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Human Resources Management

Questions & Answers about Module 1: Human Resources Management - Human Resources Management

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- Module: Module 1: Human Resources Management
- Topic: Human Resources Management

Latest Questions

  • Tiyapo Uwanaka Botswana what are the responsibilities of a human resource manager in an organisation?
    2014-04-23 15:04:04

  • Tiyapo Uwanaka Botswana What the expectation of the employees in an organisationa
    2014-04-23 15:04:01

  • Tiyapo Uwanaka Botswana what is Human Resource management?
    2014-04-23 15:04:52

    • Tiyapo Uwanaka Botswana It involves the process of managing people to perform various tasks with the organisation so as to achieve organisational goals
      2014-04-23 15:04:03
  • Ahmed Albaloshi Oman what is the responsibilities of HR manger in regards of the relationship between the organization and the employees?
    2014-04-23 14:04:13

  • Christian Jlatuh Liberia why is it that i got through with the Model 1: Human Resource Management but it is still in red?
    2014-04-23 12:04:37

  • Omar Elemam Egypt How can i deal with the Human Resources ?
    2014-04-23 10:04:24

  • Shvan Abdulla Iraq What is the description of human resources management?
    2014-04-23 08:04:02

    • Ehab Reda Qatar It's how to effectively manage people to achieve the organisational goals.
      2014-04-23 09:04:52
  • HAWAZIN ABDULBAGI Saudi Arabia I have completed the Human Resources Management module but the topic still showing red? I have clicked finish but it's not taking me to any other page.
    2014-04-23 06:04:38

  • Lynda Devon Black Australia Why when I've completed the modules is the topic still showing red?
    2014-04-23 05:04:08

  • Yiu Yip United States of America what is human resources management?
    2014-04-23 01:04:15

  • FADHEELAH ALSADAH Saudi Arabia what is kind of competitive HR made?
    2014-04-22 20:04:34

  • ROBERT OFFOR Sudan 1.what is the role of human resources management. 2. Demerit and merits of human resources management
    2014-04-22 19:04:58

  • Pavan Raheja India what do you mean by street smart?
    2014-04-22 16:04:16

    • hesham mahmoud Egypt A person who has a lot of common sense and knows what's going on in the world. This person knows what every type of person has to deal with daily and understands all groups of people and how to act around them. This person also knows all the current going on in the streets and the ghetto and everywhere else and knows how to make his own right decisions, knows how to deal with different situations and has his own independent state of mind. A street smart person isn't stubborn and actually listens to and
      2014-04-22 20:04:29
  • OLGA HUMUZA Rwanda What do win-win relationships mean?
    2014-04-22 10:04:38

    • FADHEELAH ALSADAH Saudi Arabia achieve goals for both employee & orgnaization
      2014-04-22 20:04:07
    • Pavan Raheja India Win win relationship is where both the organisation and the employee is happy with decision/ solution taken.
      2014-04-22 16:04:24
    • Julia Parkinson United Kingdom Means everyone wins, everyone's in the relationship is happy. Each person is pleased with what they gain from the relationship.
      2014-04-22 13:04:42
  • Ra Nanthin Myanmar Why are HR Popular today? If I am study for HR Management, Can I study began?
    2014-04-22 09:04:41

    • Pavan Raheja India Initially organisation gave importance to production only and did not really care about its employees but gradually industries/ organisation realized that employees had a major impact on the business hence they started valuing the resources (human). HR Management (Human Resource Management) is all about managing human in an organisation right from their entry to exit in the organisation.
      2014-04-22 16:04:22
  • Sharvari Gawande United States of America what do street smart means?
    2014-04-22 04:04:01

  • Monica Perez United States of America Human resources is really the only factor.
    2014-04-22 04:04:33

  • Monica Perez United States of America What is the best way that companies achieve that competitive edge over others?
    2014-04-22 04:04:28

    • Pavan Raheja India By maintaining a highly motivated team/ employees
      2014-04-22 16:04:04
    • Monica Perez United States of America Human resources is really the only factor.
      2014-04-22 04:04:01
  • Victoria Chinasaokwu Egypt What is 'Street Smart'
    2014-04-21 23:04:33

  • Stephen Magula Tanzania what is HRM?
    2014-04-21 16:04:58

    • Ehab Reda Qatar Human Resources Management
      2014-04-23 09:04:50
    • Victoria Chinasaokwu Egypt It is the process of managing people to perform various task within organisation in order to achieve organizational goals.
      2014-04-21 23:04:54
    • Stephen Magula Tanzania Human resource management is a management systems designed, to ensure that human talent is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish organizational goals.
      2014-04-21 18:04:27
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