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ALISON: Touch Typing Training

Questions & Answers about Touch Typing Skills - Training2 - Assessment

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- Module: Touch Typing Skills
- Topic: Training2 - Assessment

Latest Questions

  • Shahin Rahman Bangladesh I have completed Touch Typing Training, now how can I get the certificate ?
    2014-08-23 02:08:37

    • Suleman Ibrahim Abdella Qatar Congrat Shahin bro and best seems you are a patient man and a learner with strong will- May God protect you.. maybe you would like to share something to us esp. to those guys who got frustrated so that all can learn faster.
      2014-09-03 14:09:19
  • Heather Salzkorn United States of America this is ridiculous i mean i have tried several times and just cuz i pause they take score points away that is . they are trying to do professionals with beginners or just past beginners and that is not the way to go. saying you need a score of 550 or 750 or whatever on these assessments is crazy. i can see at the end of the course with the final being a high score but not in between. come on now
    2014-08-12 23:08:13

  • Heather Salzkorn United States of America assessment scores are to high on some of these shouldn't it be based on beginners not on professional people. i know how to type but i want to increase my speed but this is crazy
    2014-08-12 23:08:11

  • Glad Win United Arab Emirates how to type fast
    2014-08-08 04:08:47

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