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Comments about Managing large scale organisations - Characteristics of large scale organisations

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- Module: Managing large scale organisations
- Topic: Characteristics of large scale organisations
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Latest Comments

  • Obusitswe John Egypt Large scale organisations generally compose of at least 100 employees and a relatively distinctive difference in terms of roles between the owners and its managers.
    2014-12-18 10:12:03

  • Sajjad Ahmed Bilal United Arab Emirates is'nt 100 employees minimum a rather less number for a supposedly large scale organization?
    2014-11-25 13:11:48

  • Dina Gallanera Bahrain What are the characteristics of large scale organisations?
    2014-11-18 07:11:47

  • maricar pia Philippines how be the large scale much bigger in management??
    2014-10-02 10:10:03

  • Sourindra Mozumder India no question
    2014-09-12 10:09:45

  • Narcis Randrianarivony Madagascar no question
    2014-07-23 11:07:52

  • Ethel Brigildo Philippines What are the basic rules of classification?
    2014-07-09 02:07:05

    • Bea Bianca Sigue Philippines the basic rule is in your heart
      2014-09-17 06:09:36
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