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Teachers’ Perspective on Learning

Questions & Answers about Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process - Teachers’ Perspective on Learning

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- Module: Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process
- Topic: Teachers’ Perspective on Learning

Latest Questions

  • Abdelilah El Ouahydy Morocco What is an example of a student's adjusting to school in a positive way?
    2014-04-16 23:04:40

  • Veronika Alexander United States of America What is an example of a student's adjusting to school in a positive way?
    2014-04-12 23:04:46

    • Muhammed Anver Saudi Arabia What do positive teacher-student relationships look and feel like in the ... dependency
      2014-04-14 05:04:11
  • Neji Hasni Tunisia We can learn how to kick a ball. What kind of learning is this?
    2014-04-12 17:04:50

  • Sand Long Other how can learners understand teacher;s processes of learning
    2014-04-10 01:04:10

  • AngelNUHA AMEEN Nuha Sri Lanka how can we identify the inner thoughts of students ?
    2014-04-08 07:04:44

    • Jacqueline Lindemulder Netherlands That is a very deep question. I guess it completely depends on your schedule, how much time you have, how much 'space' there is for it etc. I suppose the obvious answer is: ask them open questions. Let them know you value their opinion. However, I say this as a private language teacher... Classroom situation is probably very different.
      2014-04-10 21:04:55
  • Marilyn De Jesus Mena United Kingdom How can you keep the students focus ?
    2014-04-04 16:04:16

    • Jacqueline Lindemulder Netherlands Doing different activities and having them participate. Nobody every kept focus when the teacher is just talking and you are supposed to listen... ;) Ask them questions, ask them to say it in their own words, start about a subject and have them mention words that they think have to do with this. Have them experience the subject, if possible..and value their opinions and their input.
      2014-04-10 21:04:29
  • Gospel Herbert Nigeria how can a teacher control things learned from other sources outside the curriculum?
    2014-04-03 12:04:24

    • Jacqueline Lindemulder Netherlands I guess the short answer, for me, is that you can't. This accidental learning is something that happens by accident. Sometimes the student doesn't even realize he/she is doing it! People learn from life. And there is no real way to control this. It just happens while they are living their life.
      2014-04-10 21:04:02
  • Pierina Vasquez Peru As a future teacher i think we should let our learner do more incidental learning making them make the first move to see their progress and how they get involved
    2014-04-01 03:04:06

    • Jacqueline Lindemulder Netherlands I think this is really true. I also think it depends on the time available, the curriculum etc. There are always different ways of 'teaching' or 'experiencing' the same thing though. So I think you can combine it. It probably means that a teacher needs to put more energy and resources in to get something more meaningful out.
      2014-04-10 21:04:26
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