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Comments about Computer Basics - Lesson 3 Topic 3 Computer Performance

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- Topic: Lesson 3 Topic 3 Computer Performance
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Latest Comments

  • OCHEN ERIC Uganda when i want to buy a PC how will i be in position to know that this CPU faster,RAM and hard disk.
    2015-01-03 13:01:29

  • Janeya Zar Ni Thailand it has different performance among pc?
    2014-11-30 15:11:11

  • Janeya Zar Ni Thailand Computer Performance are amazing. it's unbelievable that it was invented by human.
    2014-11-30 15:11:43

  • WAI PHYO THWIN Thailand Why is Computer Function Perform?
    2014-11-30 15:11:40

  • WAI PHYO THWIN Thailand Computer are prefer many function of Application.
    2014-11-30 15:11:19

  • Himstone Sande Uganda Why does a computer crash sometimes when using the internet?
    2014-11-11 11:11:14

    • Drixine Cuerquis Philippines either slow CPU speed , not enough space for hard drive and old ram can't process well
      2014-11-25 04:11:29
  • Lawrence Pineda Philippines Why does a computer crash sometimes when using the internet?
    2014-07-28 05:07:58

  • Carrieanne Shaw United Kingdom Why does a computer crash sometimes when using the internet?
    2014-07-23 07:07:40

  • jordan perfitt United Kingdom Sometimes when using a computer it freezes why does this happen
    2014-07-22 21:07:07

  • Felix Jumba Kenya Sometimes you may be using a computer and it hangs what is usually the cause?
    2014-07-14 18:07:15

    • Ajibola Sunday Abiodun Ireland Causes may varies and it's based on the sign u get when it hang, "Not responding" can be lower Ram memory to process the application u working on or the application is bigger than what you Ram can process or the program is faulty, "Blue screen" is the beginning of dumping memory and if it just hang and go off that can be overheating or processor...
      2015-03-28 11:03:50
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