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Comments about Introduction to Customer Service - Introduction to Customer Service

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- Module: Introduction to Customer Service
- Topic: Introduction to Customer Service

Latest Comments

  • Alfred Ekemezie United States of America Happy customer will always be a returning and buying customer.
    2014-12-19 10:12:50

  • Ifeoluwa Ajibua Nigeria good customer service attract more people to patronize the company
    2014-12-19 00:12:52

  • Zeeshan Athar Pakistan Customer is the most critical part of any business.If the product is good but customer service sucks the company would never grown. Therefore it's very important for an organization to introduce and incorporate basics of Customer Service to their workforce.
    2014-12-16 19:12:27

  • Julie Thursfield United Kingdom We need all round knowledge of our products, when new products are going to be available, and discontinuance. We need to know our customers needs, but also think outside the box to continually attract new ones. A pleasant, understanding, patient and approachable nature is a must.
    2014-12-11 20:12:02

  • Gail Fox Australia In order to provide excellent customer service, we need to know what services we offer, understand who our potential customers are, and ensure that our customers are happy.
    2014-12-11 01:12:57

  • Kristina Kochubey Ireland Customer service is very important for any kind of business.
    2014-12-11 00:12:42

  • Kiti Marsh United States of America Customer service Is most important to a business.
    2014-12-10 13:12:33

  • AMY HOLSCLAW United States of America I love the beginning quote from Sam Walton. So right on!!! If EVERY business would model after this, it would be a happier place to shop!
    2014-12-09 17:12:37

  • hlaing shan Macau Give me any suggestion Please
    2014-12-07 02:12:43

  • hlaing shan Macau The important thing in customer service include "the way how you deliver".It important for employee.This thing concern with you how to handle the customer.If the customer is satisfied in his mind that business change to repeat business.
    2014-12-07 02:12:58

  • Yasmin Prince United States of America Good to remember the important what is the service in a place
    2014-12-04 22:12:32

  • Cassandra Hassan United Kingdom Good
    2014-12-04 15:12:03

  • Darren Robillard Canada Good
    2014-12-04 02:12:19

  • Cari Coleman United States of America I like the fact that this course notes the importance of internal as well as external customer service.
    2014-12-01 22:12:40

  • Elena Luckman Canada I would like to learn what people are taught about customer service
    2014-11-26 14:11:47

  • Femi Fadeyi Nigeria i would like to have a full understanding of what good customer service is all about
    2014-11-26 14:11:02

  • Katherine Sandie United Kingdom I expect to learn from this course a better understanding of customer service and its meaning hopefully this will allow me to offer a better level of customer service in the work place
    2014-11-25 22:11:56

  • Sherri Wagner United States of America That the customer should always walk away satisfied with the service they have received. They should be treated with respect. That the employees should have a knowledge of wears that they are selling. We as a company should also treat each other with respect so that we may treat others with the same respect.
    2014-11-25 21:11:56

  • Precious Anozie Nigeria Is there a point where customers service should end. A customer purchased an E-book from our E-book store, He wrote to us complaining that the E-book would not download. i tried all i could to ensure he is able to download, at a point i called him, he tried and still couldn't download. Nothing was wrong with the book as we have tested at our end and also had several other customers buy the same book. I have tried explaining the procedures to him..Now am thinking should i just let him go or it there something i need to still do
    2014-11-25 20:11:00

  • Precious Anozie Nigeria great piece. thank you
    2014-11-25 19:11:54

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