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Comments about Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process - Teachers’ Perspective on Learning

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- Module: Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process
- Topic: Teachers’ Perspective on Learning

Latest Comments

  • Ghadeer Elhalaby Saudi Arabia DO People have no free will? – Does a person’s environment determines their behavior?
    2014-11-21 14:11:17

  • Sashana Piper Jamaica Very informative
    2014-11-18 04:11:27

  • Ngembus Henrietta Cameroon This lesson is very essential for us educators as it guides us on how to properly handle students with different strengths and weaknesses. It is good!
    2014-11-15 20:11:16

  • Carmen Andrade United States of America The Learning Process : It's our duty as educators to find the unique personal learning technique of each students in order to help them succeed . This lesson is very helpful.
    2014-11-10 19:11:01

  • Nana AAA Egypt Both teachers and children make adjustments at the school. Children must be socially, physically and cognitively ready in order to benefit from the activities and expectations at school. As well, teachers must adjust their curriculum and activities to cater for the children's behaviours, needs and skills which they bring into the school with them. Teacher can also creat a useful learning contexts in which the children can experience and use real life skills and knowledge , and could be transferred in situations outside the classroom.
    2014-11-08 15:11:11

  • Adetokunbo Adekunle United Kingdom Thoroughly informative.
    2014-11-07 23:11:55

  • Beautrice Mokae Moepi Lesotho we should be aware that teachers have their own perspective on learning,once a child is healthy and take good care of his or her personal physical needs, he or she can start going to school to learn and be taught. He or she can use a pencil to draw with a pencil while learning to read and solving equations
    2014-11-05 14:11:18

  • Beautrice Mokae Moepi Lesotho teachers use curriculum when learning new things there have to be goals to focus on by the teachers during their learning and teaching students. there ia alot of learning happening in the classrooms
    2014-11-05 13:11:40

  • yussuph mohamedy Tanzania is impontant preparation before enter in classrom teacher must awere of that.
    2014-11-03 14:11:32

  • Jeena Bhimunipadu India Teacher.s perspective in learning is correctly told.
    2014-10-29 10:10:52

  • Angela Williams United States of America .
    2014-10-28 14:10:05

  • Gnana Dev Dokka India this is good lesson i like it
    2014-10-20 05:10:20

  • Raquel Gruner Brazil People are always learning, its not only in the school: real life situation. Teachers are supposed to give the formal education. In the classroom we have diferent kinds of children, we have to be observers and find out which learning processes we can/have to use in the classroom and analyze the curriculum.
    2014-10-13 17:10:25

  • Joseph Chintedza Malawi this is a very good topic I like it the way it has been explained and easy to follow
    2014-10-10 13:10:12

  • Daniel Couto Cabral Brazil Various situations in the school or in the classroom are learning situations. But, in general in the life: family environment or community environment exist several learning´s situations. For example: the child to pay a bill on the little market near their house. His/her mother read a tale to him/her. He/she goes with his/her friends to the park exercising ther boddyes. Then, learning is a global process that involve different places and learning situations.
    2014-10-10 01:10:01

  • Daniel Couto Cabral Brazil The learning process is based on differents teories. The two importants are: Behaviorism and Structuralism. I think this two ones are suficient to understand the educational process and I prefer the last one, because, to me, the life situations ever be a psycho-social taskies.
    2014-10-09 02:10:30

  • Richard Creed Ireland very interesting topics covered , I enjoyed learning many new concepts with regard to learning especially the differentiation between the teacher and learner
    2014-10-08 20:10:43

  • Helen Glendinning United Kingdom How do teachers assess the achievements of non-intentional learning outcomes and what guidance do they have to request additional support for those pupils who cause concern?
    2014-09-21 21:09:49

    • Nisha Soni United Kingdom As a primary school teacher, I would there is a lot of goverment archived information about supporting children, who are cause for concern. There should be a SENCO in a school environment that we can approach and depending on child's needs it may be necessary to contact external professionals.
      2014-09-29 11:09:50
  • Anil Balan United Arab Emirates That's right but isn't much better the students stay and learn some times in the atmosphere of nature will refresh their mind and body ..?
    2014-09-20 19:09:14

  • Marilyn Gaffney Ireland Is the environment of the student who is learning important, is. Nature studies are best thought outside in nature as well as in the classroom for a more effective way of learning?
    2014-09-20 08:09:27

    • Marilyn Gaffney Ireland Misspelling * is should be, ie.,
      2014-09-20 08:09:51
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