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Questions & Answers about Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process - Teachers’ Perspective on Learning

The Question must be about:
- Module: Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process
- Topic: Teachers’ Perspective on Learning

Latest Questions

  • Khaldoon Almofti Iraq Does the teacher necessarily emphasize that learning happen only in module classroom ?
    2014-08-21 10:08:32

  • Kennedy Kamara Njagi Kenya What is the difference between incidental learning and insight gained by the learner from the lesson taught?
    2014-08-01 15:08:52

    • Kennedy Kamara Njagi Kenya I think incidental learning will happen outside the planned curriculum delivery by the teacher on the learners understanding of the problem he would like to solve by his new learning experience while insight will be gained from the learners past experience in a situation similar to one at hand.
      2014-08-01 15:08:57
  • Abbie Richardson United States of America Doesn't the teacher also learn from the student? Which is greater?
    2014-07-09 20:07:32

    • Kennedy Kamara Njagi Kenya I think both the learner and the teacher should learn from each other and from each learning experience.Each learner is unique and so is each learning situation and both should have a willingness to benefit and undergo change of behaviour
      2014-08-01 15:08:57
    • Cassandra Smith Grenada I think a good learning relationship is good. When a teacher learns something from a student that moment is special as this was not the expected norm.
      2014-07-29 02:07:15
  • Raluca Barbu Romania To what extent should a teacher let his personal way of being be reflected in the teaching process? How much does the teacher's own perspective on learning actually influences the process?
    2014-07-03 18:07:45

    • Bethany Atkinson United Kingdom Each teacher/human being is unique and their opinions are different from one another, so I believe that learning is a unique process that educators can design to match the needs of different learners and themselves. Teachers reflect on their lessons in order to make changes which benefit themselves and their students in the future.
      2014-07-06 20:07:48
  • Aida Atkins United Kingdom Nowadays all the professionals stress that each child is individual and that the development process varies child to child, how come then readiness is clearly defined by a certain age , when child is certain age he/she goes to school ( ready or not) each child is different and readiness comes at a different age. Contradictory ...How to understand it?
    2014-07-02 10:07:43

  • Ignatious Shupikai Masandudzi Zimbabwe can behaviour affects the learning process?
    2014-06-21 18:06:35

  • Dr Ram Gopal Sharma India What is the difference between teaching and learning?
    2014-06-15 13:06:57

    • Temoaniti Iaribwebwe Kiribati Teaching is what the teacher teaches the children and the learning is what the children get from that lesson
      2014-06-25 04:06:10
    • Ignatious Shupikai Masandudzi Zimbabwe teaching involves imparting knowledge to somebody whereas learning can be done in the absence of the teacher
      2014-06-21 18:06:17
    • Fredrick Umoinyang Nigeria TEACHING has to do with rendering or passing down of knowledge or idea in a manner that makes it easy for a learner to understand in the process causing a permanent change behavior , this change is referred to as LEARNING
      2014-06-17 20:06:37
    • nwaigwe minky Nigeria Teaching has to do with impactation or transmition of knowledge to a learner while learning is the presence of permanent behavioural change in a student.
      2014-06-16 16:06:34
  • Dr Ram Gopal Sharma India Do you agree/disagree? -Learning may happen without the teacher. -Learning may happen outside the classroom.
    2014-06-15 13:06:07

    • Tyrelly Fabien Dominica Yes this is true as learning is not only formal.
      2014-07-22 00:07:10
    • Temoaniti Iaribwebwe Kiribati I agree
      2014-06-25 04:06:51
    • Nicole Whittal Other Yes I believe we can learn without teaching taking place. We can learn by observing others.
      2014-06-20 22:06:42
    • Fredrick Umoinyang Nigeria i agree learning may happen outside the classroom and without the teacher, we could learn from our parents, religious leaders, family members and friends different values, behavior and skills.
      2014-06-17 20:06:14
  • Dr Ram Gopal Sharma India What is the difference between- Leaning a language? Learning content subjects like maths or science?
    2014-06-15 13:06:28

    • Temoaniti Iaribwebwe Kiribati Learning a language is either you learn your mother tongue or foreign language and learning content like Maths that only wanting to know the patterns, shapes time etc
      2014-06-25 05:06:19
  • Dr Ram Gopal Sharma India What is learning?
    2014-06-15 13:06:53

    • Kumari Kanthi Ullal Janardhan United States of America In my opinion there are two kinds of learning.The learning obtained at school/college(various subject) this learning which is essential in today's world to earn his living . Another type of learning is where an individual learns for his inner being which he learns from the surrounding like nature, people around him which is essential for self transformation. Here the individual becomes a self learner and the source where he is learning from is unaware that it is a teacher.The second type learning is again a individual choice but it may become his trait based on what he is learnt.
      2014-08-16 16:08:55
    • Temoaniti Iaribwebwe Kiribati knowledge that you get from reading and studying
      2014-06-25 04:06:50
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