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Questions & Answers about Module 1: Personal Cleanliness and Health - Introduction to Personal Cleanliness

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- Module: Module 1: Personal Cleanliness and Health
- Topic: Introduction to Personal Cleanliness

Latest Questions

  • Lizaan Jacobs South Africa If a worker has injured there hand during work, it has been treated. The wound covered with a bandage and glove. Can the worker continue working?
    2014-08-16 12:08:45

    • Ramadhan Sindayigaya Rwanda yes he/she can continue working because he is protected
      2014-09-02 15:09:36
  • Allwell Nwafor Nigeria how often should some one wash his or her hand in a day?
    2014-08-05 14:08:48

    • Ramadhan Sindayigaya Rwanda he/she can wash his hand whenever is going to handle food
      2014-09-02 15:09:35
    • Rufaro Mateke South Africa always after visiting the toilet and before handling food
      2014-08-14 14:08:32
  • leeku johnron South Africa from the first physical examination,how often should the employee visit the doctor?
    2014-07-26 08:07:54

    • Rufaro Mateke South Africa once a week til the wound has completely healed
      2014-08-14 14:08:14
  • Diane Seward United States of America Questions
    2014-07-13 18:07:40

  • Paulina Peplinska United Kingdom Topic
    2014-06-19 16:06:25

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