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Comments about Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process - Teachers’ Perspective on Learning

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- Module: Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process
- Topic: Teachers’ Perspective on Learning
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  • Annaliza Pagaoa Philippines Learning cannot be obtain only from the four corners of a classroom. Teachers now a days are not the so called "dispenser of knowledge" they are only the facilitators of knowledge. Constructivism approach to learning, students make their own definition of a certain subject or topic based on their experiences.
    2015-01-29 13:01:53

  • Louise Mcneely United Kingdom learning a lot so far due to one of my own children having behaviour problems at school,
    2015-01-27 20:01:07

  • Ashminder Singh Bahal India Examples are inadequate of theories of learning.
    2015-01-21 17:01:37

  • SYED ABDULLAH United States of America Incidental Learning is interesting. It propagates that as human beings we are naturally predisposed to learning and knowledge.
    2015-01-20 18:01:02

  • Thimothi Satheesh Gondi India teacher's perspective of learning is really useful practically.
    2015-01-17 15:01:55

  • Thimothi Satheesh Gondi India Teacher's perspective of learning
    2015-01-17 15:01:40

  • James Kuol Bol South Sudan what are good ways of knowing that a teacher had transfer a knowledge to the students or leaners in classroom?
    2015-01-14 09:01:04

  • James Kuol Bol South Sudan What are the criteria to be put in a place to identify a teacher with good perspective on learning ?
    2015-01-14 09:01:36

  • James Kuol Bol South Sudan Teachers' perspective on learning is a situation where a teacher is always had ready quality of being a teacher, for instance teacher should show good reputation outside school and in the school by giving professional behaviors and interaction with learners and non learners .He should be open to the learners and always prepared enough before teaching.
    2015-01-14 09:01:40

  • Christian Ohiremen-edobor Nigeria EDOBOR CHRIS Teacher's perspective on learning is not only not only happen in schools or classrooms but also happen outside the classroom room environment because outside classroom interaction bring out the beauty of learning.
    2015-01-12 13:01:02

  • MOHAMED AMGHNOUSS Morocco teacher's perspective on learning is not only a thought for reading but it is rather that because it has many activities and practicals and behaviors inside classrooms
    2015-01-04 19:01:38

  • Santa Campusano Canada Teacher,s perspective on learning is not a simple thought or expectation, it has to lay down on the learner,s readiness or preparedness to receive in the process what the teacher planned to teach. But also; those perspectives can not be based only in the planned learning, but in the incidental learning too. It is for sure, that the main goals contained in the official curriculum are the teacher priority.
    2015-01-04 03:01:20

    • Santa Campusano Canada What activities can raise issues of usefulness or transfer in the process of learning on classroom?
      2015-01-04 03:01:14
  • INTAN SHAFINAR DIN Malaysia Every teacher should take a constructive perspective in the method they use when teaching students. So every activity involves students actively in their tasks and promote the ability to learn independently.
    2014-12-31 16:12:16

  • Shelly Singh India Prerequisites rule the learning process at school. The learning that happens outside the classroom is sometimes more comprehensive.
    2014-12-24 11:12:03

  • Kathrine Churchill Canada Teachers generally have a ciriculam to follow however incidental learning can happen beyond simply what is being taught. Educational readiness is important, so younger learners must have physical readiness ( use a pencil on paper for simple designs, able to take care of their own needs i.e. toileting, putting on coat and shoes), Social/emotional ( moderate social skills) Cognitive ( reasonable ability to focus and stay on task for a developmentally reasonable length of time. If a child is really active they need lots of physical activity combined with learning activities. For university students readiness is often called prerequisites.
    2014-12-19 16:12:28

  • Angela Gearhart Colombia I thorougly recommend a book by Vanessa Rodriguez and Michelle Fitzpatrick, co-author, entitled The Teaching brain, which "draw" on the science of human development to redefine teaching as an evolutionary cognitive skill that develops in all people over time. "
    2014-12-18 15:12:08

  • Angela Gearhart Colombia Many teachers claim they are constructivists, or favor constructivism, but in general, because personalized education is os rare, we end up being rather behaviourists and mainly blaming underachieving students for their results.
    2014-12-18 15:12:36

  • Maria Barron Panama Teachers should adopt a constructive perspective in the way that they teach students. It's very important for them to be able to engage students actively in their tasks and promote the ability to work independently.
    2014-12-17 16:12:21

    • Maria Barron Panama But, what's the best way to do it?
      2014-12-17 16:12:28
  • Candy Kanabahita Other what are the conditions that enable future oriented teaching and learning? and what are the challenges?
    2014-11-27 07:11:34

  • Ghadeer Elhalaby Saudi Arabia DO People have no free will? – Does a person’s environment determines their behavior?
    2014-11-21 14:11:17

    • Chandramani Bugnath United Kingdom yes
      2014-11-27 20:11:48
    • Candy Kanabahita Other The environment influences one's behaviour to a great extent, that is why you hear about peer pressure especially if a person likes following the crowd
      2014-11-27 07:11:22
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