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Questions & Answers about Module 2: Advanced Principles of Patient Hygiene - Determine Purposes for giving a Patient a Bath

The Question must be about:
- Module: Module 2: Advanced Principles of Patient Hygiene
- Topic: Determine Purposes for giving a Patient a Bath

Latest Questions

  • Jacqueline Kane United States of America i took my test and this module and it was erased i would like to have it back and green square please i should not have to take again i need this to pass my class thanks very much
    2014-09-17 23:09:42

  • Abdul Moeed Pakistan How to cheer a person?
    2014-09-13 22:09:55

  • Heather Tyson Jamaica Dailying cleansing of the sink to removing all bacteria from the skin
    2014-09-04 14:09:14

  • Melissa Sinclair Other Where is the course I keep clicking to start but I cant get to imonly seeing to add question or answers how can I get to start?
    2014-08-24 15:08:20

    2014-08-24 10:08:28

  • Sonia Silvera Zaire Define psychosocial?
    2014-08-22 21:08:33

    • Abdul Moeed Pakistan means it relates to one's psychological development in, and interaction with, a social environment.
      2014-09-13 22:09:03
    • Chrissy Baby Other Psychosocial assessment is complex and involves many different components. You will need to explore the patient’s development; mental health; sexuality; social, cultural, and ethnic identity; and values and beliefs.
      2014-09-13 13:09:41
    • Chrissy Baby Other interrelation of social factors and patient's thought and behaviour.
      2014-09-13 13:09:32
  • Jayne Mcintosh United Kingdom What are the psychosocial needs?
    2014-08-19 18:08:06

    • Gemma Hall United Kingdom The most important one is patiients hygiene
      2014-08-21 20:08:12
  • `donald Fominyam United States of America what is coccyx
    2014-08-17 11:08:10

    • Chrissy Baby Other a small triangular bone at the base of the spinal column
      2014-09-13 14:09:23
    • Eugenia Antwi-Boasiako Ghana coccyx is part of the human tailbone which is attached to the sacrum by a fibrocartilagenious joint which allows movement between the sacrum and coccyx.
      2014-08-18 13:08:25
  • Glory Alexander Samuel South Africa In the purpose of the patients daily bath and privacy male patients are attended to by male nurses? and what is SOP
    2014-08-15 20:08:08

  • Sani Ibrahim Qatar How can a nurse control patients emotional feeling?
    2014-08-09 03:08:59

    • Janine Cutter United Kingdom by actively listening the patient so they can express how they feel
      2014-08-14 20:08:20
  • EBERE SAMUEL ACHILEFU Nigeria what is the advance principal of patient hygiene
    2014-07-21 18:07:50

    • Janine Cutter United Kingdom Daily bathing is good to help prevent bacterial growth which is stimulated by moisture.
      2014-08-14 20:08:36
    • Sherry Deih Ghana the removal of bacteria from the skin
      2014-08-08 15:08:07
    • dee bliss United States of America removal of bacteria from the skin
      2014-07-23 07:07:37
  • Nijah Cooper Ghana is their any videos for dis course?
    2014-07-21 12:07:11

  • Paula Snyders United Kingdom if there is a upnormality in the skin do you write it down on a body chart and if the senior nurse is not at present
    2014-07-18 22:07:45

    • Janine Cutter United Kingdom it is important that any changes to the skin is reported and documented any redness or change
      2014-08-14 21:08:27
    • Sherry Deih Ghana a detailed records has to be taken down concerning the patient's skin.whether normal or something abnormal was noticed
      2014-08-08 15:08:04
    • dee bliss United States of America you need to document in detail the condition of the skin whether normal or abnormal.
      2014-07-23 07:07:16
  • Paula Snyders United Kingdom what if a patient refuse personal care and you know the patient is bedbound,because you cannot force aptient
    2014-07-18 21:07:58

    • Eugenia Antwi-Boasiako Ghana you explain the importance of personal hygiene to the patient and how personal hygiene will go a long way to help him or her improve his or her condition. if the patient still refuse i think you should inform the senior nurse
      2014-08-18 12:08:51
  • John Sanjay Anthony Australia if a patient has multiple injuries and stitches,is giving bath neccesary
    2014-07-15 11:07:24

    • Gemma Hall United Kingdom Dependng on the injuries a bath may not be appropiate but cleaning the injuries is very important and also giving them a wash down for hygine
      2014-08-21 20:08:54
    • Nekeisha Compton Saint Vincent Depends on where; but cleaning of areas is also essential which is also part of taking a bath.
      2014-08-14 23:08:52
    • Sherry Deih Ghana bathing of a patient is important but in doing so,the nurse has to be cautious of injuries and stitches on patient's body inorder not to open up stitches
      2014-08-08 16:08:15
    • Veronica Senyakanyaka South Africa yes i think its neccesary for the injuries to get well fast
      2014-07-17 15:07:56
    • Eva Trpakova United Kingdom Possibly bed bath.
      2014-07-15 16:07:09
  • PASCHAL MDEMWA NYAMBA Tanzania why do you think that giving patient bath is of most important ?
    2014-07-12 13:07:09

    • Janine Cutter United Kingdom It helps prevent skin irritation provides relaxation for the patient. The chance for the nurse to build a rapport possibly therapeutic nurse to offer psychological support to patient. Good maintainence for joint mobility.
      2014-08-14 21:08:51
    • Janine Cutter United Kingdom it is quality time you can spend with your patient and you can use this time to observe for sores or any other physical or emotional changes.
      2014-08-14 20:08:41
  • Bertha Dzenga South Africa If a patient has bed soles what is the easy way of bathing him/her
    2014-07-08 12:07:12

    • Janine Cutter United Kingdom a thorough bed bath
      2014-08-14 21:08:20
    • Veronica Senyakanyaka South Africa make the patient to bath him or herself
      2014-07-17 15:07:22
  • ngozi duru Brunei Darussalam Why should the morning bath and mouth care be done after and not before breakfast?
    2014-06-25 03:06:16

    • Janine Cutter United Kingdom as the mouth then has already been soiled by breakfast
      2014-08-14 20:08:49
    • Kylee Keith United States of America because they could dirty themselves during breakfast
      2014-08-01 19:08:15
    • Veronica Senyakanyaka South Africa because the hygiene measures are more after breakfast
      2014-07-17 15:07:43
  • ngozi duru Brunei Darussalam What's another word for skin breakdown? Is it same as bed sores?
    2014-06-25 03:06:29

  • Frank Prempeh Ghana PURPOSE OF THE PATIENT'S DAILY BATH a. Removal of bacteria from the skin. Confinement in bed increases perspiration, and bacterial growth is stimulated by moisture. Skin irritation from hospital bed linens may result in skin breakdown and subsequent infection. b. Relaxation effect on the patient. c. Stimulation of blood circulation to the skin, respirations, and elimination. d. Maintenance of joint mobility. e. Improvement of the patient's self-image and emotional and mental well-being. f. Providing the nurse with an opportunity for health teaching and assessment. g. Providing the nurse with an opportunity to give the patient psychological support. The process of building rapport may begin during the initial bath. The bath aids in the development of the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship as the patient has the nurse's undivided attention.
    2014-06-23 09:06:45

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