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Comments about Introduction to Customer Service - Introduction to Customer Service

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- Module: Introduction to Customer Service
- Topic: Introduction to Customer Service

Latest Comments

  • Emeka Njoku Nigeria very helpful
    2014-10-23 12:10:51

  • Mpumelelo Joseph Stuurman South Africa is a smile really one of the important factors in attracting customers?
    2014-10-22 13:10:22

  • Allison Guide-Lewis United Kingdom Text not showing/ loading
    2014-10-20 14:10:28

  • Oyindamola Oludiya Nigeria The learning content isn't showing /loading¡!!!!!!!!!!!'
    2014-10-19 21:10:41

  • Oyindamola Oludiya Nigeria The info isn't loading
    2014-10-19 21:10:01

  • Nita Morton United States of America very good information and its very helpful in the real world.
    2014-10-18 22:10:07

  • Erin Bellis United Kingdom very good info
    2014-10-17 14:10:00

  • Victoria Newell United States of America Cool, this was very informative!
    2014-10-17 01:10:44

  • Amra Kesedzic United Kingdom Introduction to customer service.
    2014-10-16 20:10:04

  • Bonnie Mateo United States of America done
    2014-10-16 05:10:02

  • neville loise Kenya done
    2014-10-13 16:10:24

  • Marilyn Salazar Gastelum United States of America How do you handle a person yelling ?
    2014-10-06 06:10:09

    • Joseph Castillo United States of America give the customer 3 warning and if that doesnt work then you have the right to drop the call
      2014-10-14 08:10:34
  • Tracey Toogood United Kingdom done
    2014-10-05 14:10:13

  • Langat Japhet Kenya done
    2014-10-04 15:10:41

  • Elizabeth Daniels United States of America what do we need to know
    2014-09-29 21:09:38

  • Dylan Franklin Sanchez United States of America how should you handle the situation if you don't know what the customer is asking you
    2014-09-29 17:09:50

    • Aderinola Elegbede Nigeria You need to ask customer the right questions and very specific question. is like guiding the customer to know what he or she wants
      2014-10-07 10:10:08
  • Premier Wireless United States of America what is the best customer service tip one could use
    2014-09-26 21:09:47

  • Stephen Kuria Kenya what are the factors affecting poor customer service
    2014-09-23 12:09:24

  • Janeth Baroro Norway what are the most important thing or behavioural as a customer service do?
    2014-09-22 12:09:02

  • Tychelle Jones United States of America what are characteristics of customer service?
    2014-09-17 18:09:27

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