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Comments about Module 1: The Flow of Energy and Cycling of Matter - Energy Sources and Sinks

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- Module: Module 1: The Flow of Energy and Cycling of Matter
- Topic: Energy Sources and Sinks

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  • Amantle Nyangane Botswana The source of energy occurring on the earth's surface originates from the sun, which radiate solar energy that heat the earth creating air movements in the atmosphere. Note, the sun drives the winds, ocean currents and water cycle.
    2014-10-31 09:10:54

  • Eddie Akpan United States of America The origination of energy is from the sun, which radiate solar energy that heat the earth creating air movement in the atmosphere. Therefore the sun drives the wind, ocean current and the water cycle that affects matter within the earth.
    2014-10-31 04:10:43

  • Awinbisah Akoligu Joseph Ghana nice topic to learn. i love this presentation
    2014-10-29 18:10:49

  • Ebenezer Nyarko Cudjoe Ghana 1.What is energy sink? 2.Does the sun also rotate in a way?
    2014-10-29 00:10:57

    • Awinbisah Akoligu Joseph Ghana yea the sun does rotate. for the energy sink, listen to the video
      2014-10-29 18:10:35
  • Friday Nosa Ebomwonyi Ireland The sources of Energy differ in amount, availability, time required for their formation and usefulness.
    2014-10-26 07:10:40

  • Taylor Jackson United States of America Solar energy heats the earth unevenly, due to this the sun controls wind, rain cycles, and ocean currents.
    2014-10-17 22:10:16

  • Jafia Noy Other energy on earth is derived from the sun . in the form of radiation . it is responsible for wind ocean temperature and growth of plants in the form of photo synthesis
    2014-10-17 14:10:51

  • Michal Kmet United Kingdom The Source of energy for us is the Sun. Heating the Earth, influences the water cycle, wind flow etc. and plant use the energy of the Sun in photosynthetic reaction. Sink means the energy lost in an process. Both (sources and energy sink) must me calculated in a business and environmental managing.
    2014-10-17 00:10:00

  • Kyaw Kyaw Min Myanmar Yes!!! I also facing like that. They said that free course will be include so many advertising but now site can't show even one advertising. LoLL
    2014-10-14 05:10:34

  • JOSEPH JOHNSON Nigeria Why are the pages not displaying?
    2014-10-12 10:10:47

  • Awinbisah Akoligu Joseph Ghana How far is the distance from the sun to the earth? Aside the sun energy, what else energy powers the earth?
    2014-10-08 17:10:00

  • Susan Hinder United Kingdom How does the rate of energy of Uranium compare to solar power?
    2014-10-08 16:10:34

  • Susan Hinder United Kingdom Energy sources are abundant on the Earth. All engery initially durive from the sun. Atainable sources of energy include, thermal, fossile fuel, wind and solar power. When an abundance of power if obtain but is lost or used it is called Engery Sinks.
    2014-10-08 16:10:17

  • Awinbisah Akoligu Joseph Ghana what is happening? whenever i tried opening the page, it does not open.
    2014-10-07 16:10:41

  • Adebusoye wemmy Nigeria what is the meaning of sinks
    2014-10-01 02:10:50

    • Amir Sohail Pakistan Sink is basically anything which stores extra energy or the energy which is not in system that is under consideration.
      2014-10-01 08:10:28
  • Alokha Sunday Nigeria what is energy source and sink?
    2014-09-30 15:09:22

  • Tomza Nyamza South Africa 1. What are the sources of energy? 2. And sinks.
    2014-09-28 08:09:05

    • Kevin Harkness Qatar Sources of energy can be coal, nuclear fission, Geothermal, solar power. Sinks is a considerable amount of lost energy or unrecoverable energy in the system being used.
      2014-09-28 16:09:40
  • Tomza Nyamza South Africa Wha to you understan about the flow of energy and recycling of matter?
    2014-09-27 21:09:46

  • Olatomiwa Asaju United Kingdom I really don't understand the process of the sun heating up the earth and resulting into wind and ocean current
    2014-09-26 05:09:33

    • De Irdre United Kingdom The sun's rays travel space and to the Earth. The sun's rays are full of energy, and this energy heats up whatever the rays touch. When the rays heat up the air on the earth, the hot air rises. As the hot air rises, cold air blows in to take it's place, because cold air is heavier than hot air. This causes wind. As the wind blows over the oceans, they whip up waves which helps create current. The ocean's currents are controlled by a lot of things, including the pull of the moon's gravity on the Earth.
      2014-10-14 13:10:38
  • Danny Brazil United Kingdom How can the flow of energy and cycling matter be traced and interpreted within the energy sources?
    2014-09-25 20:09:37

    • Pankaj Chaudhary India yes i do thies
      2014-09-26 09:09:04
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