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  • Adesanya Oladipupo Nigeria The role of Human resource managers in an organisation can not be underscores as they are involved recruitment of the best hands for the organisation and also place them in department sor units where they can display their skills and talents.
    2015-01-30 20:01:35

  • Abdihakim Jama Somalia what is the role of hr in human life
    2015-01-30 17:01:11

  • Abdihakim Jama Somalia it was very nice chapter that i was took
    2015-01-30 17:01:50

  • Joy Edache Nigeria Great!
    2015-01-30 15:01:05

  • samuel oluwaseyi Nigeria for deciding what staffing needs you have and whether to use independent contractors or hire employees to fill these needs, recruiting and training the best employees, ensuring they are high performers, dealing with performance issues, and ensuring your personnel and management practices conform to various regulations. Activities also include managing your approach to employee benefits and compensation, employee records and personnel policies. Usually small businesses (for-profit or nonprofit) have to carry out these activities themselves because they can't yet afford part- or full-time help. However, they should always ensure that employees have -- and are aware of -- personnel policies which conform to current regulations. These policies are often in the form of employee manuals, which all employees have.
    2015-01-30 09:01:11

  • Ishley Mazingi South Africa does hr management do payroll also?
    2015-01-30 08:01:29

  • Jeremiah Swaray Other How is HR Managers differ from Leaders?
    2015-01-29 20:01:57

  • Jeremiah Swaray Other Human Resource Management is a part in an organization created to increase the knowledge of employee s in order to accomplish their superior authorities' objective.
    2015-01-29 20:01:05

  • Mary Aju Nigeria Human resource management (HRM, or simply HR) is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of their employer’s strategic objectives.[1] HR is primarily concerned with how people are managed within organizations, focusing on policies and systems.[2] HR departments and units in organizations are typically responsible for a number of activities, including employee recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, and rewarding (e.g., managing pay and benefit systems).[3] HR is also concerned with industrial relations, that is, the balancing of organizational practices with regulations arising from collective bargaining and governmental laws.[4] HR is a product of the human relations movement of the early 20th century, when researchers began documenting ways of creating business value through the strategic management of the workforce. The function was initially dominated by transactional work, such as payroll and benefits administration, but due to globalization, company consolidation, technological advancement, and further research, HR now focuses on strategic initiatives like mergers and acquisitions, talent management, succession planning, industrial and labor relations, and diversity and inclusion. In startup companies, HR's duties may be performed by trained professionals. In larger companies, an entire functional group is typically dedicated to the discipline, with staff specializing in various HR tasks and functional leadership engaging in strategic decision making across the business. To train practitioners for the profession, institutions of higher education, professional associations, and companies themselves have created programs of study dedicated explicitly to the duties of the function. Academic and practitioner organizations likewise seek to engage and further the field of HR, as evidenced by several field-specific publications. HR is also a field of research study that is popular within the fields of management and industrial/organizational psychology, with research articles appearing in a number of academic journals, including those mentioned later in this article. In the current global work environment, most companies focus on lowering employee turnover and retaining the talent and knowledge held by their workforce. New hiring not only entails a high cost but also increases the risk of the newcomer not being able to replace the person who was working in that position before. HR departments also strive to offer benefits that will appeal to workers, thus reducing the risk of losing knowledge.
    2015-01-29 08:01:01

    • Seth Omondi Kenya HR being to maximise employees performance in services of their employers strategic location.How are the employees being treated in work now that their performance is maximised
      2015-01-29 13:01:01
  • Mary Aju Nigeria Human resources are the people who work for the organization; human resource management is really employee management with an emphasis on those employees as assets of the business. In this context, employees are sometimes referred to as human capital. As with other business assets, the goal is to make effective use of employees, reducing risk and maximizing return on investment (ROI).
    2015-01-29 07:01:39

  • Emma Brough United Kingdom Without key employees within an organisation theres real chance a business can fail there fore it's essential for HR and also essential to have employees in the workplace working as a strong and happy team. Incentives can often strengthen a workforce and give the employee a sense of success.
    2015-01-28 21:01:15

    • Emma Brough United Kingdom How to make Human Resources a real success and driven part of your business
      2015-01-28 21:01:56
  • Tonny Godfrey Uganda What is important about staff or employees is that they are key in determining the progressive direction of the organization,these influence the way things around the organization have to be worked on in order to achieve the set goal of the organization.
    2015-01-28 13:01:39

  • Tonny Godfrey Uganda Human resource being the central and most vital asset of an organization runs around the wheel of people that are charged with the responsibility of seeing to it that they organize and put together their resources in terms of physical energy,the mind,skills so that organizational set outcomes are achieved.The organization heads therefore need to discover what motivates staff so that performance is at its peak which in turn gives productivity as the end result.
    2015-01-28 13:01:32

  • Pastor John Akinola Adebayo Nigeria What is HR
    2015-01-28 11:01:08

  • Pastor John Akinola Adebayo Nigeria Is ok
    2015-01-28 10:01:43

  • Williams Osawe Nigeria What is human resources all about
    2015-01-28 10:01:50

  • Jude Andorful Dadzie Ghana what are some of the qualities of a HR Manager
    2015-01-27 23:01:31

  • Abdullahi Adow Ethiopia very nice topic
    2015-01-27 21:01:03

  • Ruth Brobbey Ghana Can Human Resource Management be done without the help of employees?
    2015-01-27 15:01:47

    • andrew indika Kenya no
      2015-01-27 16:01:16
  • Ruth Brobbey Ghana A brief discussion should be done on the topic before we write the comment.
    2015-01-27 15:01:48

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