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Comments about Module 1: Personal Cleanliness and Health - Introduction to Personal Cleanliness

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- Module: Module 1: Personal Cleanliness and Health
- Topic: Introduction to Personal Cleanliness
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Latest Comments

  • Xania Richardson United Kingdom Is it possible that talking while making a meal can contaminate the meal
    2015-01-29 17:01:35

  • Bonaventure Nzume Sone Cameroon Does your health depend on your personal hygiene
    2015-01-29 13:01:01

  • Bonaventure Nzume Sone Cameroon what relationship does personal hygiene have with health
    2015-01-29 12:01:53

  • Bonaventure Nzume Sone Cameroon personal cleanliness so much have an effect on our health so for you to be healthy you mush be clean even at your work place especially when you work where food is manufactured
    2015-01-29 12:01:42

  • Helen Anwuli Nigeria is it possible to prepare meals and not talk
    2015-01-18 09:01:10

  • Helen Anwuli Nigeria very insiteful
    2015-01-18 09:01:29

  • Helen Anwuli Nigeria Is it possible that talking while making a meal can contaminate the meal
    2015-01-18 08:01:23

  • Tracy Osborne United States of America very helpfu
    2015-01-16 23:01:08

    • Helen Anwuli Nigeria This was very very help. Thanks Alison
      2015-01-18 08:01:03
  • Debbie Hall United States of America many food borne illnesses begin with the improper handly of food
    2015-01-07 21:01:42

    • Kehinde Kushimo United Kingdom handing food and illnesses is totally different
      2015-01-13 16:01:13
  • Stu Davis United States of America I must be missing something. I cannot get the finish button to reply. All other buttons work. Can you help?
    2015-01-01 23:01:46

  • Melissa Akers United States of America Taking care of ones self is the first step to a healthy world.
    2014-12-26 18:12:39

  • Jessie Zellar United States of America What if you sneeze into your elbow should you still wash your hands?
    2014-12-22 19:12:46

  • amy redfern United Kingdom the cleanliness of a person's body and habits ⇒ She had been taught the importance of personal cleanliness, sanitation, and other measures of controlling infection,.
    2014-12-17 08:12:13

  • Godwin Unuado Nigeria personal cleanliness is a state of been free from germs due to the practice of simple hygeine
    2014-12-12 15:12:25

  • Gustavo Gallardo United Kingdom What should you not do while serving food and or on duty?
    2014-12-11 22:12:04

  • Gustavo Gallardo United Kingdom For how long should you wash your hands and, in what temperature water?
    2014-12-11 22:12:05

  • Gustavo Gallardo United Kingdom What are the 2 ways of sanitizing safetly
    2014-12-11 22:12:46

  • Gustavo Gallardo United Kingdom To whom are many food born illness traced to?
    2014-12-11 22:12:52

  • Gustavo Gallardo United Kingdom Wash your hands after every task performed
    2014-12-11 22:12:39

  • shane Sample United States of America always wash your hands after every task.
    2014-12-01 17:12:00

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