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Determine Purposes for giving a Patient a Bath

Questions & Answers about Module 2: Advanced Principles of Patient Hygiene - Determine Purposes for giving a Patient a Bath

The Question must be about:
- Module: Module 2: Advanced Principles of Patient Hygiene
- Topic: Determine Purposes for giving a Patient a Bath

Latest Questions

  • Melinda Tarczal United Kingdom How do I give a bath to the patients if he or she is aggressive because he or she is scared if they are touched?
    2014-04-14 21:04:41

  • Petagay Smith Jamaica how do i pass this section
    2014-04-12 16:04:49

  • Shivina Demendonca Guyana how do you prevent obesity?
    2014-04-10 15:04:26

    • Philip Ofori Ghana Do more exercise and eat right food or balance diet and also reduce intake of carbohydrates
      2014-04-14 16:04:09
    • Petagay Smith Jamaica eat right and excerise
      2014-04-12 15:04:28
  • Wasila Usman Korea what is the meaning of obese
    2014-04-09 15:04:46

    • Philip Ofori Ghana Overweight and too much of fatty in the body
      2014-04-14 16:04:20
    • Shivina Demendonca Guyana overweight
      2014-04-10 15:04:55
    • stella van de merwe Other overweight
      2014-04-10 12:04:58
    • stella van de merwe Other a person with a eating disorder
      2014-04-10 12:04:41
    • Shila Yukuli Phopo Australia Obese (obesity) is a disease and is different to overweight. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems
      2014-04-10 07:04:34
  • Melissa Lendor Trinidad and Tobago What is coccyx ?
    2014-04-07 00:04:56

  • Melissa Lendor Trinidad and Tobago In giving bath to a male patient and that patient begins to make sexual advances to a female nurse what should she do
    2014-04-06 23:04:48

    • Philip Ofori Ghana Then the nurse do his or her work as a nurse and don't mind the patient at all
      2014-04-14 16:04:45
    • Shivina Demendonca Guyana ask a male nurse to finish
      2014-04-10 15:04:10
    • Shivina Demendonca Guyana talk to the patient calmly, if that is not work just aks him for an excuse walk away and return
      2014-04-08 21:04:45
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America tell him that is not apropreiate to act, if he continue with the sexual advances get a male to finish the procedure.
      2014-04-07 07:04:11
  • Wasila Usman Korea What is the meaning of ulceration
    2014-04-06 16:04:07

    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America break down of the skin
      2014-04-07 07:04:08
    • Philip Ofori Ghana is when you have ulcer
      2014-04-06 18:04:55
  • Adena Mullis United Kingdom what things should i concider if the patient refuses a bath?
    2014-04-06 15:04:09

    • Shivina Demendonca Guyana he or she dont want you to see his private parts
      2014-04-10 15:04:24
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America maybe he has a psyhcological problems, he or she is in pain or afraid
      2014-04-07 07:04:07
    • Adena Mullis United Kingdom you should concider that maybe they dont want you to see that maybe they have infection somewhere on their body and they might be terrified you will cause them pain by bathing.maybe they are worried there is something seriously wrong . always maintain a high level of privacy at all times, if they feel they would like a family member to be present during the bath,there should be no reason why they shouldnt be there if nothing else they would help to relax the patient whilst at the same time be confident that their loved one is being well cared for
      2014-04-06 16:04:18
    • Adena Mullis United Kingdom firstly maybe the patient lives alone so their personal hygiene routine has lapsed a bit, and they feel embarrassed about someone having to do something they have always done for themselves in private, at home, concider their illness maybe they suffer with a lot of pain or fatigue so therefor the bath may be a enormous undertaking for them, in a patient with dementia they may nor recognise they need a bath, therefore its important to build a bond with the patient talk to them during the bath to put them at ease and let them see that you are only interested in making them feel a little more comfortable, if you can talk to them and make them feel at ease they will soon come around to your way of thinking and may even at some point look forward to their bath and your conversation with them, if you have enough time perhaps have a cup of tea with them so the emphasis changes to other things going on in their lives and they dont feel so intimitated around the bathing issue, we must remember that because the patient needs help to bathe and toilet needs that they can quite easily begin to feel they have no value in society because they need help from others, its important for us as front line staff to reassure them they are valued and will be treated with respect at all times
      2014-04-06 16:04:55
  • Philip Ofori Ghana what is the physical condition which encourage skin break down
    2014-04-04 21:04:54

