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Comments about Module 4: The Transformation Model - Transformation Processes and Feedback

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- Module: Module 4: The Transformation Model
- Topic: Transformation Processes and Feedback

Latest Comments

  • Yolande Honore Antigua and Barbuda In the transformation processes, feedback is very important to companies because companies want to know if what they are producing are to consumers satisfaction. Also it helps in the enhancement of their goods and services.
    2014-10-09 21:10:54

  • Anthony Oni Cameroon Feedback are necessary information need for designing and decision in Operations.
    2014-10-08 17:10:50

  • Saheed Ogundele Nigeria can a pyscological state of a customer affect the transformation process ?
    2014-10-07 03:10:18

  • Saheed Ogundele Nigeria One of the transformation process is changes in the physical characteristics of materials or customers
    2014-10-07 03:10:47

  • Jeremy Housen Jamaica Describe what is meant by the macro operation as opposed to the micro operation.
    2014-09-16 15:09:42

    • Vijay Chanakya India For example you were incharge of a department that department is macro operation while small operations which that department carries day-to-day work is micro operation.
      2014-09-18 06:09:59
  • Jeremy Housen Jamaica Describe the transformation process and what it includes.
    2014-09-16 15:09:21

    • Vijay Chanakya India About the output product color, moisture, size, smell, etc
      2014-09-18 06:09:43
  • THATO. VICTOR MOHAPI South Africa Transformation processes and feedback
    2014-09-10 12:09:35

    • THATO. VICTOR MOHAPI South Africa operation sources components,material from supplier. operation suppliers direct to the customer, and in the case of services probably interacts directly with the customer during service delivery.Awareness of competitor activities is important to maintain competitiveness in process costs.operation may need to interact with external agencies such as regulators or trade associations over compliance with legislation or relevant codes of practice the internal.
      2014-09-10 12:09:58
  • Vithaya Lamyai Thailand What does transformation processes?
    2014-08-27 11:08:10

    • Vijay Chanakya India To add up all the inputs to convert the produce the value added product at the output
      2014-09-18 06:09:29
    • Vithaya Lamyai Thailand I any activity or group activityies that takes one or more inputs transform add the volue to them and provide output to the customer or clients.
      2014-08-27 11:08:17
  • Michael Courts United States of America What is internal and external feedback?
    2014-07-02 22:07:43

    • Vijay Chanakya India Internal feedback is the feedback which you receives from other department regarding the product characteristics where as output feedback is from customers
      2014-09-18 06:09:34
  • Miracle Emenyonu Nigeria In your opinion, which is more valuable external feedback or internal feedback?
    2014-06-27 09:06:57

    • Bauro Rotaria New Zealand Both
      2014-09-29 10:09:34
    • Vijay Chanakya India Both, internal feedback minimizes the chances of providing bad products to the customers while external feedback give exposure to the oraganization about the new products
      2014-09-18 06:09:00
    • Michael L. United States of America They are both equally important internally builds ownership and accountability and external focuses on meeting the customer demand. Example we just changed a process that was externally driven by the customer.
      2014-07-19 09:07:26
    • Michael Courts United States of America external
      2014-07-02 22:07:50
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