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ALISON: Introduction to Music Theory

Comments about Augmented and Diminished Intervals - Intro to Music Theory Part II

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- Module: Augmented and Diminished Intervals
- Topic: Intro to Music Theory Part II

Latest Comments

  • Charles Osebor Aifuobhokhan Nigeria What is augmented
    2014-12-19 23:12:47

  • Callum Stevens United Kingdom intervals are gaps in music
    2014-10-26 12:10:43

  • Julia Ivanova United Kingdom Primes, oktaves, fourths, and fifths can be .... intervals. What intervals?
    2014-10-25 23:10:26

  • Raymond Laryea Sowah Ghana Is perfect fifth the same as Major fifth?
    2014-06-16 11:06:13

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