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ALISON: Alcohol and Its Effects on Health

Comments about Biological Effects of Alcohol - Chemical factors

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- Module: Biological Effects of Alcohol
- Topic: Chemical factors
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Latest Comments

  • Jefrey Sanudi Zimbabwe high counts of methanol can cause a hangover, and high counts of formaldehyde and formic acid can cause blindness and death. Good and interesting.
    2015-01-23 08:01:58

  • Anup Kumar Chakraborty India Thats absolutely correct Mr. Shivastava. In India the major adulteration is done to increase the level of hangover using methanol.
    2015-01-07 08:01:41

  • Tarani Prakash Shrivastava India In India such practices are very common in which ethanol is adulterated with higher amount of methanol which lead to serious miseries.
    2015-01-02 16:01:55

  • Toni Witherspoon United States of America high counts of methonal can cause a hangover, and high counts of formaldehyde and formic acid can cause blindness and death.
    2014-12-26 20:12:56

    • Tarani Prakash Shrivastava India ya..but as stated the higher amounts of ethanol in blood delays the absorption of methanol the hangover may be delayed.
      2015-01-02 16:01:58
  • Saeeda Fatima Pakistan Ethanol, methanol, formaldehyde and formic acid are produced as a result of the metabolism and breakdown of various reactions after drinking teh alcohol.breakdown mechanism of ethanol os more rapid as compared to the methanol but on the other way methanol could be more drastic effects than ethanol because of its delayed flushing effects and hangover (sweating, nausea and rapid pulse.So it may contribute more to the accidents and other mishaps.methanol breakdown products like formaldehyde and formic acid are really toxic causing blindness and even death.some people which use low quality brands of alcohol suffer from these problems like blindness etc
    2014-12-17 07:12:18

  • Celeste Erwin United States of America The chemical factors involved with the use of alcohol consumption is very concerning.
    2014-12-14 19:12:52

  • Khaled Mohamed Mahmmoud Ismail Saudi Arabia bjkbjl
    2014-12-08 20:12:35

  • Khaled Mohamed Mahmmoud Ismail Saudi Arabia khbkjb
    2014-12-08 20:12:16

  • Khaled Mohamed Mahmmoud Ismail Saudi Arabia hbljb
    2014-12-08 20:12:49

  • Brandi Wales United States of America The chemical methanol is the highest contributor and cause of hangover. The chemicals formaldehyde and formic acid in high concentrations can cause blindness and even death.
    2014-12-07 06:12:24

  • Jessica Begay United States of America The ingredients used in alcoholic beverages will give you different side affects which harms you.
    2014-12-03 17:12:06

  • DAVE LONSDALE United Kingdom the Effects of Alcohol can be upsetting for your family mostly on your children
    2014-11-30 15:11:47

    • Nakedia Alexis Other Yes because they are so young and dint really understand whats going on in that persons life
      2014-12-03 14:12:08
  • Cecelia Lucero United States of America Any kind of alcohol can damage the human body... But why does it harm the body in so many ways?
    2014-11-28 06:11:39

  • Lydia Herrfort United States of America I'm learning so much i didn't already know
    2014-11-10 16:11:05

  • samuel baiden Ghana am really learning sooo many things i couldnt understand at first
    2014-11-05 12:11:57

  • marlene m United States of America People enjoy drinking but in time it can damage your body
    2014-11-03 16:11:43

  • SANDRA PATRICK SOHN United States of America If drinking is so harmful then why is it legal? The effects of dependency? Why do people enjoy drinking?
    2014-10-20 12:10:51

    • Manasty Faisal Ghana drinking is not harmful but alcohol drinks are harmful to human body
      2014-11-10 05:11:39
  • Cecelia Lucero United States of America Why is alcohol legal if it's so harmful to the humans body? And also wheater. It's consumed by a social drinker or an alcoholic, it still has the same affects to the human body..
    2014-10-19 20:10:31

  • Denise BIers United States of America Alcohol, whether being consumed by a 'social drinker' or an alcoholic, has the same affects on a body. It is however the amount of alcohol consumed and the continuance of consumption is the deciding factor on the level of damage created by alcohol.
    2014-10-12 06:10:38

  • Angela Armendariz United States of America if alcohol is such a harm to our body then why is it legal?
    2014-10-08 17:10:09

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