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Diploma in Operations Management

Comments about Module 3: The Operations Manager - Operations Managers' Responsibilities

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- Module: Module 3: The Operations Manager
- Topic: Operations Managers' Responsibilities
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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Oladapo Olatayo Nigeria The responsibilities of an operations manager involves: Understanding strategic objectives: Operations managers must clearly understand the goals of the organization and develop a clear vision of exactly how operations will help achieve them. This also involves translating these goals into implications for the operation's performance, objectives, quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost. Developing an operations strategy: Due to the numerous decision-making involved with operations, it is critical that operations managers have a set of guidelines that are align with the organization's long term goals. Designing the operation's products, services and processes: Design involves determining the physical form, shape and composition of products, services and processes. Planning and controlling: This involves deciding what the operations resources should be doing and making sure that it is getting done. Improving the performance of operation: Operations managers are expected to continually monitor and improve the overall performance of their operation.
    2015-05-04 13:05:42

  • aaa
    Macmillan Mwaku [[ZZ]] managing activities that are part of the production of a good or service which includes, managing operation proceses, embracing design, planning, control and performance improvement futher intaracting w other managers in functional areas with the organisation whose role has impact on operationsand also managing human resource and asets and controlling costs
    2015-05-01 01:05:55

  • aaa
    Affan Aggripa David Nimaya South Sudan An operations manager typically ensures smooth operation of various processes that contribute to the production of goods and services of an organization. The role of an operations manager is very wide and encompasses many operational areas. While other employees can focus on a specialized area of operation (for example, finance and systems support), an operations manager typically wears multiple hats and does a bit of just about everything.
    2015-04-27 14:04:46

  • aaa
    Hani mohammed saleh alferaidi Alharbi Saudi Arabia The Operations Manager will be responsible for data entry, accounts payable, payroll, grant report entry, managing the organizations HR, helping and creating organizational and program budgets in collaboration with the ED and Program Direct, and other misc. tasks.
    2015-04-27 13:04:53

  • aaa
    EKATERINI HALARIE Greece The operation manager has responsibilities in many aspects. Not only about the final output, its cost but also for the employees - the human resource that is involved in all the processes as well as the assets, such as equipment, buildings and stock.
    2015-04-26 23:04:39

  • aaa
    Amanullah Aman Afghanistan Why Time management is not mentioned which affect the cost of project?
    2015-04-24 08:04:25

  • aaa
    Maxine Stewart United States of America Operations Manager has to have good knowledge of all faucets of the operations.
    2015-04-22 00:04:23

  • aaa
    Nkereuwem Edet Nigeria operations managers responsibility is to supervise the assigned task to its subordinates to achieve good and acceptable results in an organization or firm.
    2015-04-14 16:04:17

  • aaa
    Yvonne Thomas United States of America Operation manager responsibilities will consist, on varies decision to maintain order in the company
    2015-04-08 19:04:47

  • aaa
    Antonio Bezies Canada Operation Manager are responsible for managing the operations process embracing design,planning ,control,improvement,Operation strategi,finance,accounting,personal and engineering. Driving down costs through efficient operations.
    2015-04-08 18:04:43

  • aaa
    James Afful Ghana operations managers responsibility is to supervise the assigned task to its subordinates to achieve good and acceptable results in an organization or firm.
    2015-04-07 22:04:51

  • aaa
    IREYEMI OLUMIDE-JEGEDE United Kingdom No more questions for now.
    2015-04-07 02:04:21

  • aaa
    IREYEMI OLUMIDE-JEGEDE United Kingdom What happens if in the process of cutting costs on a particular product by the Finance or Accounting Managers, the quality of the product is compromised? Would the Operations manager be given an open hand to operate and bring corrective measures to restore quality and profitability without any animosity?
    2015-04-07 02:04:34

  • aaa
    IREYEMI OLUMIDE-JEGEDE United Kingdom Isn't it possible for an Operations Manager to give an advice to any of the managers whose roles are not directly his responsibility, such as Marketing, Finance, or even Accounting, since the Operations Manager is directly involved in the Planning, Control, Improvement on performance and Strategy?
    2015-04-07 02:04:33

  • aaa
    IREYEMI OLUMIDE-JEGEDE United Kingdom Operations Managers are responsible for managing every activity that has to do with production of goods and services in an organisation. They are also directly responsible for operation process, accepting design, planning, control. They also improve on performance and operations strategy to enhance productivity and profitability. An efficient operations management will bring down costs in order to give the business/product a critical edge over their competitors.
    2015-04-07 01:04:18

  • aaa
    Carol White United Kingdom Operations responsibilities for managing activities that are part of the production of goods and services. They manage they operation process, day to day running, design planning, control and employee performance. Managing and monitoring costs
    2015-03-29 18:03:23

  • aaa
    Marcos Ignacio Brazil Empower managers in the structure to share responsibilities. Eye on costs and the team spirit.
    2015-03-29 18:03:59

  • aaa
    Quentin Silzer Canada Responsibilities include overseeing people, assets, and cost of production.
    2015-03-28 15:03:48

  • aaa
    Janice Pekeur South Africa Being an operations manager involves overseeing and having responsibility for all the activities in the organization which contribute to the effective production of goods and services. Depending on the organizational structure, the exact nature of tasks that are classified under the operations function may differ from business to business. However, the following activities are usually applicable to all types of operations
    2015-03-26 08:03:51

  • aaa
    Najoua Dhouibi Qatar All the organizations look forward to cutting cost and it is true that governmental organization are not as strict as in the private sector.
    2015-03-15 07:03:12

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