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ALISON: Microsoft Word 2010

Comments about Module 1: Making The Switch To Word 2010 - Making the switch to Word 2010

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- Module: Module 1: Making The Switch To Word 2010
- Topic: Making the switch to Word 2010
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Latest Comments

  • Khayalethu Baba South Africa Just can't seem to make this module switch to word 2010 work
    2015-03-26 10:03:24

  • Julio Gomes Canada I, can not do the first module, (Making the switch to Word 2010.I had read this 2 times but steel doesn't count for the sistem.
    2015-03-22 01:03:55

  • Rhonda Murray United States of America I completed the course selections for Microsoft Word, except for "Making the Switch." I selected that course, read through it and clicked finished, but there is no indication that I completed everything. Please assist asap. My email address is Thanks.
    2015-03-19 21:03:33

  • angelo mussell South Africa Informing
    2015-03-17 11:03:34

  • noma africa vokwana South Africa Was very informative
    2015-03-17 11:03:23

  • Mary Gwyn United States of America Was very informative.
    2015-03-12 17:03:29

  • Dianne Sousa [[]] Can't seem to open "making the switch to word 2010" Please help
    2015-03-03 15:03:23

  • Rose Mcleod United States of America When I press the FINISH button on the first tutorial, it doesn't do anything and doesn't give me credit for this module. How can this be corrected?
    2015-03-01 20:03:20

  • Shazad Qureshi [[]] good
    2015-03-01 15:03:39

  • Udhaya Magesh India thankx
    2015-02-28 11:02:43

  • jack Teague United Kingdom Good
    2015-02-21 17:02:32

  • Larry Strong United States of America good
    2015-02-17 19:02:47

    • Regga Hendis Indonesia o
      2015-02-23 11:02:58
  • Veronica Pollero Australia Helpful
    2015-02-15 09:02:56

  • Mark Bishop United Kingdom Simple, no-nonsense, refresher. Really helped me as the last time I used a computer is when Word 1997 was as good as it gets!
    2015-02-12 13:02:48

  • FRANCIS CUSATO United States of America The video tutorials accompanying this unit does not display HELP. respectfully your. frank.
    2015-02-04 16:02:11

  • Zeeshan Yousuf Pakistan very few basic
    2015-01-31 10:01:19

  • Karen Brown United States of America a little helpful
    2015-01-23 16:01:12

  • Emmily Champion United States of America if you never use a computer this is helpful
    2015-01-23 15:01:02

  • Jo Davis United States of America Is the Finish Button working in order to get credit for completing this part of the lesson? Thanks.
    2015-01-16 02:01:29

  • Chris Ngo United States of America Don't know if ya'll undergo the same experience: I have finished the Module 1, but was marked as incompleted because the end of Module 1 make the switch to Word 2010 does not allow me to clik Finish. FYI!
    2015-01-16 00:01:03

    • Jo Davis United States of America Did you get a resolution for this yet?
      2015-01-16 07:01:02
    • Jo Davis United States of America Same thing happened to me. Did you find a solution? If so, please post. I went through the lesson twice and am still marked as incomplete. Thanks.
      2015-01-16 02:01:50
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