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ALISON: Microsoft Word 2010

Comments about Module 1: Making The Switch To Word 2010 - Making the switch to Word 2010

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- Module: Module 1: Making The Switch To Word 2010
- Topic: Making the switch to Word 2010

Latest Comments

  • AAnye Evans United States of America I am not being allowed to finish "Making the Switch" tab on this course. I went to exit the course and then pressed the finish button but it wont budge. Any other suggestions please?
    2014-10-17 19:10:55

  • Steven Banks United States of America Finished "making the switch", I click on the finish button & nothing happens. it is not reconizing that I have finished this part of the course. Please fix problem.
    2014-10-08 20:10:56

  • Charles Nshimyu Muremyi Uganda how can I get all books?
    2014-10-05 08:10:13

  • Charles Nshimyu Muremyi Uganda it is nice
    2014-10-05 08:10:15

  • VIVIAN THRAS United States of America what are the latest features
    2014-09-15 18:09:16

  • Frances Maxham United States of America Making the switch to Word 2010 in Module 1 is not working. Did other 5 but can't complete module
    2014-09-10 04:09:46

  • Frances Maxham United States of America Not working. Blank screen
    2014-09-10 03:09:57

  • Angela Lane United Kingdom How do I do the practice sessions and see my progress increase before moving onto next module?
    2014-09-05 20:09:32

  • Parwin Hatami United States of America I am not able to view the video please fix it.
    2014-08-29 02:08:53

  • Michelle Janvrin United States of America im trying to watch video and I cant
    2014-08-22 00:08:55

  • LYNN LANE United States of America Not working, please fix ??
    2014-08-18 00:08:57

  • Donna Palomino United Kingdom Nothing is loading. Why?
    2014-08-13 18:08:22

  • Mainess Masasa Zambia done
    2014-08-03 14:08:09

  • Mohamed Ali Abdi Somalia my internet is very low please help me
    2014-07-27 19:07:41

  • Tracy Steuckrath United States of America The section "Making the Switch" does not load. How can I work around this glitch?
    2014-07-17 21:07:46

  • LaTonia Hooks United States of America When using Ctrl+Alt+1- Heading 1, is it the same as in the previous version 2003 or is it different in 2010 version?
    2014-07-14 16:07:24

  • Stella Abbott United States of America I can't get past Module one. Last time I visited it showed that I had completed it, which I had. I've now been trying to begin Module 2 with no luck? How do I get past this?
    2014-07-09 18:07:13

  • Debra Bunch United States of America finish all questions in this section need to exit out
    2014-07-02 21:07:25

  • Dhinesh Ragavan Other start->all program->microsoft office->microsoft word
    2014-06-27 09:06:28

  • DOUGLAS MATHIAS United States of America This section will not change to show that I have completed it. Any suggestions as to what I need to do to show section has been completed. All of the remaining sections show I have completed them, because I did complete them.
    2014-06-25 18:06:22

    • Leydis Miranda United States of America Click Exit this Course and then Finish and that should do it. I was having the same problem.
      2014-06-29 01:06:00
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