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Introduction to Customer Service

Questions & Answers about Introduction to Customer Service - Introduction to Customer Service

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- Module: Introduction to Customer Service
- Topic: Introduction to Customer Service

Latest Questions

  • Edwiena Francis United States of America What would you define customer service as?
    2014-04-16 02:04:10

  • Clare Juuko South Africa What is Customer Care?
    2014-04-15 12:04:59

  • Anita Maguire United Kingdom In a corporate environment where my role is mainly room bookings how do I ensure Customer satisfaction? What actions can I take to ensure that the customer is not just satisfied but happy?
    2014-04-15 11:04:08

  • Johnathan Cunningham United States of America What is customer service?
    2014-04-15 00:04:00

  • Naketa Ashton Saint Vincent What is customer service?
    2014-04-14 21:04:58

  • Chante Delgado United States of America What is customer service?
    2014-04-14 20:04:16

  • Sheila Knowles Ireland Why is the course not showing that I have completed this section?
    2014-04-09 11:04:03

  • Modokpe Olajitan Nigeria What is customer service?
    2014-04-07 11:04:20

  • Jessica Lee United States of America What is customer service?
    2014-04-06 04:04:53

    • Modokpe Olajitan Nigeria What is customer service?
      2014-04-07 11:04:06
  • lorato waniwa Other What is customer service?
    2014-04-05 18:04:31

  • Loic Lim Mauritius Is it true that a customer is always king?
    2014-04-05 15:04:55

  • Shenel Heetai Trinidad and Tobago If the client is always right, does it mean the service provider is always wrong, even if they have been trained and well prepared for the job?
    2014-04-05 14:04:45

  • Ali Soliele Saudi Arabia Actually, I dont know what is the wrong with this course,I lose my time for nothing I finish all topics even I pass the assessment but nothing record why?????????
    2014-04-05 05:04:05

    • Sheila Knowles Ireland I'm having the same problem. It would be nice to get some feedback or explanation of this
      2014-04-09 11:04:13
  • Elaine Venus Pamintuan United Arab Emirates How do we please and convince unsatisfied customers to buy your product or services again?
    2014-04-04 19:04:48

  • Merapelo Montshiwa Other How do you ensure managers empower staff to satisfy customers?
    2014-04-03 15:04:25

    • JANIS ANTOINE Saint Lucia I can ensure managers empower their staff by providing proof of staff accountability, dependability, resourcefulness, productivity and business growth.
      2014-04-03 22:04:40
  • Ban Saah Bernard Cameroon how do i start learning
    2014-04-03 14:04:49

    • JANIS ANTOINE Saint Lucia You can start learning by: * being a customer yourself eg. your wants and needs, what you expect as a customer, how you would like to be treated as a person in general * by taking courses in customer service * doing research in customer service
      2014-04-04 01:04:59
  • Ali Soliele Saudi Arabia What is the good customer service results?
    2014-04-02 06:04:05

    • Elaine Venus Pamintuan United Arab Emirates Good customer service results in: happy, satisfied and loyal customers increased in profit and create excellent public image spend less in marketing greater job satisfaction
      2014-04-04 19:04:09
    • Mercy Njeri Kenya Customer service means giving quality services or goods to customers which will satisfy their needs and will make them do repeat business with u or the organization.
      2014-04-04 12:04:42
    • JANIS ANTOINE Saint Lucia The good customer service results are: * customers speak positively about the business because they are satisfied with the product or service so they will keep coming back and encourage other customers to go to your business * profits, sales, marketing of business will increase * increase in job opportunities * business and staff will possess a good title in society
      2014-04-04 01:04:46
    • Nabadda Shamsa Uganda Are the results that are preciated by the customer.
      2014-04-02 12:04:36
    • Ali Soliele Saudi Arabia consumer satisfaction/return customers/growth in business
      2014-04-02 06:04:05
  • Carlos Andrés Rego Edreira Spain What is more important? The attitude the professional on a customer service has, or the managers feedback?
    2014-04-01 18:04:20

    • JANIS ANTOINE Saint Lucia The attitude the professional on the customer service has is more important than the managers feed back, because they right and positive attitude. They know about the product or service and all that is needed to satisfying the customer. They can take a business a long way with the good service they provide, but bad or negative attitude can bring it down. The managers feedback helps recognize the issues and concerns and how best to solve them.
      2014-04-04 03:04:11
  • Ali Soliele Saudi Arabia What are the key elements of customer service?
    2014-04-01 07:04:54

    • Mercy Njeri Kenya expand your defination of service, know who your customers are and develop a customer friendly approach
      2014-04-04 12:04:56
    • Ali Soliele Saudi Arabia *Expand your definition of service *Who are your customer? *Develop a customer friendly approach
      2014-04-02 06:04:26
  • Ali Soliele Saudi Arabia What customer service means?
    2014-04-01 07:04:46

    • Ali Soliele Saudi Arabia customer service means providing a quality product or service that satisfies the needs/wants of a customer and keeps them coming back.
      2014-04-02 06:04:36
    • Carlos Andrés Rego Edreira Spain To have a sincere answer when the customer needs it, although it not would be the most desired
      2014-04-01 18:04:48
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