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Comments about Module 1: The Flow of Energy and Cycling of Matter - Energy Sources and Sinks

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- Module: Module 1: The Flow of Energy and Cycling of Matter
- Topic: Energy Sources and Sinks
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Latest Comments

  • Ron Loeder Afghanistan similar to other classes I have taken in this subject area.
    2015-01-29 05:01:05

  • Raru Epi Nadurutalo Fiji Rilly interesting
    2015-01-27 00:01:47

  • Angela Lee United Kingdom very interesting
    2015-01-25 15:01:13

  • Novella Harden Canada The use of machines converts energy into electricity.
    2015-01-23 20:01:36

  • Hassan Hersi Farah Somalia solar and wind energy is preferable energy resources in the matter
    2015-01-17 08:01:23

  • Omar Hamed United Kingdom Is very useful course. Thanks a lot
    2015-01-17 00:01:54

  • Kimanzi Jonathan Kilonzi Kenya Very interesting i like it
    2015-01-15 10:01:12

  • Antonela Bokor United States of America Very interesting module. Hope the sun will be up every day.
    2015-01-09 21:01:38

  • Maslah Abdi Somalia This is very useful course, which makes me to understand environment issues on the world at any time ann anywhere on the world
    2015-01-09 13:01:39

  • Debora Williams United States of America I didn't realize dead plant matter, decomposed over millions of years, was the source of fossil fuels. Is fossil fuels not more than plants? Without microorganisms plant matter would not breakdown at all, and thereby, not decay. Though this may be addressed later; however, I feel this statement needs more clarification in this module.
    2015-01-07 12:01:17

  • Samuel Ofori Qatar photosynthesis is process whereby plant manufacture their own food with the help of sunlight energy....
    2015-01-06 19:01:16

  • FAYAZ AHMED Qatar This course is very intresting to learn about our plant energy sources.
    2015-01-06 17:01:15

  • Sabrina Ali United Kingdom it was interesting to see how the cycles and compounds of N2, P04 and C02 are interconnected on the flow and cycling of matter. make sense when it comes to understand how nature works
    2014-12-30 16:12:12

  • Kapil Dev Soni India nice topic on The Flow of Energy and Cycling of Matter
    2014-12-30 11:12:14

  • Hassan Hersi Farah Somalia the course is good for those students wants to conserve the environment for economic resources.
    2014-12-27 07:12:05

    • Hassan Hersi Farah Somalia the coppiced lessons is needed in visual lessons
      2014-12-27 07:12:14
    • Hassan Hersi Farah Somalia visual course outline is not visible
      2014-12-27 07:12:45
    • Hassan Hersi Farah Somalia in this course we need to learn more in Somalia , because our environment is degraded ultimately
      2014-12-27 07:12:45
  • Desmond Dapah Ghana please can someone help me out my slides for the courses is not showing
    2014-12-24 20:12:11

  • Jacob Farma Sierra Leone What can someone do so that the red button for each course topic can change to green? Please help!
    2014-12-22 09:12:50

  • Walter KAPEND A KAPEND Zaire Hello Guys , I can not see the course, can you please help me out.
    2014-12-21 08:12:15

  • Tilma Tilmo Bermuda This is the first slide and I am already greeted with a little bit of bull. I am qouting the above " In addition, dead plant material decays, and over millions of years is converted into fossil fuels (Oil, coal etc.) Ok. Here is the other side of the coin that I need some clarification on. Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty spills the beans about how oil was deliberately, incorrectly classified as a fossil fuel, when in fact it is Abiotic. As such, it is a replenishable, naturally occurring source. Peak oil is a myth, or more accurately, a lie. Just like almost everything else the establishment ever told you. Oil Fields Are Refilling... Naturally - Sometimes Rapidly There Are More Oil Seeps Than All The Tankers On Earth By Robert Cooke Staff Writer - Newsday.c
    2014-12-19 18:12:27

  • Cecil Ellis United Kingdom is there a scenario where the amount of energy lost (sink) is greater than the energy that can be fed into the system?
    2014-12-17 10:12:05

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