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ALISON: Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur

Comments about Module 1: Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur - What is an Entrepreneur?

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Latest Comments

  • David Tembo Zambia An entrepreneur is a person who takes risks
    2015-03-03 18:03:58

  • Nishyirembere Patrick Rwanda An Entrepreneur is someone who is looking for questions into opportunities and who is risk averse in order to create job's for others instead of looking for job. He or she usually working to satisfy the needs of his or her surrounding.
    2015-03-03 08:03:05

  • ahmed diabi Algeria a go person
    2015-03-01 19:03:15

  • Akinremi Olumide Other Am akinremi olumide. Pls is there any meeting point beetwen enterprenuering skills intrest and oppoutunity. Thanks
    2015-02-28 04:02:44

  • Peter Leo Boniwe Papua New Guinea What do entrepreneur do ?
    2015-02-27 22:02:04

  • Peter Leo Boniwe Papua New Guinea The person who starts and owns business.
    2015-02-27 22:02:11

  • Karolina Nedelkovska Republic of Macedonia It ie a person who make business for profit,
    2015-02-27 17:02:45

  • Cherry Chi Vietnam An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business with a target of making profits and in order to make a living
    2015-02-27 16:02:36

    • Nishyirembere Patrick Rwanda So cherry what do you think about someone who satisfy the need of his or her community but doesn't aim to make money? isn't he entrepreneur?
      2015-03-03 08:03:33
  • Enock Chakukura Zimbabwe An entrepreneur is someone who brings service and needs to the people
    2015-02-27 11:02:43

    • Cường Minh Vietnam it's true
      2015-03-01 05:03:08
  • Mutale Chimba Zambia who was the first entrepreneur in the world and what were his/her challenges?
    2015-02-27 07:02:48

  • Mutale Chimba Zambia An entrepreneur is a person who manages his/her business regardless of the size without working for someone in order to earn a living. In this case we see this person own his/her business, employes people to do the day-to-day operations of that business. He/she also is a risk taker in everything he/she does in the business. A good example of an entrepreneur like here in Zambia is that of Madson Insurance owned by Laurence Sikutwa.His business was very small and today is among the big companies in the country. On the other hand entrepreneurs have also contributed heavily in the economic development world-wide.
    2015-02-27 07:02:49

  • Robson Kambele Zambia it is how best you do an activity to maximize the profit in a business world.
    2015-02-27 07:02:36

  • Shahbaz Khan Other Entrepreneur is a person who is daring enough to go beyond the conventions, can think out of the box and come up with the unique solutions and innovative ideas.
    2015-02-27 06:02:58

  • Bulgantamir Banzragch Mongolia I like definition of Trevis Adams, said "Someone who is innovative and willing to take risks to share their ideas and expertise with the world"
    2015-02-27 02:02:48

  • Ifezue Nnaemeka Nigeria An entrepreneur is an ability to assembly variables into acceptable products through a process
    2015-02-26 22:02:46

  • Michael Boadi United Kingdom What is the difference between an entrepreneur and a creative person?
    2015-02-26 17:02:57

  • Michael Boadi United Kingdom Is someone who starts his or her own business
    2015-02-26 17:02:26

  • Asha Stoutt Virgin Islands (British) A entrepreneur is a person who seeks a business venture in order to make a living
    2015-02-26 16:02:02

    • Sam Khan Pakistan Hello plz can u tell me the proper way of online course that how to do it from how I start?? Still confuse plz
      2015-02-27 07:02:33
  • Mike Nwachukwu [[]] An entrepreneur is business minded person or creatives mind
    2015-02-26 15:02:56

  • Haile Weldemichael Ethiopia Its good
    2015-02-26 10:02:03

    • Haile Weldemichael Ethiopia I have not Question
      2015-02-26 10:02:37
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