United States of America finally got it with a 957!!!! only took 20 attempts! lol. Good luck ladies and gents.
      2014-12-30 19:12:45
  • Parielle Parker United States of America why is it everytime i type it decreases ????!
    2014-09-22 22:09:07

  • Anthony Foster Bermuda what happened to all the progress that was recorded that I had made? The program is showing that I have not done anything.
    2014-09-05 01:09:30

    • kameren dalton United States of America for me too
      2014-10-20 15:10:19
    • Tonia Thompson United States of America you have to hit the done icon before you hit the next icon or it will not save your progress
      2014-10-06 00:10:13
    • Precious Mills Trinidad and Tobago The same thing happened to me so I quit
      2014-09-17 01:09:26
    • Adam Towns United Kingdom I think they are updating the website...
      2014-09-05 10:09:28
  • Mary Ann Pamintuan Herrera Philippines its getting harder and harder..
    2014-07-23 01:07:23

  • Chuks Nwakanma Gambia I feel like a practice session should have been given, or maybe i should just practice more because i had abit of trouble with using all my fingers in the correct positions, i tried again typing how i normally type (without my little finger and sometimes crossing over to another section) and i got a score of 425, maybe i should just practice more on my finger positioning. Anyone else having this kind of struggle.?
    2014-07-22 14:07:05

  • Smangae Sbandae South Africa how do i use all my fingers when typing
    2014-07-21 13:07:14

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