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Comments about Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process - Teachers’ Perspective on Learning

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- Module: Module 1: Introduction to the Learning Process
- Topic: Teachers’ Perspective on Learning
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Latest Comments

  • Lauren Conley United States of America What is incidental learning?
    2015-02-20 00:02:40

  • Hannah Hitchin United Kingdom What is progress learning ?
    2015-02-18 14:02:57

  • asia bibbo United States of America what is the process in learning
    2015-02-16 20:02:45

  • asia bibbo United States of America how can a tachers' perspective is on learning?
    2015-02-16 20:02:26

  • asia bibbo United States of America how many topics are in this course
    2015-02-16 20:02:38

  • asia bibbo United States of America learning is a habitation that goes on in life and ends you die
    2015-02-16 20:02:14

  • Somali Bhattacharjee India Learning is a continues process which start at birth and ends in death.Curriculum content and academic achievement are teachers perspective.Sequencing and readiness is required in learning,a lot of learning takes place alongside the explicit learning. Teachers' perspective on learning is a situation where a teacher is always had ready quality of being a teacher.
    2015-02-11 09:02:32

  • Shirralee Sisson Australia Learning can take place in everyday experiences including the classroom under the guidance of teachers. 3 ideas, curriculum content and achievement, sequencing and readiness to learning, ability t transfer the skills to new experiences.
    2015-02-09 04:02:33

  • Donna Flotron United States of America Learning can and does happen everywhere. It does happen in the poorest of countries.
    2015-02-08 19:02:40

  • Olabayiwa Abiodun Nigeria Oftentimes while teaching in d classroom, my references to issues that are borne out of experiences one has acquired over the years, constitute an integral part of my perspectives on learning. More often than not, most of these references are instances of situations which occured outside of classrooms or schools but have been a major catalyst to the learners academic achievement.
    2015-02-08 18:02:59

    2015-02-06 15:02:30

    2015-02-06 15:02:02

  • Mechelle Brown United States of America Becoming a Teacher myself I felt as though we can learn through hands- on rather than from a man's theory which is a book. Although, that's where the theory is anyway from a book, but the best way to me is through personal experiences. I learned better from a real life perspective which was my own classroom than trying to read the theory from the book.
    2015-02-02 02:02:12

  • Annaliza Pagaoa Philippines Learning cannot be obtain only from the four corners of a classroom. Teachers now a days are not the so called "dispenser of knowledge" they are only the facilitators of knowledge. Constructivism approach to learning, students make their own definition of a certain subject or topic based on their experiences.
    2015-01-29 13:01:53

  • Louise Mcneely United Kingdom learning a lot so far due to one of my own children having behaviour problems at school,
    2015-01-27 20:01:07

  • Ashminder Singh Bahal India Examples are inadequate of theories of learning.
    2015-01-21 17:01:37

  • SYED ABDULLAH United States of America Incidental Learning is interesting. It propagates that as human beings we are naturally predisposed to learning and knowledge.
    2015-01-20 18:01:02

  • Thimothi Satheesh Gondi India teacher's perspective of learning is really useful practically.
    2015-01-17 15:01:55

  • Thimothi Satheesh Gondi India Teacher's perspective of learning
    2015-01-17 15:01:40

  • James Kuol Bol South Sudan what are good ways of knowing that a teacher had transfer a knowledge to the students or leaners in classroom?
    2015-01-14 09:01:04

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