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ALISON: Touch Typing Training

Questions & Answers about Touch Typing Skills - Training - Assessment

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- Module: Touch Typing Skills
- Topic: Training - Assessment

Latest Questions

  • Dawn Nickle United States of America I have taken this many times, now....How and what score do you need to pass?
    2014-08-12 19:08:26

    • Ayad Alsaadi United States of America 40wp
      2014-09-01 04:09:17
    • Terry Starkey United Kingdom You need to get the high score shown on the left hand side next to your score. The High score shown is dependant on what you selected as your target goal, the higher the overall target goal.... the higher the score you need to get for each assessment.
      2014-08-20 15:08:18
  • Jasna Kavčič Slovenia so my score is 350 and I still can't pass!??? I really would like to know what is the minimum passing score!
    2014-08-11 19:08:32

  • Jasmin Canonizado United States of America In the training assessment can I just keep the 312 score instead 368 of the left hand exercise?
    2014-08-11 00:08:41

  • John Murray Ireland Please why does module info fail to load
    2014-08-09 21:08:42

  • John Murray Ireland What is wrong No module ibfo loads
    2014-08-09 21:08:44

  • Gloria Marcum United States of America I am so tempted to quit this course. They make so hard to pass this part of it and it sometimes doesn't work when you try it again.
    2014-08-07 22:08:49

  • Coleen Lewis Trinidad and Tobago my current score is 385 and i still can't pass!
    2014-07-15 04:07:26

  • Jayne Mashiter United Kingdom I have increased the goal speed how do I get the up to date results for goal achieved
    2014-07-07 21:07:39

  • Mariam Birungi Other how can i speed up when am typing
    2014-07-04 13:07:04

  • DONNA Young United States of America What exactly is the minimum passing score? Do you HAVE to get the highest listed score to move on or what? My average is 220 but STILL does not let me pass? Anyone else having difficulty with this or knows the average score to get to successfully move on?
    2014-06-29 18:06:30

  • Oskr Rivas Viquez Costa Rica it´s so hard haha!! just i can´t . :/
    2014-06-23 16:06:59

    • Carol Kombora Zimbabwe if you will it you will surely get through with no difficulties
      2014-07-05 19:07:45
  • Joanna Whittall Zimbabwe So what do I do now
    2014-06-21 13:06:03

  • Heather Tyson Jamaica Something is really wrong why i am not seeing any thing but half of a montor and nothing more....what is happening.
    2014-06-20 02:06:43

  • Hassan AlDarora Saudi Arabia I feel is somthing wrong here !!!! how we can pass this part ?
    2014-06-19 22:06:08

  • Marilynn Heacock United States of America Worried i'm never going to pass this part!!!
    2014-06-19 21:06:07

  • Hassan AlDarora Saudi Arabia I will keep trying i will never give up :) Keep trying! You didn't reach the goal this time. Keep trying - it normally takes a few attempts.
    2014-06-18 20:06:30

  • willa onoh United States of America I see the high score 506 and current score 214 I am guessing that is my score. How do I know if the score is good or bad. What score should I try to maintain before moving on to the next level?
    2014-06-17 20:06:29

  • Ayumi Peter Sri Lanka yes!!! finally completed
    2014-06-16 09:06:05

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