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Comments about Module 2: Advanced Principles of Patient Hygiene - Determine Purposes for giving a Patient a Bath

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- Module: Module 2: Advanced Principles of Patient Hygiene
- Topic: Determine Purposes for giving a Patient a Bath

Latest Comments

  • Lily White Imafidon Ireland What should a nurse bear in mind when performing personal hygiene for a patient?
    2014-10-30 05:10:54

  • Lily White Imafidon Ireland Nursing care in patient hygiene when performed with thoughtfulness and professional discipline in mind aids in the patient fast well being
    2014-10-30 05:10:17

  • Lily White Imafidon Ireland Giving a patient bath does not only contributes to their physical well -being but it heals their emotions as well
    2014-10-30 05:10:16

  • Lily White Imafidon Ireland What skills is needed to gain a patient confident when performing personal hygiene?
    2014-10-30 04:10:44

  • Lily White Imafidon Ireland Providing a Patient hygiene is the most basic yet the most important, I believe this is so because it has to do with physical, social and emotional need of a patient. How it is performed affects the well being of the patient
    2014-10-30 04:10:19

  • Philip Ofori Ghana what is obesity
    2014-10-25 17:10:19

  • Philip Ofori Ghana what is temperature and sensitivity
    2014-10-25 17:10:21

  • said bouaajini Italy OK
    2014-10-18 15:10:10

  • Sabrina Sookhoo . Lamptey United Kingdom What can you do if a patient refuses to have a bath or even a wipe down? Do you leave the patient unclean?
    2014-09-30 10:09:55

    • Philip Ofori Ghana no is your duty to make sure the patients leave healthy
      2014-10-25 17:10:28
    • channylou hardy United Kingdom No! That is against human rights to leave someone in there own filth! You leave there room and go back you try until they except this care you don't force them. But dont give up.
      2014-10-21 20:10:40
  • Samuel Yeboah Ghana what do we use hot water for during shaving?
    2014-09-26 15:09:57

    • Philip Ofori Ghana to kill any germs or bacteria
      2014-10-25 17:10:31
  • Damaris Linonge Echandom Cameroon how do we handle a patient wn taking his or her bath
    2014-09-26 15:09:17

    • Philip Ofori Ghana you make sure your hands are clean
      2014-10-25 17:10:40
  • Reyes Jimenez Other Is one purpose is due to elderly unable to move and accidenting on themselves?
    2014-09-25 14:09:51

  • monica azany United Kingdom during bathing what type of "worried" non verbal communication should you look out for?
    2014-09-22 21:09:59

  • Dishal Giga Zimbabwe how do you keep a patients body parts free from moisture ?
    2014-09-21 20:09:10

    • Philip Ofori Ghana by wiping off and changing their bed sheets regularly
      2014-10-25 17:10:46
  • Jacqueline Kane United States of America i took my test and this module and it was erased i would like to have it back and green square please i should not have to take again i need this to pass my class thanks very much
    2014-09-17 22:09:42

  • Abdul Moeed Pakistan How to cheer a person?
    2014-09-13 21:09:55

  • Heather Tyson Jamaica Dailying cleansing of the sink to removing all bacteria from the skin
    2014-09-04 13:09:14

  • Melissa Sinclair Jamaica Where is the course I keep clicking to start but I cant get to imonly seeing to add question or answers how can I get to start?
    2014-08-24 14:08:20

    2014-08-24 09:08:28

  • Sonia Silvera Zaire Define psychosocial?
    2014-08-22 20:08:33

    • Philip Ofori Ghana be friendly with ones psychological development,interaction and social environment
      2014-10-25 17:10:25
    • Abdul Moeed Pakistan means it relates to one's psychological development in, and interaction with, a social environment.
      2014-09-13 21:09:03
    • Chrissy Baby Other Psychosocial assessment is complex and involves many different components. You will need to explore the patient’s development; mental health; sexuality; social, cultural, and ethnic identity; and values and beliefs.
      2014-09-13 12:09:41
    • Chrissy Baby Other interrelation of social factors and patient's thought and behaviour.
      2014-09-13 12:09:32
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