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Comments about Module 2: EU Public Procurement - Development Specifications - Development Specifications

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- Module: Module 2: EU Public Procurement - Development Specifications
- Topic: Development Specifications
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Latest Comments

  • sebabatso sarele Lesotho I want to start EU procument
    2015-04-09 13:04:12

  • Bhaskar Rao India it is very informative. thanks for the valuable ideas
    2015-04-07 16:04:17

  • Carol Hachandi Lupiya South Africa Very valuable information. The PDF for course notes is blank.
    2015-03-23 10:03:11

  • Zekiah Nhema Zimbabwe please help me, module 2 is not loading
    2015-03-11 06:03:46

  • Zekiah Nhema Zimbabwe please help me,module 2 is not opening
    2015-03-11 06:03:41

  • Norquaye Frederick Edward Ghana Module 2 gives a better understanding to correct practices to procurement in public sector and what is expected of suppliers and procurement officers.
    2015-01-28 11:01:37

  • Zekiah Nhema Zimbabwe i can not access module 2
    2015-01-23 12:01:50

  • Edith Mokhutsoane-mda Lesotho I cannot accsess module 2,
    2015-01-19 11:01:46

  • Chrissy Brown Australia This is a great course, even though I am in Australia. It really delves into the background of any public procurement practice. Thanks!
    2015-01-07 00:01:31

  • Mayen Deng Arop South Sudan what is procurement?
    2014-12-29 08:12:58

  • Adebola Adeyemo Nigeria i have not been able to assess the classes and lessons for module 2.somehow it is not loading.
    2014-12-18 07:12:37

  • Bernard Otinkorang Ghana what will be the background of the instructor for the lectures
    2014-11-23 16:11:10

  • Bernard Otinkorang Ghana this is going to help me in the development of the technical document for my procurement process
    2014-11-23 16:11:59

  • Bernard Otinkorang Ghana Im ready for the lectures
    2014-11-23 15:11:41

  • Oluwakemi Shoneye Nigeria This intersting! Thanks to alison
    2014-11-21 15:11:17

  • Monsuru Ajibola Nigeria this is a good learning , Please go for functional specification
    2014-11-14 09:11:28

  • PAUL ONGESA Kenya This is a great work you people. It shows a great generosity from you. keep it up and thank you so much.
    2014-11-12 17:11:55

  • Waqar Khan Pakistan If there is only one brand fulfilling our requirements then how can we develop generic spcicification
    2014-10-25 13:10:52

    • William Ridgway United States of America If there is only one possible brand, you cannot develop generic specifications, but more than one supplier can still offer different costs.
      2015-04-15 01:04:03
  • Bhear Peter Bior South Sudan Differentiate between know out criteria and nice to have criteria
    2014-10-22 19:10:43

  • Bhear Peter Bior South Sudan What should we understand by the four guiding principle European public procurement?
    2014-10-22 19:10:28

    • Mark V Bawoh Sierra Leone The guiding principles are giving you clearly the rules and regulations (procedures) of the EU procurement. It is the standards that are meant to be followed during the cause of the procurement. It involves Transparency, Proportionality, equal treatment(this means no supplier should be shown more interest than others), and no discrimination among supplier(take note of discrimination among one member state for EU procurement member state standards)
      2015-04-07 16:04:46
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