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ALISON: Introduction to Music Theory

Comments about Augmented and Diminished Intervals - Intro to Music Theory Part II

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- Module: Augmented and Diminished Intervals
- Topic: Intro to Music Theory Part II
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Latest Comments

  • Melissa Lewis United States of America I'm glad that I was able to fig. out the subtraction of intervals.
    2015-01-29 02:01:13

  • Julia Ivanova United Kingdom A Perfect fourth is?
    2015-01-23 19:01:27

  • Sai Tin Min Lu Myanmar hello
    2015-01-02 05:01:46

  • Charles Osebor Aifuobhokhan Nigeria What is augmented
    2014-12-19 23:12:47

    • Jenny Johnson United States of America aug·ment·ed ˌôɡˈmentəd/ adjective 1. having been made greater in size or value. "augmented pensions for those retiring at 65" 2. MUSIC denoting or containing an interval that is one semitone greater than the corresponding major or perfect interval.
      2015-01-12 22:01:42
  • Callum Stevens United Kingdom intervals are gaps in music
    2014-10-26 12:10:43

  • Julia Ivanova United Kingdom Primes, oktaves, fourths, and fifths can be .... intervals. What intervals?
    2014-10-25 23:10:26

  • Raymond Laryea Sowah Ghana Is perfect fifth the same as Major fifth?
    2014-06-16 11:06:13

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