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Human Resources Management

Questions & Answers about Module 1: Human Resources Management - Human Resources Management

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- Module: Module 1: Human Resources Management
- Topic: Human Resources Management

Latest Questions

  • Yap Chuen Siew Malaysia what is the most criteria point in the management of human resources?
    2014-04-16 08:04:11

  • Ahmed Sabry Saudi Arabia What does Human Resources Management involve?
    2014-04-16 07:04:11

  • Ahmed Sabry Saudi Arabia if employee performance is not up to the benchmark then what the organaisation do ?
    2014-04-16 06:04:42

  • Tiffany Hamaker United States of America In what ways does a Human Resources Manager effectively manage employees of a company?
    2014-04-16 05:04:42

  • Gcebile Dlamini Swaziland What is the role of HRM in the modern day organization?
    2014-04-16 01:04:13

  • Phiona Mayanja United States of America What is human resource management?
    2014-04-16 00:04:58

  • Lucy Hughes United Kingdom What does Human Resources Management involve?
    2014-04-16 00:04:44

  • Mona Blankenship United States of America Does NOT show I completed this section.
    2014-04-15 19:04:58

  • Monir Zaman Bangladesh How Human Resources Management provides an organization competitive advantage?
    2014-04-15 10:04:26

  • Monir Zaman Bangladesh To what extent HRM has changed post recession period?
    2014-04-15 09:04:07

  • Jonaneice Herbert United States of America What is Human Resources Management?
    2014-04-15 06:04:30

  • Melissa Waters Ireland What will we be covering in this module
    2014-04-14 21:04:50

  • Melissa Waters Ireland Is there much work out there in human resource ?
    2014-04-14 21:04:42

  • Brou Albert Camus Germany Dear All, How can improve the competency?
    2014-04-14 20:04:13

  • Anna Wilczynska United Kingdom how can i strart
    2014-04-14 18:04:02

  • Mona Blankenship United States of America Have completed this topic, but it does NOT show my progress ("tick" did NOT turn green). Please advise.
    2014-04-14 18:04:04

  • Diana Fattouh Lebanon it is true I can have a diploma and work with it ? cause I need to have a diploma I had had an architecture design education but unfortunately I couldn't continue my college cause I ve got married and life took me away and was hard for me .so can I work with this diploma ?.
    2014-04-14 18:04:34

  • Jinaro Figaro Haiti What is the importance of human resources in a company?
    2014-04-14 17:04:47

  • Kwarkas Nanbilip Nigeria What is the important of human resource management
    2014-04-14 14:04:37

  • Nkekedi Lilian Maila South Africa what is human resource management
    2014-04-14 08:04:51

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