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Latest Comments

  • Temitope Toibat Tokosi Nigeria Customer service?
    2015-01-29 15:01:09

  • Pius Owoeye Nigeria well Said
    2015-01-29 11:01:42

    • Felix Agaliwa Nigeria where is my certificate for it
      2015-01-29 15:01:33
  • Shaban Chika Tanzania iam a librarian so how customer service can help me on my daily activities
    2015-01-29 09:01:45

  • Agharese Lucy Ero Nigeria what are the basic things to know about customer service
    2015-01-29 09:01:32

  • Shaban Chika Tanzania am interested with this course
    2015-01-29 09:01:27

  • Agharese Lucy Ero Nigeria Interesting
    2015-01-29 09:01:11

  • B-luv Okwuelum Nigeria satisfied
    2015-01-29 08:01:17

  • Mohamed Ali United Arab Emirates how can i downloaded for my staff
    2015-01-29 06:01:55

  • Mohamed Ali United Arab Emirates its fantastic i like it
    2015-01-29 06:01:23

  • Catherine McKinley Other Is there a way to download these lessons? I'd like to share with some of my staff. Thanks
    2015-01-29 03:01:01

  • Julie Mae Lagunsad Singapore To learn this is a great help to me and in my future career.
    2015-01-28 23:01:32

  • Brian Santee United Kingdom A good manager , should always be a profesional ,thinking of his costomers and maximizing profits.and to see that costomers get good the best deals,
    2015-01-28 23:01:44

  • Femi Togun Joseph United Kingdom Great, there is a chance for business to grow, and make customer feel connected to their product
    2015-01-28 20:01:02

  • Adreinne Borbon Philippines Great. There is a chance for others to learn on how to give the best care a customer can have. Not everything should be learned in the paper or by modules. It is also learned by experiences.
    2015-01-28 17:01:42

  • Glorious Chembo Other great piece. business should strive to go beyond just providing the product but they also should aim to make the customer feel connected to their concept,product and staff.that way they will ensure loyalty and understanding from customers.
    2015-01-28 15:01:20

  • Christopher Atunure United States of America 1. How will executives who fails to initialize a customer service improvement plan, but goes ahead to fire his employees sustain its organizational growth and increase profitability ?. 1. What are the results an executive who felt that customers complains are unjustified and overblown get when nothing is done about the customers complains.
    2015-01-28 14:01:04

  • Christopher Atunure United States of America 1. Executives have the right choose the kind of employee they feel its best suited to work with. If an employee lacks focus and lost interest / refuse to contribute to achieving the organizational goals, such an employee can laid off. 2. No matter the complains of customers, the executive of the organization owns a duty to satisfy such customers if the executive wants to remain in business. Weather the customers complains are unjustified and overblown or not it is expected that such customer complains is systematically attended to and resolved and made satisfied.
    2015-01-28 14:01:26

  • Christopher Atunure United States of America 1. What are the possible ways to please customers. 2. What techniques / strategies can employed to ensure that customers are retained and increased.
    2015-01-28 14:01:40

  • Christopher Atunure United States of America Just as our creator is the boss of our life so also customers are the boss of our business/company/organization. Since the goal of every organization is to maximize profit then every customer must be respected, valued and treated very well with a good sense of belonging.
    2015-01-28 14:01:23

  • Anis Shaikh India Good one
    2015-01-28 13:01:55

    • Leonardo Brito Dominican Republic It has been definitely useful and interesting to me. Throughout the reading, I could see myself reflected as a customer in some of the examples described.
      2015-01-28 14:01:09
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