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ALISON: Microsoft Excel 2010

Comments about Module 5: Get to Know Excel 2010 - Create Formulas - Formulas in Excel

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- Module: Module 5: Get to Know Excel 2010 - Create Formulas
- Topic: Formulas in Excel
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Latest Comments

  • Ashley Waines Canada so for some reason, i am unable to hear the course. Is anyone else having this same issue? i know my speakers work, as i can listen to music, and i was able to hear the previous course..
    2015-01-19 23:01:33

  • Sunil Kumar Jain Sannu India calculate the date of birth
    2014-08-09 13:08:40

    • Andra Juniel United States of America How can Excel calculate your date of birth when there are so many unknown variables? For example, on what day were you born? In what year? What month, etc.?
      2014-10-03 16:10:41
  • Natarajan Jayachandran India i want round value ex: 550020 to 550000 hw can i do
    2014-06-13 07:06:03

    • Paul Macknamara Australia you could divide by 10,000, round the answer and then multiply by 10,000. If the value was in A2 the formula would look like: =round(A2/10000,0)*10000 Excel also has a built-in function called floor.math: =FLOOR.MATH(A2,10000)
      2015-04-13 05:04:08
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