    • Shivina Demendonca Guyana obesity, diabetes, dementia
      2014-04-10 15:04:52
    • Adena Mullis United Kingdom obesity immobility, maybe someone who has poorly managed diabetes
      2014-04-08 15:04:34
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America emaciation, bed wetting
      2014-04-07 08:04:13
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America obesity, or immobility
      2014-04-07 07:04:19
    • Philip Ofori Ghana obesity age-related skin changes,any diseases or condition that affect skin circulation
      2014-04-04 21:04:03
    • Philip Ofori Ghana immobility,incontinence,emaciation
      2014-04-04 21:04:21
  • Francis Andzie Quainoo Ghana So what will be the definition for Skin Break Down.
    2014-04-04 17:04:23

    • Shivina Demendonca Guyana wrinkles, difficult walking sight problem, hearing problem
      2014-04-10 15:04:03
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America when the patient is lying in one position for a long period of time in the skin become red and sore
      2014-04-07 07:04:49
    • Philip Ofori Ghana is when the skin get infected without treatment and it to skin rot
      2014-04-04 21:04:59
  • Laura Thorpe United Kingdom what if the patient refuses a bath or to be washed isn't it abuse to try and force them?
    2014-04-03 18:04:38

    • Shivina Demendonca Guyana yes it is just leave them for a while because not everone is in a mood to take a bath at all times we as the care giver just has to understand the patient feeling and wish
      2014-04-10 15:04:10
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America inform the doctor maybe he can prescribe something for the patient to relax
      2014-04-07 08:04:02
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America as long as you are not harming the patient, but force is abuse
      2014-04-07 07:04:56
    • Francis Andzie Quainoo Ghana if a patient refuses bath teach him or her the healthy benefits of bath,if he or she still refuses then report him or her to the nurse or doctor in charge.
      2014-04-04 17:04:39
  • Francis Andzie Quainoo Ghana If back massage is so important in a patient care and the patient says no to it should a nurse do it by force
    2014-04-03 17:04:52

    • Adena Mullis United Kingdom no never do anything by force, you are in a position of trust and should treat all patients with the upmost respect at all times, i try to imagine it may be my parent or relative and i would like to think they were being looked after properly
      2014-04-08 15:04:14
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America no you are there to support and care for the parent you will have to build a good rapport with the patient so they will trust you and feel safe
      2014-04-07 07:04:20
    • Philip Ofori Ghana if the patient is not out of his or her normality then the nurse cannot force but has to wait for the patient come down and receive the treatment peacefully
      2014-04-04 21:04:55
  • Rita Frimpong United Kingdom Some patients do not want back massage what other option is there to do?
    2014-04-01 11:04:59

    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America give them a nice bath and during that time you can give them a massege
      2014-04-07 07:04:37
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America I will perform the back massage at the time of the patients bath
      2014-04-01 21:04:18
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America If the patient do not want a back massage, I will perform the back massage at the time of the patient back I think it will be the most logical time to thoroughly observe the patient's skin for pressure areas.
      2014-04-01 21:04:32
  • Philip Ofori Ghana to prevent and protect them from extra infection and it gives them healthy
    2014-03-31 21:03:10

