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Comments about Module 1: The Flow of Energy and Cycling of Matter - Energy Sources and Sinks

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- Module: Module 1: The Flow of Energy and Cycling of Matter
- Topic: Energy Sources and Sinks
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Latest Comments

  • Isah Bashir Ibrahim Nigeria what is the other process by which green plants manufacture their own food?
    2015-03-03 10:03:17

  • Isah Bashir Ibrahim Nigeria photosynthesis a process by which green plants manufacture its own food is a very vital part of plat life been autotrophs
    2015-03-03 10:03:22

  • Eze Nnedinso Patience Nigeria Apart from the Solar energy, what are the other sources of energy?
    2015-03-02 15:03:10

  • Eze Nnedinso Patience Nigeria The flow of energy and Cycling of Matter is usually traceable to the activities of Eco-systems. This emanates from the activities or roles of all the organisms within the Eco-systems. The roles of organisms in an Eco-system is called Niche. Energy Source and Sinks which to my understanding deals with the means, points or areas through which current enters or exist (leaves) a system. Energy flows from a source to a sink using heat energy for an example; heat energy flows from hottest point (where it comes from which can be called the source) to the coldest point ( to where it goes which can also be called the sink).
    2015-03-02 14:03:30

    • Eze Nnedinso Patience Nigeria The major source of energy is the Sun.
      2015-03-02 15:03:20
  • Steven Keenan United Kingdom Very simple to get the understanding of energy
    2015-03-01 00:03:48

  • Vijaymahantesh Hugar India good
    2015-02-26 10:02:19

  • Sophal Sreng Cambodia There are many sorces of energy, which at the present time. The energy sources that is environmetally friendly are from wind, solar, water thermal etc. However, they cost too much of money. So, from my idea, incinerator that uses petrol still necessary.
    2015-02-26 07:02:19

  • Doly Alejandra Jiménez Trujillo Colombia La Energía es Una fuente Importante para el Desarrollo de Procesos MUCHOS no solo en la tierra si no En otros lugares del planeta, Energía Como la solar permiten La Evolución de Los seres vivos en la tierra Y Por ende contribuye a su sostenibilidad y sustentabilidad. Por Otro Lado Podemos Encontrar Otros Tipos de Energía Que Son MANIPULADOS POR EL hombre pára suplir ALGUNAS de las Necesidades Básicas del hombre Y Por ende Fomentar Una mejor Calidad de Vida.
    2015-02-25 19:02:40

  • Abdiwahab Saleh Djibouti whats the Environmental ?
    2015-02-25 07:02:01

  • Dianita Burbano Costa Rica i think equal that my classmates, we need to use different energies such solar and mineral but specialy solar since This is endless
    2015-02-23 00:02:11

  • Kim Pennington United States of America we need to use ,more renewable energies and get away from all the fossil fuels
    2015-02-22 21:02:33

  • Cristina Arcillas Philippines Can we considere minerals such as gold, uranium and coal energy sinks?
    2015-02-22 05:02:41

    • Vijaymahantesh Hugar India yes
      2015-02-26 10:02:02
  • Cristina Arcillas Philippines Greatest energy is solar, it moves other energy like wind, water and ocean currents. It is also the most crucial as the sunlight is used for photosynthesis for food plant which humans and animals use for sustenance. Man also uses other energies found in the earth like fossil fuels and minerals like uranium
    2015-02-22 05:02:27

  • Cruz Felipe Rodriguez Pulido United States of America como hago para ver la informacion en español? ayudenme
    2015-02-22 00:02:46

    • Rodolfo Abraham Arrayago Conde Venezuela Yo intente estudiar el curso en español pero creo que no hay manera. Hay que usar traductores.
      2015-02-24 06:02:54
  • Rebecca Archer Ireland What renewable energy is available for domestic use? Solar, Wind, geothermal.
    2015-02-21 14:02:39

    • Vijaymahantesh Hugar India solar, wind
      2015-02-26 10:02:29
    • Cristina Arcillas Philippines Water is also renewable energy, ocean currents also
      2015-02-22 05:02:03
  • Rebecca Archer Ireland Renewable energy
    2015-02-21 14:02:40

    • Vijaymahantesh Hugar India any thing which can be regenerated
      2015-02-26 10:02:58
  • Rebecca Archer Ireland The sun gives our planet its energy.
    2015-02-21 14:02:58

  • Folayemi Temitope Peace Other why the sky is blue
    2015-02-21 10:02:57

    • Cristina Arcillas Philippines Skynis blue because it reflects the color of the ions in the atmosphere that is in turn reflected in the oceans and seas
      2015-02-22 05:02:03
  • Folayemi Temitope Peace Other sun is the major source of energy to us on earth
    2015-02-21 10:02:05

  • Vidura Theekshana Sri Lanka yaaa.... It's great. but It's not enough
    2015-02-21 05:02:29

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