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Questions & Answers about Module 1: What is Operations Management? - Manufacturing and Services Organisations

The Question must be about:
- Module: Module 1: What is Operations Management?
- Topic: Manufacturing and Services Organisations

Latest Questions

  • Giovanni Greco United Kingdom Swot analysis in a service organisation with strong operations Management
    2014-09-16 07:09:18

  • Ahmad Mohamed United States of America waht would the end results show ?a good operations system or good planning ??
    2014-09-11 21:09:40

    • Jackie Daniel Saint Lucia good planning
      2014-09-17 22:09:10
    • Nache Lekwot Nigeria In the case of a service organisation, the end result always depends on satisfaction, and feedback. Since the the products of a service firm is intangible, and customers can not see, feel or touch it, the products being offered should always not just meet customers expectations but to also always strive to exceed it. By doing so, the organisation builds word-of-mouth which is the best form of advertisement.
      2014-09-16 06:09:26
    • Mohammed Zakeer Saudi Arabia Best Output is always a combination of Good planning and good operation system together with other values.
      2014-09-15 12:09:06
    • Vijay Chanakya India Actually it will show good planning but internal they know it is good operation system
      2014-09-15 12:09:43
  • Ahmad Mohamed United States of America what is the difference between operations and logistics?
    2014-09-11 21:09:44

    • Jackie Daniel Saint Lucia operation deals with how the good and services that you buy and consume everyday are produced, logistics means the governance
      2014-09-17 23:09:09
    • Mohammed Zakeer Saudi Arabia logistics is system of transportation and it itself is a type of system having different operations/processes involved to have a service delivered.
      2014-09-15 12:09:09
    • Vijay Chanakya India operations is the conversion of input material into out put material where as logistics is the displacement of materials from one place to another in shortest route
      2014-09-15 12:09:36
  • Moses Apealete Ghana After putting all effort to achive good resulf at the manufacturing and services stage and the client defult, in what best way should the organization deal with this client not to lose him in as a result?
    2014-09-10 18:09:03

    • Jackie Daniel Saint Lucia if after putting all effort into giving my client good results and he/she defaults then i go back to my books and try to see what better discount rate i can give or give a package with the present services, such as a dinner or other gift packages
      2014-09-17 22:09:42
    • Vijay Chanakya India it depends on the client performance in the last events. If he/she is a big client then organization will give some discounts or EMIs for he/she to payback later
      2014-09-15 12:09:15
    • Ahmad Mohamed United States of America after putting all the efforts, what were the results ? apprently when you have a client that is still not satisfied then you should go back and look at your process.despite all the efforts if the process was not the proper one then your efforts were usless.nd you would have to modify after pointing out the problem steps.
      2014-09-11 21:09:23
  • Michael Balogun Ghana what are the responsibilities of operations managers in management productivity?
    2014-09-09 04:09:51

    • Jackie Daniel Saint Lucia the role of operation manager involves amongst other roles is decision-making, with long, mid and sort terms consequences also deals with how goods and services that you buy consume everyday produced.
      2014-09-17 22:09:49
    • Vijay Chanakya India raw materials, employees productivity, employee remuneration, equipments, and services,
      2014-09-15 12:09:30
  • THATO. VICTOR MOHAPI South Africa how to operate manufacturing process
    2014-09-03 11:09:33

    • Vijay Chanakya India to control raw materials, employees productivity, employees remuneration, equipments and operations
      2014-09-15 12:09:00
  • Amrita Bhagan Trinidad and Tobago how do both types of organisations determine suitable scheduling tasks?
    2014-08-22 13:08:48

    • Jackie Daniel Saint Lucia by keeping communication and keeping up with the deadline
      2014-09-17 22:09:32
    • Vijay Chanakya India By dead line
      2014-09-15 12:09:32
  • Vithaya Lamyai Thailand What is difference between manufacturing and serving organisation?
    2014-08-22 09:08:02

    • Jackie Daniel Saint Lucia a manufacturing organisation is defined as one that produces an easily identifiable, tangible physical product or good. serving organisation is one which provides or produces a non physical output that can not be kept for inventory
      2014-09-17 22:09:18
    • Vijay Chanakya India Products
      2014-09-15 12:09:43
    • Vithaya Lamyai Thailand There are the two facts that: - Today the customer of a service organisation is directly involved in the production process of the service being purchased - the end products of a manufacturing organisation may be stored and held as inventory. - another facts there won't be by knock-door sales.
      2014-08-22 10:08:11
  • Vithaya Lamyai Thailand What is Manufacturing and Services Orgaisation
    2014-08-22 09:08:14

