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Questions & Answers about Introduction to Customer Service - Introduction to Customer Service

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- Module: Introduction to Customer Service
- Topic: Introduction to Customer Service

Latest Questions

  • Elizabeth Daniels United States of America what do we need to know
    2014-09-29 21:09:38

  • Dylan Franklin Sanchez United States of America how should you handle the situation if you don't know what the customer is asking you
    2014-09-29 17:09:50

  • Premier Wireless United States of America what is the best customer service tip one could use
    2014-09-26 21:09:47

  • Stephen Kuria Kenya what are the factors affecting poor customer service
    2014-09-23 12:09:24

  • Janeth Baroro Norway what are the most important thing or behavioural as a customer service do?
    2014-09-22 12:09:02

  • Tychelle Jones United States of America what are characteristics of customer service?
    2014-09-17 18:09:27

  • Oluwatosin Adelegan Nigeria what is customer service?
    2014-09-17 08:09:49

    • Janeth Baroro Norway Customer service is the whole activity of identifying customer needs in all their complexity, satisfying them fully, and keeping them satisfied. Customers are people who buy products and services from other people (usually companies of one sort or another).
      2014-09-22 12:09:17
  • Adeniyi Kayode Isaac Nigeria Who are the customers?
    2014-09-15 18:09:55

  • el atrache ahmed Morocco What is customer service?
    2014-09-14 15:09:43

  • Ted Fujikawa United States of America How do we greet customers?
    2014-09-13 08:09:41

  • liz howatson Cyprus How to make a good customer service
    2014-09-12 18:09:45

    • angelica diaz Netherlands getting good information about your products and services
      2014-09-23 08:09:47
  • liz howatson Cyprus What is the most important thing to be a good customer service
    2014-09-12 18:09:34

  • Mirian Uchenna Ukonze Nigeria Is a good customer service agent expected to go the extra mile in other to satisfy the cusomer/client?
    2014-09-08 22:09:12

    • Adeniyi Kayode Isaac Nigeria Yes. Because c.s rep is the coy itself
      2014-09-15 18:09:11
  • Telza Fynn Ghana How satisfied should a customer be?
    2014-09-08 21:09:16

    • Mirian Uchenna Ukonze Nigeria A customer should be satisfied when all the challenges he/she experienced in a product or service is looked upon ,carefully resolved without any loop hole, or A customer buys a product and he /she enjoys the benefits the product tends to offer and he/she goes back to purchase the same products over again .
      2014-09-08 22:09:13
  • Dawn Jenkins United Kingdom This site isn't working. my modules stay on red! can anyone help?
    2014-09-05 17:09:36

  • BRANDEE HEBBRING United States of America What is a good quality to personally have for a customer service position?
    2014-09-05 16:09:39

    • MONICA HINES United States of America actively listening
      2014-09-21 00:09:44
    • Mirian Uchenna Ukonze Nigeria listening skills, emphaty,fairness,control,information over rall Customer Service= Accountabilty +Delivery
      2014-09-08 22:09:14
    • Celine Amanze Ghana A good customer service assistant has to be a good listener and friendly .
      2014-09-06 22:09:52
  • CHANTINA MCNAIR United States of America Does this course speak or is it just reading?
    2014-09-04 19:09:44

  • Mercy Enodien Nigeria what are the qualities of a good customer service officer
    2014-09-02 14:09:15

    • Mirian Uchenna Ukonze Nigeria friendliness,listening skills, ability to show empathy, fairness, control, information
      2014-09-08 22:09:25
    • BRANDEE HEBBRING United States of America To have a good personality and need to treat the customers the way you want someone else to treat you.
      2014-09-05 16:09:29
  • Ronald Flood United States of America define customer service?
    2014-08-30 19:08:24

    • Mirian Uchenna Ukonze Nigeria Customer service means providing a quality products or service that satifies the needs/wants of a customer and ensures the customers goes home happy not only happy but comes back .
      2014-09-08 22:09:18
    • Mercy Enodien Nigeria customer service is the quality service one renders to satisfy a customer
      2014-09-02 13:09:51
  • Ebunoluwa Omoloba Nigeria What is customer service training all about
    2014-08-28 20:08:02

    • Mercy Enodien Nigeria customer service training is basically to equip us with the right tools to handle problems of clients and customers
      2014-09-02 14:09:09
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