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ALISON: Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur

Comments about Module 1: Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur - What is an Entrepreneur?

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- Module: Module 1: Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur
- Topic: What is an Entrepreneur?

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  • Abel Woldegebrel Ethiopia tell me about power cluster?
    2014-10-20 11:10:56

  • Abel Woldegebrel Ethiopia it is 10 Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur 1.goal setting 2.information seeking 3.systematic planning and monitoring 4.opportunity seeking and initiative 5.persistence 6.fulfiling commitmements 7.demand for efficiency and quailty 8.taking calculated risk 9.persuasion 10.independancy
    2014-10-20 11:10:05

  • Thomas Winterbottom United Kingdom An entrepreneur is someone who builds busnises for the sake of making a lot of money They will think delelop discuss new ideas which they will then use to make money. They will take into hand the cost of a product and how much it will sell for so basically the more people like it the better it will sell so i good catchy idea is always going to be a hit. Aspecially when it comes to advertising because people love catchy things. then they will decide if it is worth wile and if so they put it into production and begin to make money. They will then analise their sales to see if sales have increased or decreased.. this is very important because no sales equals no money
    2014-10-19 09:10:13

  • Keith McClearn Ireland makes a profit
    2014-10-18 00:10:46

  • joel joe Nigeria An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of profit. An entrepreneur: Sees an opportunity. Makes a plan. Starts the business. Manages the business. Receives the profits
    2014-10-10 07:10:23

  • Mukesh Parmar India entrepreneur is a person who wants to creates his own identity and want to upleft himself and the society by creating a venture
    2014-10-05 21:10:01

    • Khawla Rawafi Tunisia entrepreneur is Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced
      2014-10-09 14:10:33
  • Melissa Ratajczak Ratel Canada When does an Entrepreneur become a CEO/Business Leader? Upon the success of the company or upon their own qualifications?
    2014-10-02 00:10:11

  • Shortie Dogood United States of America When did u know that you want to be an entrepreneur
    2014-09-22 16:09:18

    • Shii kaa'x France I thought about it long time ago
      2014-09-30 16:09:39
  • Shortie Dogood United States of America What is the tru meaning of entrepreneur?
    2014-09-22 16:09:50

    • Shii kaa'x France An entrepeur is someone who creates his own work for his own profit
      2014-09-30 16:09:21
    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India An individual who, rather than working as an employee, runs a small business and assumes all the risk and reward of a given business venture, idea, or good or service offered for sale. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes.
      2014-09-24 07:09:18
  • Divy garg India WHAT IS AN ENTERPRENEUR?
    2014-09-20 04:09:49

    • Shii kaa'x France Someone thats sees the opportunity make a plan try the plan he thought about and make the profit
      2014-09-30 16:09:39
    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy. These are the people who have the skills and initiative necessary to take good new ideas to market and make the right decisions to make the idea profitable. The reward for the risks taken is the potential economic profits the entrepreneur could earn.
      2014-09-24 07:09:42
  • Martin Põld United Kingdom Are you entrepreneur if you are self-employed?
    2014-09-19 17:09:16

    • Shii kaa'x France No
      2014-09-30 16:09:35
    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India No
      2014-09-24 07:09:28
  • Anthony Owei Kenya What is the essence of Entrepreneurship?
    2014-09-18 19:09:09

    • Shii kaa'x France Entrepreneurs are those who care deeply about anomalies and have the ability to hold on to and think about them over extended periods of time.
      2014-09-30 16:09:10
    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India The fundamental qualities of a person who organizes and manages business undertakings are his/her perseverance, people skills, ability to look far into the future and willingness to assume the risks for the sake of profit.
      2014-09-24 07:09:40
  • Марко Златковић Serbia Why should we be enterpreneurs?
    2014-09-15 14:09:01

    • Shii kaa'x France To pursue your passion..You may want to prove to yourself that you could do it...its the only way to achieve your dream
      2014-09-30 16:09:55
    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India In economics, there are four basic types of resources: land (natural resources), capital (tools, machinery), labor, and entrepreneurial ability. People who have entrepreneurial ability -- entrepreneurs-- are essential to the economy. Entrepreneurs perform several key functions: 1) Entrepreneurs take initiative to combine land, capital, and labor to produce goods and services. Their initiative is the driving force of production. 2) Entrepreneurs make basic decisions about business policies. 3) Entrepreneurs are innovators. They create new products, new production techniques, and new forms of business organization. This innovation helps the economy grow. 4) Entrepreneurs bear the risk of starting businesses. They expend their time, efforts, and abilities without being sure that they will profit from it. We should be entersentrepreneur
      2014-09-24 07:09:40
  • Alejandro Cabrera Spain Are we born entrepreneur or are we made entrepreneur?
    2014-09-14 17:09:54

    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India We made entrepreneur
      2014-09-24 07:09:14
  • SYLVANUS IZEBHOKHAE Nigeria What are the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur?
    2014-09-12 05:09:31

    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India 1 .Motivation 2. Creativity and Persuasiveness 3. Versatility 4.Superb Business Skills5. Risk Tolerance
      2014-09-24 07:09:03
  • SYLVANUS IZEBHOKHAE Nigeria Who is an entrepreneur?
    2014-09-12 05:09:26

    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India Entrepreneur is someone who takes resources from a lower level of productivity and raise them to a higher level.”
      2014-09-24 07:09:51
  • Erica Ross United States of America What is An entrepreneur
    2014-09-09 22:09:01

    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India An entrepreneur is the ultimate innovator and earns his profits, however temporary, from successful innovations.”
      2014-09-24 07:09:46
    • Erica Ross United States of America A bussiness person
      2014-09-09 22:09:21
  • Lakeshia Patrick United States of America How do we benefit from being entreprenuers?
    2014-09-04 12:09:51

    • Susheelraj.k Yadav India Entrepreneurs are able to give back to their communities by building symbolic relationships with local businesses and their owners to increase job opportunities. They also tend to bring a strong sense of prestige and recognition to their community.The benefits of being an entrepreneur are being one’s own boss and having the freedom and flexibility to directly handle problems and be creative.
      2014-09-24 07:09:58
    • Keysha Davis United States of America The benefits of being an entrepreneur are being one’s own boss and having the freedom and flexibility to directly handle problems and be creative.
      2014-09-09 02:09:06
    • Adnan Alsaadi Australia the benefits to be an entrepreneurs are: independence and freedom, to do what you love to do, control and manage your business by sitting specified strategies, doing the right things and free choice of recruiting professional people and potential income.
      2014-09-06 23:09:29
  • Zachary Bashore United States of America What exactly is an entrepreneur?
    2014-09-01 22:09:36

  • yash goel India How does an entrepreneur thinks differently when compared to a non entrepreneur .?
    2014-08-30 09:08:06

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