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Comments about Module 11: Specimen Collection - Throat Cultures

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- Module: Module 11: Specimen Collection
- Topic: Throat Cultures
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Latest Comments

  • Mbali preety Dlamini South Africa How are mild respiratory infection treated?
    2015-02-26 09:02:14

  • Mbali preety Dlamini South Africa As a pratical nurse you responsible for colleting spicimen. Example sputum/ Tb is an infectious disease caused by bacterium. The infection causes inflammation that can eventually damage the lungs and even cause someone to die ,
    2015-02-26 09:02:31

  • Merson Figueroa Belize Throat cultures are done to isolate and identify any pathogens,which may be medium,the slide or medium is incubated in the laboratory to determine which organisms causing a throat disorder,a sample of mucus and secretions from the back of the throat is collected on a cotton-tipped applicator and applied to a slide or culture are present
    2014-11-19 03:11:52

  • Philip Ofori Ghana what is tongue depressor
    2014-10-25 20:10:45

    • Anthony James Trinidad and Tobago a flat sterile piece of wood used to hold the tongue down to view the throat
      2015-02-18 19:02:52
    • Clemence Kofie Akorli Qatar its called spatula
      2015-01-30 16:01:10
    • Sami-Jo Davis Jamaica A flat stick used to hold the tongue down
      2014-12-10 21:12:44
  • said bouaajini Italy N
    2014-10-18 16:10:50

  • Dishal Giga Zimbabwe WHAT IS A STREP INFECTION ?
    2014-09-24 22:09:03

    • Philip Ofori Ghana throat infection
      2014-10-25 20:10:47
  • Sonia Silvera Zaire What does a perulent site mean?
    2014-08-25 01:08:14

    • Christine Jagroop Guyana purulent means consisting a whitish-yellow or yellow substance composed primarily of dead white blood cells and dead pyogenic bacteria;
      2014-12-03 16:12:01
  • Vernita Clark United States of America Don't touch tongue,.teeth,.or cheeks. Place applicator in tube asap
    2014-08-11 09:08:16

  • Vernita Clark United States of America Didn't realize organisms gathered have t grow in order to be anaylized. Assumed th/results are immediate
    2014-08-11 09:08:35

  • Vernita Clark United States of America Sample of mucous applied to a slide or a culture
    2014-08-11 09:08:28

  • Vernita Clark United States of America Always wear gloves when handling bodily fluids
    2014-08-11 09:08:05

  • Slm Mubeen Sri Lanka how
    2014-07-04 08:07:02

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