    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America keep the are clean and wash the area with soap
      2014-04-07 07:04:14
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America At the first sign of redness, the area should be washed with soap and water and rubbed with lotion, then measures should then be taken to keep the patient off the reddened area. Keep sheets under the patient clean, smooth and tight to help eliminate skin Irritation.
      2014-04-01 21:04:04
    • Michael Myles Australia Also improvement of patients self-image, emotional and mental well-being.
      2014-04-01 09:04:20
  • Philip Ofori Ghana why do we give a patient bath
    2014-03-31 21:03:10

    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America to prevent bacteria and infection and to make them feel better
      2014-04-07 07:04:19
    • Philip Ofori Ghana confinement in the bed increases perspiration and bacterial is stimulated by moisture,skin irritation from hospital bed lines may result in skin break down and subsequent infections,relaxation effect on patient and maintenance of joint mobility
      2014-04-04 21:04:21
    • Philip Ofori Ghana to also help them from development of any infection if any and also for good health
      2014-04-04 21:04:40
    • Francis Andzie Quainoo Ghana we give a patient bath to improve on the patient self image,emotional and mental well being which gives the patient a total relaxation.
      2014-04-03 17:04:29
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America Well first you have determine purposes for giving a patient a bath, for instance if a patient is confined in bed it increases perspiration and bacterial growth, so giving a patient a bath helps the nurse to observe and Identify the patients needs and to Identify conditions such as skin breakdowns.
      2014-04-01 22:04:06
  • Philip Ofori Ghana what is obesity
    2014-03-31 20:03:37

    • Francis Andzie Quainoo Ghana Obesity, this is a body condition in which excess fat has accumulated in persons body to the extend that it could have negative effect on the persons health which can lead to sudden heart attack.
      2014-04-03 18:04:35
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America Obesity is a condition of being over weighted.
      2014-04-01 22:04:00
  • Philip Ofori Ghana what is bath in this module
    2014-03-31 20:03:13

    • Philip Ofori Ghana it is the cleaning of the patient by water ,soap,towel
      2014-04-04 21:04:22
    • Francis Andzie Quainoo Ghana In this module i will define bath as the process in which a nurse give to a patient which improve upon the patient self image,emotional and mental well being .
      2014-04-03 18:04:50
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America Bath ( is the removal of bacteria from the skin)
      2014-04-01 22:04:20
  • Michael Myles Australia I have no questions
    2014-03-30 17:03:38

    • Michael Myles Australia thats good, for the learning outcome
      2014-03-30 17:03:28
  • Amanda Mcewan United Kingdom i have completed this section a few times and its still registering that i haven't anyone no why?
    2014-03-29 17:03:24

  • Precious Khumalo United Kingdom What do you do if a patiant refuses to bath or being help with his or her personal care.
    2014-03-27 13:03:26

    • Francis Andzie Quainoo Ghana to me i teach him or her the importance of bath and the good improvement that her or will see on his condition.
      2014-04-03 18:04:47
    • Faith Fitchett-Johnson United States of America You report it to the charge nurse and offer again in a little while. You can also talk to another who has previously worked with (and had success), with that patient and how they approached them. Or even get them to help you with that patient.
      2014-04-02 19:04:12
    • Kimberly Godfrey United States of America I would proceed to build a rapport with the patient, I would take every measure to gain the patients trust in me.
      2014-04-01 22:04:49
    • Philip Ofori Ghana as a nurse you still have to make sure that the patient has taken his or her bath for healthy
      2014-03-31 20:03:58
    • Philip Ofori Ghana you have to report the to a senior nurse and see if something can be done
      2014-03-31 20:03:48
    • Alaa Ghanem Palestine woter Persuaded the patient bath .. and tell him not to shower disadvantages .. Seek the help of a close to him in order to convince him .. and if it does not give him a chance to convince the thinking ..
      2014-03-31 02:03:49
    • Charlene Wilson United States of America report to the nurse . Let her make the final decision .
      2014-03-30 04:03:26
    • Michael Myles Australia Give the a wash or bed bath. Do over power the patient.
      2014-03-28 10:03:02
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