    • Vijay Chanakya India Both produce products, one tangible while another intangible
      2014-09-15 12:09:26
    • Vithaya Lamyai Thailand Operation Management is a crucial functions both of manufacture service and oprganisation or Manufacturing and service organization share many commonalities such as Procurement decision, supply chain management coordination, presence of Bullwhip effect, potential of errors in delivery process, Causes of bullwhip effect .
      2014-08-22 09:08:50
  • IDIRISSA EDDIE KOLLEY United Arab Emirates what are the responsibilities of operations managers in management productivity?
    2014-08-14 13:08:35

    • Jackie Daniel Saint Lucia operation managers is one of the core activity of any organisation. management productivity means manager doing a better job at running the business
      2014-09-17 23:09:46
    • chioma ndukwe United States of America THE role of operations managers entails descision-making with long , mid and short-term consequences and the decision is made to support the strategic direction of the organisation and will not be made in isolation to the decisions made by other senior manangers.
      2014-08-21 11:08:07
    • bismark odey Nigeria They are concerned with the overall production process, through to the impact of the good/services on the final consumer.
      2014-08-19 12:08:22
  • IDIRISSA EDDIE KOLLEY United Arab Emirates Operations Management is a crucial functions of both the manufacturing and service organisation
    2014-08-14 13:08:38

  • IDIRISSA EDDIE KOLLEY United Arab Emirates Operations management involves in the designing,planning functions involved in the designing, planing functions involved in the production of goods or the provision of a services. Essential, Operations management concerns itself with the process involved in converting and transforming input.
    2014-08-14 13:08:56

  • Nelson Kings Nnia Obetta Nigeria Please, how is the customer of a service organization directly involved in the production of the service being purchased?
    2014-08-14 12:08:08

  • Nasir Rahman Netherlands As I noted, There are major diffrence between services and manufacturing organisations; tangiblity and profites
    2014-08-13 14:08:53

    • IDIRISSA EDDIE KOLLEY United Arab Emirates yes that is true because a manufacturing organisation is designed as one that produces and easily identifiable, tangible physical produces or goods.
      2014-08-14 13:08:32
  • Sunet Britz South Africa Manufacturing and services within operations
    2014-08-03 09:08:11

    • IDIRISSA EDDIE KOLLEY United Arab Emirates manufacturing and services within operations are in a crucial function of both manufacturing & service organsation
      2014-08-14 13:08:35
  • Ismail Moola South Africa does one think that the operational cost in the manufacturing is more than in the service industry in terms of actual management
    2014-08-02 14:08:49

    • Jackie Daniel Saint Lucia no
      2014-09-17 23:09:53
    • IDIRISSA EDDIE KOLLEY United Arab Emirates yes or no actually if you look into this every organisation attempts to improve its productivity that is its rate of production output per unit of input in a given time period
      2014-08-14 14:08:04
  • Vinesh Chublall South Africa What systems will be required to monitor service organisations sales or revenue
    2014-08-01 10:08:27

    • Ismail Moola South Africa the bottom line for any organisation is revenue, sales in any organisation determine revenue
      2014-08-02 14:08:44
  • Vinesh Chublall South Africa How will service organisations track their products/sales if not on inventory
    2014-08-01 10:08:34

    • Jackie Daniel Saint Lucia obtain suitable and sufficient material to be needed in the production process. suitable schedules task.
      2014-09-17 23:09:55
  • Brian Moylan United Kingdom What are two differences between the Manufacturing and the Servicing organisations?
    2014-07-29 14:07:56

    • IDIRISSA EDDIE KOLLEY United Arab Emirates The different is this A manufacturing Organisation and services are that manufacturing is designed as one that produces an easily identifiable products where as services organisation is one which provides or produce non-physical output that cannot be kept as inventory and involves the customer in the actual production process
      2014-08-14 14:08:51
  • Moe Khaing Myanmar What is the different betewwn manufacturing and services organisations?
    2014-07-24 07:07:22

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