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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Lenius Linus Rankgomo Botswana What is the primary role of the HR manager?
    2015-04-18 17:04:40

    • aaa
      muctarr Sillah Sierra Leone To seek the welfares of emperor
      2015-04-21 04:04:25
  • aaa
    Lenius Linus Rankgomo Botswana Human resource management is a body within an organization that deals with recruiting and the welfare of employees
    2015-04-18 17:04:21

  • aaa
    Graham Roman South Africa Human resource management is the function within an organisation, that focus on recruitment of managing of providing direction for the people who work within the organisation, and also can be performed by line managers.
    2015-04-18 14:04:16

  • aaa
    Isaac Olatunde Olubowale Nigeria Tried for several days now, yet finds it difficult to have Modupe 1 topics downloadeddownloaded. Why?
    2015-04-17 23:04:20

  • aaa
    Gloria Onomuodeke Canada Whatis hr. The topics are not coming up
    2015-04-17 21:04:42

  • aaa
    Cyprain Apoh Eno Itambi Cameroon What are the roles of HR Managers
    2015-04-17 14:04:14

  • aaa
    Cyprain Apoh Eno Itambi Cameroon The management of any business should take into account the significance of its HR for the business to operate well.
    2015-04-17 14:04:00

  • aaa
    audrey manyau Zimbabwe John Storey wrote in 1995 that: ‘Human resource management is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques.’ Examine the approach to HRM in your own organization or any other organization known to you and analyse the extent to which Storey’s description of HRM applies.
    2015-04-17 10:04:01

  • aaa
    Chinyere Mgbafulu Nigeria What is HR. What skill does it require.
    2015-04-16 17:04:43

    • aaa
      audrey manyau Zimbabwe human resources are the people that form part and parcel of an organization and are an indispensable resources. on the other hand HRM is defined by Armstrong, 2012 as a strategic integrated and coherent approach to the employment, development and well-being of the people working in organizations. HRM is also the design of formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish the organization. Skills of HR are: .Talent management .Employee relations .Training and development .Management and Admin . Human Resources Planning and Management .Recruitment and Selection . Compensation also known as reward management .Staff well-being management . Safety and Health
      2015-04-17 10:04:51
  • aaa
    Chinyere Mgbafulu Nigeria I have come to understand that to run a company successfully, you should be able to manage the work force of that company properly. This is where HR comes in and it is a skill I whole heartedly want to acquire.
    2015-04-16 17:04:26

  • aaa
    Isaac Otu Zorh Ghana What importance will HR be for someone who has to divert from a different programme or profession to HR
    2015-04-16 09:04:23

    • aaa
      Amadou Barry Gambia actually, i believe in what ever profession you fine yourself in, the knowledge of HR will be useful. knowing the culture in your environment and understanding the people you are working with is vital in any endeavor.
      2015-04-16 11:04:34
  • aaa
    Isaac Otu Zorh Ghana Human Resources is a programme that help organisation to recruite, organise training and workshop for its staff and see to the welfare of workers.
    2015-04-16 09:04:19

  • aaa
    Olugbenga Obafemi Nigeria HR IS A GREAT ASSET TO AN ORGANISATION
    2015-04-16 08:04:57

  • aaa
    Nonso Francis Ezeh Nigeria human Resources is the most important and the most valuable assets of an organization because it deals with all aspect of any organization
    2015-04-15 18:04:53

  • aaa
    Moathodi Tapa [[-]] A series of huddles.
    2015-04-15 08:04:20

  • aaa
    Michael Amusu Nigeria How do I start?
    2015-04-15 07:04:39

  • aaa
    busywork maphumulo South Africa One of the assets of the organization are its people, therefore a lot has to be done to ensure that they are recruited, selected, properly orientated, placed in suitable positions, motivated, trained and developed.
    2015-04-14 23:04:25

  • aaa
    Unknown Unknown United States of America Why is it that most companies don't reflect who they are?
    2015-04-14 21:04:45

    • aaa
      busywork maphumulo South Africa Those that trust they do the right things are not shy to reveal themselves because they should have a good publicity. We should not forget that they are a lot of scams with some scandals, so they will be no need to reflect themselves.
      2015-04-14 23:04:54
  • aaa
    Unknown Unknown United States of America I would say depending on the company they define the whole outlook,quality, type of service presented.
    2015-04-14 21:04:09

  • aaa
    Jeric Hizon Pediglorio Saudi Arabia Human Resources is Human Capital
    2015-04-14 19:04:11

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