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ALISON: Caring in the Health Professions

Comments about Module 1: Care Relationships - Teamwork

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- Module: Module 1: Care Relationships
- Topic: Teamwork

Latest Comments

  • victor herrera United States of America Teamwork is esential
    2014-11-29 14:11:11

  • Mohamed Osman United Kingdom I don't think the doctors and nurse work as a team, the reason am saying that is because the doctors communicate the nurse when he is unsure something but the nurse always willing to do so as she is in a position knowing allot for her patient, but she cannot as there is no communication. Team work for me is all communication.
    2014-11-19 18:11:36

  • Tinus Fourie South Africa As is shown by the doctor/nurse relationship, efficient caregiving is reliant on defined roles within the care relationship. The teamwork between doctor and nurse ensures efficient caregiving to the receiver.
    2014-11-11 20:11:21

  • Evangela Bryant United States of America The doctor and nurse are able to communicate with each other and the nurse is not to undermine the doctors decision in front of the patient. She would have to wait as they both exist the room and then ask her question to the doctor.
    2014-11-10 19:11:03

  • Evangela Bryant United States of America It supposed to be a united front when the doctor has the leading role and the nurse assisted.
    2014-11-10 19:11:38

  • Sharon Garvey-spencer United States of America Each one helps one. I love the idea of teamwork especially in this field: Everyone has to play their role to the best of their ability so as to avoid a breakdown. Teamwork, works.
    2014-11-10 16:11:52

    • Evangela Bryant United States of America The idea of teamwork is supposed to be easy on everyone, if they pulled their weight.
      2014-11-10 19:11:08
  • Shelly-Ann Legg Jamaica Why is it that persons feel as if your ideas and opinions does not count because you are not a part of a bigger team??
    2014-11-07 17:11:24

  • Shannon Palmowski United States of America I agree having teamwork is important however at the end of the day if there is only one person doing all the work something is wrong with either the leader being too controlling or the other teammates are lazy.
    2014-11-06 05:11:48

    • Evangela Bryant United States of America When you are in the care relationship position you can't focused on what everyone is doing. You will have to focuse on the patients.
      2014-11-10 19:11:41
  • Juan Casares United States of America It right team make fastest choices to complete all task but doctor got final say.
    2014-11-03 04:11:42

  • Rosemary Ezekiel Nigeria Why do doctors claim they are all and all in the team and no other team members opinion accounts expect theirs?
    2014-10-24 03:10:32

  • Rosemary Ezekiel Nigeria Due to the diversity in health care teamwork is very necessary.
    2014-10-24 03:10:20

  • Patience Narh Ghana it a relationship between th health professionals that will ease work.
    2014-10-23 08:10:11

  • monica wright United States of America Care relationship is best
    2014-10-21 01:10:57

  • TAMMY DWYER United States of America interesting
    2014-10-20 10:10:28

  • Sandra Lucas Other with roles being so losely defined in the patients expectations how do you know this approach would not be detected and the patient loose confidence in the doctor nurse relationship since the doctor doesnt take control as expected. I would questioned it.
    2014-10-05 08:10:06

  • Samir Hayat Khan India How patients play roles in doctor-nurse relationship?
    2014-09-30 14:09:25

  • Samir Hayat Khan India How patients play roles in doctor-nurse relationship?
    2014-09-30 11:09:28

  • Lauren McCaul [[-]] What can you do to make the team work excellent?
    2014-09-26 00:09:35

  • Antonia Ryan United Kingdom In modern medicine nurses can complete courses to enable them to prescribe medication. Does this make communication with he doctor more difficult?
    2014-08-30 16:08:01

  • Antonia Ryan United Kingdom How does teamwork work when roles are not defined?
    2014-08-30 16:08:46

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