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Manufacturing and Services Organisations

Questions & Answers about Module 1: What is Operations Management? - Manufacturing and Services Organisations

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- Module: Module 1: What is Operations Management?
- Topic: Manufacturing and Services Organisations

Latest Questions

  • Aurelio Da Cruz United Kingdom A manufacturing organisation is defined as one that produces an easily identifiable, tangible physical product or good. Services organisation is one which provides or produces a non physical output that can not be kept as inventory and involves the customer in the actual production process.
    2014-04-21 09:04:31

  • Vinod Kumar Bhat India What is the Major difference between operations in manufacturing and service oriented organisations?
    2014-04-12 09:04:12

    • Aurelio Da Cruz United Kingdom the customer of a service organisation is directly involved in the production process of services being purchased. The end products of a manufacturing organisation may be stored or held as inventory.
      2014-04-21 08:04:13
  • Simbarashe Lowenbrau Shekede Zimbabwe Note the difference between manufacturing and service organisations.
    2014-04-09 12:04:09

    • Simbarashe Lowenbrau Shekede Zimbabwe Finished products in manufacturing can be stored and taken inventory were as in service end products cannot be stored or taken inventory for the customer is part of the processing of the service being rendered (as part of the product).
      2014-04-09 12:04:39
  • Anointed George Ghana who are those involved in the manufacturing
    2014-04-08 00:04:39

  • Ong Priscilla Singapore What are the advantages of inventory control to a manufacturing organisation?
    2014-04-07 14:04:20

  • Ong Priscilla Singapore What happens if there is insufficient materials during the process of manufacturing
    2014-04-07 14:04:33

  • Joshua Belford Sierra Leone Why is it necessary for suitable and sufficient materials to be available for use in production processes?
    2014-04-02 14:04:47

    • Raymundo Diaz Puerto Rico Because without production material, the production process wouldn't be completing or would have delays, that affect the image of the organization .
      2014-04-04 22:04:21
  • Victor Olugbenga Asake Nigeria What are the essential differences between manufacturing and service organisations which must be considered by management when designing their operations management system
    2014-03-30 06:03:36

  • Jones Hanungu Munang'andu Zambia The first feature, plurality of membership, distinguishes the business association from the business owned by one individual; the latter does not need to be regulated internally by law because the single owner totally controls the assets. Because the single owner is personally liable for debts and obligations incurred in connection with the business, no special rules are needed to protect its creditors beyond the ordinary provisions of bankruptcy law. The second feature, the possession of distinct assets (or a distinct patrimony), is required for two purposes: (1) to delimit the assets to which creditors of the association can resort to satisfy their claims (though in the case of some associations, such as the partnership, they can also compel the members to make good any deficiency) and (2) to make clear what assets the managers of the association may use to carry on business. The assets of an association are contributed directly or indirectly by its members—directly if a member transfers a business or property or investments of his own to the association in return for a share in its capital, and indirectly if a member pays his share of capital in cash and the association then uses his contribution and like contributions in cash made by other members to purchase a business, property, or investments
    2014-03-28 21:03:47

  • Gabriel Vincent Trinidad and Tobago Dose the same operational problem accrue in some companies .
    2014-03-26 03:03:34

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