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Comments about Module 1: Human Resources Management - Human Resources Management

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- Module: Module 1: Human Resources Management
- Topic: Human Resources Management

Latest Comments

  • UR14EE063 DAVID JAMES J India Good
    2014-11-22 15:11:04

  • Piotr Wojciechowski United Kingdom What is "street smarts"?
    2014-11-21 22:11:59

  • Piotr Wojciechowski United Kingdom It is all about achiving goals of organisation / business.
    2014-11-21 21:11:08

  • Edmund Betu Solomon Islands HR are somewhat the balancing act of an organization. The very people that manages the employee(s) to perform various tasks inorder to achieve the targets of an organization. A win-win situation.
    2014-11-21 15:11:44

  • Sadath Ahmada Tanzania HR is a very important course for me.
    2014-11-21 15:11:08

  • hadeer abdelraheem Egypt Human Management Resources is very important for society because it plays a role in the employes of human skills and energies in place necessary
    2014-11-21 12:11:32

  • Daniel Inyang Monday Nigeria what does it mean to be a good a good HRM?
    2014-11-21 09:11:23

  • Tashika Brumfield United States of America Human Resource management is responsible for hiring employees, keep diversity alive within the workplace, treat employees with an unbiased opinion.
    2014-11-21 05:11:29

    • Daniel Inyang Monday Nigeria he also ensure or organized recruitment, training, selection, and placement of of qualify personnel.
      2014-11-21 09:11:13
  • Romain Bond N'soga Cameroon Human resouces is the process of hiring and developing remployees so that they become valuable for the organization
    2014-11-20 14:11:24

  • Venkatesh Venky India human resource mangement involve the process of managing people to perform varies tasks with in the organisation so to achieve organisational goal. 2014-11-20 01:11:57
    2014-11-20 11:11:08

  • Daniel Inyang Monday Nigeria Human resource management can be said to be a function in an organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of their employer's strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with how people are managed within organizations, focusing on policies and systems.
    2014-11-20 10:11:51

  • aimal aria Afghanistan Human Resources Management is the involvement in the process of Managing people and to ensure that the employees are performing their duties based on their Job descriptions.
    2014-11-20 03:11:45

  • Teresa Samuels Turks and Caicos Islands human resource mangement involve the process of managing people to perform varies tasks with in the organisation so to achieve organisational goal.
    2014-11-20 01:11:57

  • Kat Davies United Kingdom HR Management is a function in organizations/companies set to maximize employees performance the primary concern is how people are managed within organizations, always focusing on the organization/companies policies and regulations. HR departments are responsible for a number of activities, including training and development, employee recruitment, performance appraisal, and rewarding through pay and benefits.
    2014-11-19 11:11:41

  • Ihsan Habib Saudi Arabia What is difference between HR and Administration?
    2014-11-19 09:11:44

    2014-11-19 01:11:16

  • Bernard Leonard Kwame Ayivor-Vieira Ghana How should conflict at workplace be handled by the Human Resource Manager? What are the approved steps or process involved in conflict resolution at workplace. What role do the Human resource manager places in this process
    2014-11-18 11:11:36

  • Judy Jematia Kenya HR is an important and valuable asset to any company since they determine the driving forces of the company through the best selection of new employees and management of the same.
    2014-11-18 11:11:54

  • hildah hamalambo Zambia What if there is misunderstanding between the workers and management.
    2014-11-18 06:11:02

  • Bunmi Akinyele Nigeria Human resource is a very important part of any organisation
    2014-11-17 10:11:43

    • hildah hamalambo Zambia Role and importance of Human Resources (HR) is concerned and issues of managing people in the organization.
      2014-11-18 06:11:34
    • Dickson Bambey Lengor Guinea It help the organization move and succeed. Human Resources Practitioners who prepare the HR Planning programme would assist the Organization to manage its staff strategically. The programme assist to direct the actions of HR department. The programme does not assist the Organization only, but it will also facilitate the career planning of the employees and assist them to achieve the objectives as well. This augment motivation and the Organization would become a good place to work. HR Planning forms an important part of Management information system. HR have an enormous task keeping pace with the all the changes and ensuring that the right people are available to the Organization at the right time. It is changes to the composition of the workforce that force managers to pay attention to HR planning. The changes in composition of workforce not only influence the appointment of staff, but also the methods of selection, training, compensation and motivation. It becomes very critical when Organizations merge, plants are relocated, and activities are scaled down due to financial problems.
      2014-11-18 01:11:46
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