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Comments about Module 1: The Flow of Energy and Cycling of Matter - Energy Sources and Sinks

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- Module: Module 1: The Flow of Energy and Cycling of Matter
- Topic: Energy Sources and Sinks

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  • Jacob Solace Sierra Leone What can someone do so that the red button for each course topic can change to green? Please help!
    2014-12-22 09:12:50

  • Walter KAPEND A KAPEND Zaire Hello Guys , I can not see the course, can you please help me out.
    2014-12-21 08:12:15

  • Tilma Tilmo Bermuda This is the first slide and I am already greeted with a little bit of bull. I am qouting the above " In addition, dead plant material decays, and over millions of years is converted into fossil fuels (Oil, coal etc.) Ok. Here is the other side of the coin that I need some clarification on. Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty spills the beans about how oil was deliberately, incorrectly classified as a fossil fuel, when in fact it is Abiotic. As such, it is a replenishable, naturally occurring source. Peak oil is a myth, or more accurately, a lie. Just like almost everything else the establishment ever told you. Oil Fields Are Refilling... Naturally - Sometimes Rapidly There Are More Oil Seeps Than All The Tankers On Earth By Robert Cooke Staff Writer - Newsday.c
    2014-12-19 18:12:27

  • Cecil Ellis United Kingdom is there a scenario where the amount of energy lost (sink) is greater than the energy that can be fed into the system?
    2014-12-17 10:12:05

  • Cecil Ellis United Kingdom As consumers of large amounts of energy it is imperative that we realise that the main source of our energy is the sun and that it is responsible for the cycles on earth that generates all other sources of energy that we may use weather it be fossil, bio, gas or thermal. it is a cycle that we need to know how to manage and must be aware of the adverse effects that misuse or mismanagement will produce.
    2014-12-17 10:12:41

  • jose Ramirez United States of America How long will the sun last?
    2014-12-14 18:12:16

  • abbey shaw Nigeria Why does sources of energy differs?
    2014-12-14 11:12:36

  • abbey shaw Nigeria The main Form of energy use on the earth is the SUN..plant manufacture there food through sunlight through d process of photosynthesis
    2014-12-14 11:12:54

  • Victoria Palmer United Kingdom Module - Energy is transferred from one form to another, materials are recycled as they are not unlimited. Topic - Energy source is the sun, energy is transferred to all process on Earth, including wind, currents, plant lift and so on. Sinks are the collected waste energy (lost of not transferable energy) this must be included in energy budgets
    2014-12-13 12:12:18

  • Hannah Rose Turnham United Kingdom Energy sources come in a range of forms. However the problem with the production of this energy (via oil, gas, alternative energies etc) is that we lose a lot of the energy, during the extraction process, This is called sinking. Surely there must be a more efficient way to extract energy, without wasting as much?
    2014-12-11 15:12:37

  • Kyaw Swar Shin Other Module :The flow of energy and cycling of matter Topic : Energy sources and sinking
    2014-12-11 07:12:20

  • Kyaw Swar Shin Other Module :The flow of energy and cycling of matter Energency sources and sinking
    2014-12-11 07:12:22

  • Kyaw Swar Shin Other Now a day, try to make and use of various sources of energy by convert waste material (rubbish) into usable electricity.
    2014-12-11 07:12:50

  • Kumah Solomon Ghana what is energy
    2014-12-09 14:12:35

  • Kumah Solomon Ghana what is environment
    2014-12-09 14:12:16

  • Kumah Solomon Ghana it is goog
    2014-12-09 14:12:18

  • Sulayman Jagne Gambia The source of energy in the earth surface can be done in many process e.g by the driven the wind, ocean current and the water cycle. but the main sources of energy in earth surface is the sun. the sun light energy created a chemical energy through a process photosynthesis for plant use
    2014-12-08 16:12:44

  • Sulayman Jagne Gambia Energy Sources radiate solar energy while Energy Sinks collect significant amounts of transferable or lost energy. Both have to be considered when evaluating for input and output flows of energy materials
    2014-12-08 13:12:16

  • Aung Thukyaw Myanmar I also can not see the course text. Please help me.
    2014-12-06 07:12:11

  • Alfred Kik Other Thanks to Alison for offering this course and I am happy to take a course I aspired for years.
    2014-12-01 00:12:29

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