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Comments about Touch Typing Skills - Basic Technique 2

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- Module: Touch Typing Skills
- Topic: Basic Technique 2

Latest Comments

  • Felix Homadzi Ghana thank you.
    2014-09-25 17:09:00

  • wendy shara Uganda why is it that whene ever itry to hold the keys as shown my typing speed even decreses?
    2014-09-21 09:09:58

    • David Klem United States of America You're not used to your new foundation for typing. Simply put, you're probably faster with your old style but if you start with the new foundation you will eventually be faster than ever,
      2014-09-21 13:09:06
  • Emma Mapp United Kingdom What are the module's.
    2014-09-19 10:09:19

  • Richard Pussell France cmon this is getting tedious already
    2014-09-17 12:09:13

  • angel gomez United States of America im confused when do I start
    2014-09-17 00:09:11

    • Thato Mosea South Africa i am also dying here
      2014-09-18 14:09:24
  • Sai Jagannath India how can i learn fast typing
    2014-09-11 13:09:39

    • Bertrand Fernandes India ya 1 to 2 hour
      2014-09-20 18:09:19
    • Hassan El Sayed Egypt by practice daily
      2014-09-12 12:09:43
  • Frank Kangwa United Kingdom What is the maximum number of words one can comfortably type per minute?
    2014-09-03 12:09:10

  • Aoife Cregan Ireland What is the course about?
    2014-09-03 09:09:10

  • Mary Kabui Tanzania can i start now
    2014-09-01 14:09:47

  • istvan kovach Canada Hay Alison no one is answering question.
    2014-08-29 07:08:14

  • istvan kovach Canada I hope you guys are not off your rockers? I saw all the questions without the answers. Are you having fun? If you do why don't you share it?
    2014-08-29 07:08:11

  • istvan kovach Canada I can't understand why all the questions? I would like to learn, not asking questions. How can I start?
    2014-08-29 07:08:59

    • istvan kovach Canada Who is going to answer?
      2014-08-29 07:08:05
  • Aproozkhan Patil India what do i do next
    2014-08-12 06:08:33

    • destiny dykes United States of America why don't you make videos and make it where we can actually type instead of just pictures
      2014-08-19 17:08:11
    • Javed Iqbal Pakistan typing
      2014-08-15 13:08:34
  • Aproozkhan Patil India how do i position my fingers
    2014-08-12 06:08:59

  • Aproozkhan Patil India please send full typing trics my email id
    2014-08-12 06:08:10

  • Ullas Puthiya India please sent typing excersise in my email id
    2014-08-05 11:08:23

  • bunny booker United States of America I gotit
    2014-08-03 08:08:36

  • mahroof vp India HOW?
    2014-07-26 09:07:11

  • Ola Omomuleni Nigeria how do i sit
    2014-07-09 12:07:05

  • Omiz Csay Gambia how do i position my fingers
    2014-07-01 08:07:04

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