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Comments about Types of Graphs - Examples of column graphs

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- Module: Types of Graphs
- Topic: Examples of column graphs
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Latest Comments

  • Asher Onyango Otiende Kenya Some portions of the topics appear not completed but having read and completed them, they are still flagged red.
    2015-03-25 07:03:36

  • Mounkaila Djibo Niger inderstand
    2015-03-24 09:03:26

  • Tamaine Whyte Jamaica I understand all the examples
    2015-03-22 02:03:09

  • Tamaine Whyte Jamaica I got the basic of these graphs. Am loving this course
    2015-03-22 02:03:00

  • Massinissa Gaouir Algeria pretty good examples.
    2015-03-01 07:03:42

  • Pravin Shinde India good presentation
    2015-02-17 10:02:56

  • Sherelyn Hughes Thomas Antigua and Barbuda Best for use when the data has distinct categories
    2015-02-10 14:02:28

  • Thanuaja Saranga Meddage Sri Lanka I got a idea about bar and column
    2015-02-08 05:02:07

  • shirega share Ethiopia it is clear presentation
    2015-01-03 09:01:41

  • shirega share Ethiopia clear presentation
    2015-01-03 09:01:29

  • Greta Bezo Albania same problem over and over again. squares still red after i complete them
    2014-10-10 17:10:03

    • Lee Visick United Kingdom I had same issue. Problem with my system was Internet Explorer. I switched to Google Chrome and the problem disappeared.
      2015-02-24 13:02:53
    • Wilfred Okwudili Nigeria @Greta Bezo, I noticed same too. But then not until I checked my internet connection and found out it was slow at that time. The Alison system is seamless and easy to use. I'm enjoying my course so far :)
      2014-11-25 10:11:13
  • Jazziel Correa Mexico I can only see scrawls! is it becuase of my browser or it´s an abstract graph?
    2014-09-06 05:09:03

    • Liberté Louison Grenada try a different browser may be...
      2014-10-01 00:10:14
  • Seraphine Kando Burkina Faso Is there other types of bar graphs?
    2014-06-25 12:06:39

    • Rachel NicArdgháil Ireland I've seen bar graphs with several categories and then different series of data showing different time points e.g. expenditure on rent/bills/food and then showing that over different months
      2014-12-05 09:12:27
    • Wilfred Okwudili Nigeria @Seraphine Kando, kind of. Depending on the orientation of the bars you may have 1. Horizontal bar graphs and 2. Vertical bar graphs. Depending on how data were arranged, you may obtain grouped bar graphs, single or stacked - sometimes called multiple bar graphs. I hope am right with this.
      2014-11-25 10:11:54
    • Kihumuro Timothy Uganda yes like compound divided, graph grouped graph
      2014-09-14 13:09:10
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