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ALISON: Great Artists and Their Works

Comments about Module 3: Leonardo da Vinci - Last Supper

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- Module: Module 3: Leonardo da Vinci
- Topic: Last Supper
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Latest Comments

  • Clarissa Souza Palomequé Urbano Brazil So much geometry in a painting! That's beautiful!
    2014-12-06 14:12:28

  • Maria Aldred Canada Why did Da Vinci not fix the painting himself?
    2014-11-19 17:11:13

  • Maria Aldred Canada I love to see math ,science and art combined and news ideas being explored .
    2014-11-19 17:11:41

  • Joy Underwood United States of America I love that quote they mention, "Art is something that happens in the mind". :)
    2014-08-14 02:08:09

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