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Comments about Touch Typing Skills - Basic Technique 1

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- Topic: Basic Technique 1
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Latest Comments

  • Chiamaka Nwakuche United Arab Emirates how do I start?
    2015-03-02 09:03:59

    • Whit Rose Other basics
      2015-03-03 08:03:49
  • Buyiselwa Tyali South Africa Now, we will go over some basic of proper touch typing technique. When you type, you should position our hand and fingers according to the diagram show here. The color coding shows which finger to use to reach each key. As part of the training, we will focus on one finger at the time, and teach you the proper way to reach each key on the keyboard.
    2015-02-20 12:02:32

    • Hadija Ndope Kenya oK
      2015-03-02 13:03:27
  • Ghrg Oussama Australia Thank you for this course. .
    2015-02-20 09:02:45

  • sadaf fatima Pakistan The middle row of the keyboard is known as the "Home Row". As you type, press each key gently with the correct finger and then return your hands and fingers back to the home row position, as shown here.
    2015-02-17 10:02:39

    • Martin Nolan Ireland yes
      2015-02-19 21:02:42
  • Margareth Savage Papua New Guinea How would i move my fingers on the keyboard?
    2015-02-16 01:02:45

  • Margareth Savage Papua New Guinea What are the techinques of typing?
    2015-02-16 01:02:21

  • Margareth Savage Papua New Guinea What are the requirments of typing?
    2015-02-16 01:02:11

  • Margareth Savage Papua New Guinea Would like to know more about typing
    2015-02-16 01:02:28

  • Helena Rebelo South Africa Would like to see if I can increase my speed after doing this course
    2015-02-15 12:02:51

  • Gajendra Bhanarkar India the comment must be about : -Module: Touch typing Skill -Topic: Basic Technique 1 Please not reviewed by ALISON Support staff. For technical support, please contact
    2015-02-13 12:02:04

  • Cindy George Other iam very excited
    2015-02-11 05:02:31

  • latifa khamis Tanzania thank you so much for this course
    2015-02-10 12:02:45

  • Gul Wahid Habibi Afghanistan plz learn me
    2015-02-09 18:02:32

  • ???? ??? ????????? Egypt Iam reading to learn
    2015-02-09 17:02:37

  • Alsadig Altayeb Sudan Hello , I really want to learn through this stage , and so happy with to get more information
    2015-02-09 12:02:17

  • getnet yohannes Ethiopia i would like to take this course
    2015-02-09 12:02:51

  • Lisa Ashcroft United Kingdom Hello Sir/Madam I would like to learn this course please.
    2015-02-08 20:02:58

  • nellita arias United States of America Hi i would like to star this courses
    2015-02-08 08:02:38

  • Nasir Aljayir Egypt Good morning, I'm learning basic study.
    2015-02-06 06:02:41

  • Jaitun Patel United States of America Thank you
    2015-02-05 22:02:20

    • Siphokuhle Mgoduka South Africa hey patel
      2015-02-06 06:02:46
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